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 DELIBERATE Ignorance And Death by 'Health Care'
Nickdanger 1k posts, incept 2011-06-12
2021-09-20 21:28:51

Project Veritas has released the first of their covid whistleblower videos. It's on YT, so no telling if they will pull it.

-- I'm in the control group

-- In life, it's important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.
Jpg 772 posts, incept 2009-03-23
2021-09-20 21:30:08

susanlauren wrote..
The folks who find themselves survivors are going to be left with and will inherit one hell of a mess to clean up/ straighten out.

Read-up on the after-effects of the bubonic plague on the European social structure.
Invisiblesun 599 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2021-09-20 21:30:12


The jab is the perfect manipulation. It gives governments a reason to control people's lives. And it produces profits for pharma, which then gives a portion of that money right back to the politicians as a kickback for favors done and favors to come.

It doesn't matter the jab is snake oil. All that matters is the people swallow the narrative that it is only by allegiance to the Covid narrative that people will be safe.

Falcon 35 posts, incept 2021-08-06
2021-09-20 21:30:17

Veritas Part I
Sonoran_monk 1k posts, incept 2021-08-16
2021-09-20 22:05:46

@Tritumi - If the spike protein is pathogenic by itself and the shot will lack the N capsid antibody response, it looks like it will be another worthless shot with less long term potential problems from replicated spikes, but that is just speculation.
Chemman 300 posts, incept 2021-05-03
2021-09-20 22:05:54

@Tritumi, @ Augeries

I was looking into that one. Found that the protein (antigen) they were going to use is the spike protein. So in the end no difference that the mRNA vax.
Kickthecan 1k posts, incept 2008-11-06
2021-09-20 22:39:29


Any consideration regarding the Novavax serum for Covid? Japan is taking 150m doses.

With Novavax, you are getting a specified amount of the known toxic spike protein injected into your bloodstream along with an adjuvant.

That one does have the advantage of the quantity of spike protein being a fixed amount. With the mRNA and adenovirus jabs there will obviously be variance between people with how much of that is produced. You would also be avoiding the LNP particles or the potential of the adenovirus mutating into something which can replicate.

What I would like to see, for people who are at risk, would be an intranasal live-attenuated vaccine. The immune system should respond to that much closer to an actual infection. There are two I'm aware of, both only with a Phase I trial.

Bharat Biotech: BBV154

Codagenix Inc: COVI-VAC

Blanca 485 posts, incept 2020-07-25
2021-09-20 22:51:40

I wonder where this leads?

Black Lives Matter Greater New York confirmed to Fox News and other news outlets that they will side with the three women identified by officials as Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, 44, Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, 21, and Sally Rechelle Lewis arguing that the citys vaccine passport is being weaponized against black people.

I believe that this New York City vaccine passport will be used to keep black people out of spaces, and if we dont stop it now then the police will use it as an excuse to harass and arrest our people, a Black Lives Matter Greater New York spokesman told Fox News in a statement.
Thegreatunwashed 235 posts, incept 2021-09-13
2021-09-20 23:02:11

Holy sh*t, no one can can accuse Okeefe of overpromising this time.

I will have NO survivor's guilt, except a bit of shame for all my Schadenfreude.
Augeries 348 posts, incept 2019-09-26
2021-09-21 07:38:57

@Blanca "I wonder where this leads?"

Deeper into Clown World. This is the ultimate tailspin, and there's no getting off. Brace for Impact.

The World is Quiet Here.
Scottj175 623 posts, incept 2010-09-06
2021-09-21 07:39:05

@Tritumi I personally am uninterested in any vaccine for this that doesn't create N-protein immunity. With the spike being pathogenic I'll pass on any that focus there.

Finzer_52 172 posts, incept 2010-06-27
2021-09-21 07:39:36

KD, looking for a second opinion. Vermont Dept. of health puts out the stats on the fully vax'd that come down with covid, which I posted a couple of tickers ago. I've had to dig to find the historic new cases per week to create this graph. Seems they arn't making it easy to gleen this type of info. The VDH website plays down the number of breakthrough's by calculating it based on total number jabbed. I'd like to stuff this in the state politicians face that are looking to push hard for the hold-out 13% of Vermonter's who have not gotten the jab yet. My take away is when the Delta variant hit VT the non-vax'd new cases were heading down, while the fully vax'd started heading up. Looks like the, based on the data, the un-vax'd need to fear the vax'd, since in absolute numbers there were four straight weeks starting in early July that the vax'd cases were greater than un-vax'd. Your read on the data?


Also I think it's also noteworthy VT actually lists the number of Vermonters that only took one jab in the two jab "vaccines". Why??? Bad reaction? I'd like to hear from someone in the health dept. exactly why almost 40K people decided not to get the 2nd shot. The only person I know who was one shot and done, broke out badly in hives after jab 1. That was month's ago and he's still F'd up. Not going for #2


That which flourishes can only do so within a conducive environment - (me)
Reformedhippy 3k posts, incept 2020-07-01
2021-09-21 07:39:55

Do any of you have advance medical directives?

Have you updated them to include language specific to treatment of a positive Covid 19 test, like refusal of Remdesivir and Vents?

Has anyone run into noncompliance of directives by hospital administrations or doctors?

Thanks in advance for your input.
Inspectrcalahan 400 posts, incept 2021-01-15
2021-09-21 07:40:13

Ok boys and girls , off topic but not really , we all need a break,
Late afternoon sunset, sprinlkling rain, about to call the 6 year old girls soccer game. The sun breaks through, blue sky up above, all the little girls turn around and start pointing at the rainbow from horizon to horizon.
Coaches yelling get your head in the game dont matter, the kids know whats important . The kids, the crowd, and finally the coaches turn towards the sunset rainbow and stand in awe of Gods creation.
All is not lost. Enjoy the simple things while you can.
Spence 5k posts, incept 2009-09-11
2021-09-21 07:40:16

Edwardteach wrote..
That's because "the science" is NOT Science. It's pseudoscience that has been co-opted by "progressives" in order to prop up whatever pet ideology they're trying to thrust upon the masses.

This is a good quote:

"When you mix politics and science, you get politics."

-John M. Barry, author of "The Great Influenza".
Crazymike 196 posts, incept 2010-07-21
2021-09-21 07:40:30

Hey All:

some Germans are indeed doing autopsies


I'm thinking of calling off the surgery center work on the hernia I got because of a weight lift accident. To hell with this.

Man, I want my XM-21 clone finished.

"The fall of people, groups and nations has not been from plague, famine, war, depression or any great calamity..their fall can be traced to one thing...they started to believe their own bull****."- M
Quantum 647 posts, incept 2021-05-18
2021-09-21 07:40:42

On Project Veritas: She's making a protected disclosure, so at least according to statute she should be safe against retaliation. It'll be interesting to see how she's treated going forward. It'll also be interesting to see if anybody in Congress other than Thomas Massie and maybe Rand Paul supports her and calls for (at a minimum) an investigation on whether federal clinicians are failing to report to VAERS.

Our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power to face this great multitude that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. --2 Chron. 20:12
Constantbees 27 posts, incept 2021-08-01
2021-09-21 07:40:46


Thanks for pointing out the change to the rules for returning Americans. Under the current rules, I can return to the US under the same rules as the vaccinated, that is, provide a test done within 3 days. Under the new rules, I will be treated differently than the vaccinated, which obviously would require me to provide my vax status. That was the signal I've been waiting for. Adjusting my travel plans accordingly. Thanks again for the heads-up.
Throughput 123 posts, incept 2021-09-21
2021-09-21 07:41:01 came into my orbit in March of 2020, at the onset of covid-19. Since that time, this site has been provided accurate, useful information and perspectives regarding covid-19.
Thank you, Karl!
Georgi 56 posts, incept 2021-07-07
2021-09-21 07:41:10



First you fuck up and kill some people.

From that point on you must hide what you did -- or you might hang.

It's not much more-complicated than that.

This is a valid point for sure. I certainly hope it's as simple as that.

In this case I would've expected that they would at least start going a bit softer on boosters and mandates. Kind of they know it's all BS so they try to silently turn the ship and escape scrutiny. But instead what they do is going after the kids. Now the vaxx will be approved 5Y+ kids. wtf ...
Tickerguy 190k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-09-21 07:50:06

@Finzer_52 - There are multiple confounding problems in the data that cannot be isolated out, and the states and CDC are doing it on purpose.

1. A person vaccinated, but before the "fully effective" date (<2 weeks after the last jab in the sequence) is counted as "unvaccinated." That's bullshit. If you advocate and indeed FORCE people to be vaccinated during an actual outbreak of a disease once I choose to accept the vaccination then anything that happens to me happens to a vaccinated person. To treat this in any other way is not only dishonest it ought to get everyone involved in doing it fed into a wood chipper. The authorities and medical folks are the ones ADVOCATING FOR and WILLING to jab someone during an outbreak -- therefore ONCE JABBED YOU ARE VACCINATED. If that is UNSAFE (and the evidence is that indeed it is) then that's on the vaccine's status side of the board, NOT THE OTHER SIDE.

2. Without matched-cohort data (e.g. unvaccinated .vs. vaccinated matched for age and especially morbidity status) we have NO GOOD DATA AT ALL. Further, PCR is crap UNLESS you have the Ct number distribution, and nobody (still) is reporting it, even in states that actually mandated it (e.g. Florida) Note that DeFUCKFACESATAN mandated that reporting in Florida yet has NOT revoked a single business license from a single hospital, clinic or lab who has not complied -- ZERO HAVE COMPLIED. You can't unfuck the dataset without the information necessary to unfuck it. We now KNOW, conclusively, that about HALF of the PCR tests are bullshit (fake positives, not FALSE but FAKE) and that there is an intentional skew in NOT counting vaccinated people as actually positive when they are.

What I DO know is this: This county (where I live) has ONE hospital. The death rate for Covid admits has DOUBLED since the jabs started going into arms. This, after we killed a huge number of the easily-killed and, I remind you, there were no lockdowns past April of 2020 in this county so the claim that "oh you were shielded from getting it" is CRAP. The wild escalation in death rate started almost-exactly correlated with the initiation of jabs, and accelerated on a progressive basis. They're CALLING those Covid-19 deaths but how many are actually due to the jabs? Nobody knows, but I don't CARE if I'm one of the dead. All I care about is THAT I'm dead.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Uwe 10k posts, incept 2009-01-03
2021-09-21 09:05:44

KD wrote..
Without matched-cohort data (e.g. unvaccinated .vs. vaccinated matched for age and especially morbidity status) we have NO GOOD DATA AT ALL.

TPTB know that, and if they manage to get everyone vaccinated, matched-cohort data will never exist. This alone is a pretty good reason why some of us should refuse -- to ensure that there is a control group from which such data can be obtained in the end.

"Corona Virus will come and go, but government will NEVER forget how easy it was to take control of everyone's life; to control every sporting event, classroom, restaurant table, church p
Eoinw 134 posts, incept 2021-07-14
2021-09-21 10:04:57

As has been pointed out, there is so much coordination throughout the western world that there must be people manipulating things with a set goal in mind. There might even be different factions with different, yet similar, goals at work. As their plans go south we may have the pleasure of watching them turn on each other.

Greed is certainly in play here. Fear & greed are two ways to manipulate people. Fear is being used to great effect upon half the population. Those in power are being motivated by greed. I still believe there are people trying to control the whole process.
Eoinw 134 posts, incept 2021-07-14
2021-09-21 10:11:44

Thanks for the link Magearcanus.

Zero Hedge had the shutting down construction industry part but I'd seen nothing about the union members going after leadership. There's your optics for you!

I'm tempted to ask if the Left has started to care about social issues again. It seems they traded that concern in to become Woke instead. But that's so old school narrative. Union leadership is woke, just as all with political aspirations seem to be. Membership, however, are simply average people who will or will not go along with the official narrative depending on their trust level in authority.

Come flu season and VEI we'll see how many will have that trust broken with personal losses.
Finzer_52 172 posts, incept 2010-06-27
2021-09-21 10:34:59

KD, thanks for your response. certainly your analysis is spot on. Since most people here in VT anyway, seem to be perfectly willing to "do as they're told" and react to the charts and graphs "they want us to see", I can still say the vax'd lead the covid resurgence here in VT and have the data, although flawed, to back it up. It'll be interesting to see how the plot develops as VDH publishes new info.

That which flourishes can only do so within a conducive environment - (me)
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