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@Heartlander Thanks for your concern. I understand.

Unfortunately my son and his wife, my daughter-in-law, are vexxed with the last dose being end of April. So far they are lucky, no problems but an exemption would be virtually impossible due to them already being vexxed. My wife, the nurse, was livid when she found out but they are adults and no one can live their lives for them. Its the grandkids I am worried about.

I am armoring up. Vitamin I injectable for oral use. Doxy & Azithromycin & inhaled steroids on the way. Pulse oximeter ,NAC and nebulizer for H202 plus various protocols to follow. We also have other strategies to keep the booster away from him and his wife as well as avoid and state mandates.

Plan to make a fight of it to keep them out of the hospital. I may be over reacting but am nervous that their immune systems have a hole in it that a truck can drive through.

Luckily they both don't have any real morbidities unless there is bolt from the blue. They don't seem to realize what a risk they took walking into the dragons mouth like they did. I really don't want to have to raise the kids at my age.
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The military active duty- 60% are 18-26, less than 10%>40.

As far as the 58 deaths referenced by Jollyrogers- 20 among 1.3 million active duty, the rest among 700,000 reserve/NG members, who skew older than the active duty force.

I've seen pics of some of the military deaths- and all I can say is it looks like commands were fudging BMI members to keep some favored people around. Can't be certain of that- but it appears that way.

I doubt any of the AD deaths were in the 18-26 cohort- but the military is being very secretive about all the deaths, conflating the AD and reserve/NG component deaths instead of separating them out.

AD covid deaths are 2-3 orders of magnitude below the general population. The increase in suicide numbers among AD, not the total suicide numbers, but just the increase due to restricting their social lives and camaraderie, exceed the covid deaths.
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