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 DELIBERATE Ignorance And Death by 'Health Care'
Tickerguy 190k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-09-20 14:21:38

@E76 - There are plenty of things that can fuck up your kidneys in the hospital, especially when you get seriously ill. Like the contrast agents they use for CT, as just one example. The Coof can fuck them up directly too. Clotting disorders can easily do it standing alone. Point being, your kidneys are NOT just about creating piss and if they get fucked up you're in trouble.

That's why pathology, when someone DIES, is important. WHY DID THEY DIE? "Oh he had Covid, it killed him" is NOT necessarily true. Oh, maybe he DID have Covid, but was Covid what killed him?

Maybe; that might have been what ultimately led to cardiac collapse, which is usually how you die when you die; for whatever reason (gunshot wound, disease, etc) your heart stops. Why did it stop? What's the causal chain? Did you get nasty diffuse clotting? Was it PAH caused by clotting in the lungs, which then fucked up everything else?

How the hell do you KNOW if you don't do autopsies? More to the point, whatever it is how the Hell do you find working treatment modalities if you don't do the work?

How do you advance the state of knowledge of a disease if you don't look at the people who it killed and figure out HOW it killed them? Not assume, KNOW! Especially when what you THINK should work doesn't.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Misterbusy 17 posts, incept 2014-01-08
2021-09-20 14:27:03

Hungrylion wrote..
Off Topic: Its that time of year when Gen could well be writing future tickers on stock market collapse.

Then we find out about that supposed strong dollar and the Little Tin Gods called 'Big Tech' being Emperors with no clothes.

you read my mind, I've been refreshing the main page watching for an article about Evergrande and/or the markets in general
E76 5 posts, incept 2021-08-27
2021-09-20 14:52:51

@Tickerguy - I agree with you. The immediate family did not do an autopsy and just wants to move on. I'm over here losing my mind.
Jwm_in_sb 6k posts, incept 2009-04-16
2021-09-20 14:53:02


3 years?!'re gonna start seeing that in the next 3 months. Lawyers that were on the sidelines are getting off now because they see where the lines are drawn and fda and cdc along with thr Biden regime have given then what they needed to file lawsuits.
Gonewest 3k posts, incept 2015-02-26
2021-09-20 14:53:10

The best thing that can be said of these Medical Professionals is that many seem honestly ignorant to the harm they are actually causing. That puts their crime in the Manslaughter category rather than Murder.
Honestly ignorant would be a viable claim in March, April, May, and maybe June of 2020.

Now, 18 months later, ignorance is no longer a defense of ones actions or inactions. If as Karl points out in Sevier County, over 50% of people die from the treatment anyone with a scintilla of morals would be questioning the protocols they are using to treat patients.

Murder with depraved-indifference is more like it.
My daughter is an ER doc and suffers some hospital group think but I keep planting seeds. Though they are unable to help people with an early COVID diagnosis, they do help a lot of non COVID people everyday, so quitting or getting fired helps nobody.
So it's OK if they kill the COVID patients because they are helping other people? Rationalize much? How long until government dictates how they treat, let's say, heart patients and they begin dying? This is a very, very slippery slope to go down. The CDC, NIH, and FDA would be powerless in the face of a mass strike by healthcare professionals.

If all the doctors at a hospital walked off the job because they were forced to provide treatments that didn't work and were killing the patients, do you think something wouldn't change at that hospital? Do you believe that there are a hospital full of unemployed doctors waiting on the sidelines to take their place? Or, as someone pointed out above, does the $500K+ in debt have something to do with it?

Talked with my elderly parents yesterday. Told me they were getting their flu shots this week. Both were vaxxed against my warnings. Anytime they tell me some medical thing they are doing, I hold my breath because I know they've been compromised by gene-therapy posing as a vaccine.

Tell me we are not at war with our own government and their sycophants.

An angry man without a country and family and a future COVID orphan.
Invisiblesun 599 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2021-09-20 14:53:40

The Pfizer boasting of its "child" jab is nauseating. They couldn't verify actual health benefit as children simply do not get sick in large numbers from the coof. So to justify the jab they tout the presence of increased antibodies.

Well no duh! You deliberately inject a pathogen into a person they will generate antibodies!

These people are evil - deliberately profiting from the mental illness of Covid delusion that has been forced upon the weak-minded.

How evil?

"Pfizer now believes it will have data for children as young as six months "as soon as the fourth quarter."
Poorsaver 499 posts, incept 2008-05-20
2021-09-20 15:12:06

Just checked the FLCCC protocol and it seems that the recommended IVM dose keeps increasing every time I check it.

I had some form of coronavirus, either coof or OC43 about 5 weeks ago. It was mild, maybe because I hit it immediately with IVM. The recommended dose at that time was 24 mg for my weight, 170 lbs. Now the recommended dose is 30 mg.

I noticed one strange side effect when using the IVM. In the morning my vision had weird acuity, like super contrasty. After reading about people going blind by ODing, it got my attention. Wondering what even higher doses would cause. It definitely knocked out whatever I had.

"I'm going to need a hacksaw"----Jack Bauer
"You can get killed walking your doggie!"----Vincent Hanna
Fdprefect 95 posts, incept 2021-03-24
2021-09-20 15:12:49

After reading the following, tell me that the Book of Revelation is not amazingly prophetic (and I'm not talking about the "Mark of the Beast" here so read on).

The light of a lamp will shine in [Babylon] no more, and the voice of the bridegroom (Jesus Christ) and the Bride (the believing saints) will be heard in you no more. For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your drugs." -Revelation 18:23

Note: the original Greek for the word at the end of this sentence is "pharmakia" from whence we obviously get the word "pharmaceuticals".

For many years, this passage was interpreted to mean that the "merchants" were peddling illicit drugs (maybe like meth or opioids?) to the population of the world. Prior to that, people misinterpreted the word "pharmakia" as "sorcery" or "magic", which is not at all what the word means but is a somewhat understandable mis-translation in that the idea of drug pushing was not as much of a thing when the New Testament was translated into English. Drugs were used by those practicing the black arts which is why "pharmakia" is often translated "sorcery" in the Bible.

As we're now seeing, this prophesy about wide-spread global control and even death caused by these "merchants" with their pharmaceuticals, is manifesting itself.

Now, before you jump to the wrong conclusion, I'm not at all saying that we are currently in the days the Apostle John was writing about. He was writing about a future day when the great merchants of the earth would use drugs to control the behavior of the global population. And I mean everybody.

What we're seeing now is simply a prelude to the horrific events outlined in the latter chapters of Revelation.

What never ceases to amaze me about Biblical prophesy is that it outlines things that the writer (in this case John) could not have possibly understood or imagined. He was moved to write down the words and I have to think that when he proofed his text, he shook his head and wondered how the entire world could be controlled through the use of drugs. Did he even know what drugs, as we know them today, even were?

As a side note, this reminds me of Isaiah writing about the "sphere of the earth" (Isaiah 40:22). Did a man who lived in the 700s BC have any concept of the earth being round? Probably no more than John understood the nature of pharmaceutical logistics and supply chain. But there it is in black and white.

So where am I going with this?

Revelation predicts a global death toll that makes anything up until that point, pale in comparison. KD has hinted at the kind of destruction that could arise if a country like China were to release a virus that caused everyone who has taken a non-sterilizing jab, to potentially die from ADE or some other viral enhancement.

The death toll could literally be in the billions.

Could these current jabs be the predicted "pharmakia" described in chapter 18? I don't think so for a variety of reasons but one thing is for sure, the drug merchants are running a much larger trial than we think. They are learning a great deal about societal control and when the time is ripe, I think we'll see something much more malevolent rolled out than what we're seeing today. The deception will be overwhelming.

It's a tough galaxy. If you want to survive, you've gotta know where your towel is.
Grevmojo 69 posts, incept 2021-09-16
2021-09-20 15:13:20

Hello. First time poster and only found this site a few months ago. So much information from TG and commenters. Thank you!

Second, my condolences to all of those losing people they care about. I agree we are in for a bad next one to three years. I expect to lose a lot of family but so far, husband and adult children have not taken the clot shot and neither have I. Half of extended family has.

Anecdotal observation. I work out of my home and live on a busy 4 lane highway in a rural county 15 miles outside of a medium sized metro area. My office looks directly out the front window. Ambulances with sirens blaring have been RARE for the just over two years we've lived here. Maybe 5 the entire time! They are now a daily occurrence going from regional more rural hospital/area to the larger metro one. I started noticing this about a week or so ago.
Tickerguy 190k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-09-20 15:14:05

Ah I see Nostradamus has arrived..

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Wayiwalk 570 posts, incept 2016-11-09
2021-09-20 15:51:33

Three or four decades of white collar crime hardly being prosecuted, rich folks hardly going to jail. We're now living in a time of so many folks who shouldn't have "power" in positions of power, doing things that include lots and lots of collateral damage, but they don't care because most of the time these folks get away with it.

Great example about "walking away from a work opportunity" in order to maintain one's integrity. Totally agree. There are those that feel that way, then there are plenty who are total sell outs.

Look at the maniac they were trying to get to head up the ATF, you think he was looking to simply "run that agency"?. Look at Mnunchen, Trumps treasury secretary (find the picture with he and his wife in the black leather gloves). Look at Fraudchi, the guy lied to Congress, then Rand Paul points it out, AND nothing is happening to him. AFTER ALL the lies! And Rand Paul is back on whatever news task show circus ride he goes on. Rand, why not go on a hunger strike until charges are brought against Tony Fraud. General Milli Vanilli, need I say more. All the elite who are maskless despite existing rules that override vax/no-vax. The list is endless.

So idiots run the show, and even if they are idiots, they still have greed that makes them very persistent idiots. Even Bedpan falls under the greed label....or AOC. So I agree with today's post, greed is the thing that gets them all in alignment, and their various degrees of sociopathy, selfishness, power hunger and unhealthy childhoods make them sure of following the path that feeds that greed above all else.

Fauci's reputation should have been destroyed on AZT alone, and he should have been run out of DC long ago. Maybe I'm a fool to think he's ever going to more than take the heat, he's lasted this long, he must be a master of the game....and the worst thing, he hardly stands out from those all around him in Washington.

Last point - Karl, not sure if this rant belongs somewhere else on the site. It started as a few comments on the theme of how the hell they are all getting away with this, and to rebut that it is part of a larger deliberate plan....I don't think it is. That the folks in power don't mind seeing the possible outcome, well then maintaining the course says that if it wasn't a plan then, but will continue if nothing is changed, that sort of is a plan.

I think I need this:


The Lockdowns Will Continue Until the Morale Improves!

I keep thinking, "it can't get any worse" and then it does!
Theophorus 21 posts, incept 2021-09-09
2021-09-20 15:52:03

I had a paramedic friend of mine tell me "no way I'm getting the booster" he'd had a bad reaction to the second pfizer shot, was in bed for three days. We live in a passport province and he said "at least I'll still be able to go out". I laughed and said "Oh no, soon enough only those with three shots will be fully vaccinated. You're on a subscription plan now.

He's been in a foul mood since
Jrich 7 posts, incept 2018-02-28
2021-09-20 15:57:37

@poorsaver, had the same supercontrasty vision when I had the coof 4 weeks ago. Blacks were really popping. Started about a week after symptoms started (had mild case, symptoms only lasted 2-3 days) and lasted a week. Went to the ER just to make sure nothing wrong, doctor never heard of issue. Didn't take IVM, just the over the counter FLCCC items, so maybe this is just a covid symptom. Only thing abnormal with my vision before covid is that I have red/green color blindness (protanomaly).
Jfms99 525 posts, incept 2009-10-06
2021-09-20 15:59:07

Okay, tell what Vitamin I is, not sure.
Magearcanus 10 posts, incept 2021-07-27
2021-09-20 16:05:01

Good for the Australians, perhaps this may inspire some of the US unions.
Supertruckertom 7k posts, incept 2010-11-07
2021-09-20 16:17:57

IVM = Ivermectin = Vitamin I

Preparing to go Hunting.
Killersdad 2k posts, incept 2008-03-27
2021-09-20 16:18:00


Ivermectin or Pony Paste

What Americans see as an abject catastrophe, Biden cheers on as a stunning and planned success.

Dont you ever wonder why they have to sell us on tofu but bacon sells itself?
Inspectrcalahan 400 posts, incept 2021-01-15
2021-09-20 17:20:12

Saw this on Raconteurreport blog. First attempt at posting a link. Posted on u tube , if this is real how is it still up?

This was an FDA livestream of an open virtual meeting their own officials and medical professionals, along with multiple other outside parties, from yesterday. This is a US Government-sponsored meeting:

"Herd immunity using the vaccine is impossible." 4:15:00ff

"The vaccine caused 71x more heart attacks in the vaccinated than any other vaccine." 4:20:00ff

"...vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical." 4:21:00

"We killed two people to save one life." 4:21:30

"[The number of deaths per million doses administered - 411:1M] translates into about 150,000 people have died (from receiving the vaccine in just the U.S.)." 4:21:50ff

"The real numbers confirm that we kill more than we save." 4:22:00ff

"In the most optimistic study (for 90-year-olds) it means 50% of the vaccinated died, and 0% of the unvaccinated died." 4:22: 20

Read and watch TWT.

Most of that was from the presentation of Steve Kirsch, Exec. Director of COVID Early Treatment Fund.

This guy is throwing hand grenad
Luciab 106 posts, incept 2010-11-19
2021-09-20 17:20:20

@Fdprefect Matt 24:22 and Mark 13:20.
Andyk 127 posts, incept 2008-09-21
2021-09-20 17:20:24

@ Wayiwalk
Three or four decades of white collar crime hardly being prosecuted, rich folks hardly going to jail.

I can think of only two that got "the book" thrown at them, those being the two Bernie's, Bernie Madoff and Ebbers.

Madoff died a few months ago after 12 years in prison.
Ebbers, of Worldcom infamy, served 13 years of a 25 year sentence. He was released for medical reasons late in 2019 and died about a month later.

Now cellmates in Hell?
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-09-20 17:20:41

Peter McCollough, MD frames his fellow physicians as "being in a trance" - either you see what is unfolding before your very eyes or you don't. He thinks they will wake up at some point and realize in horror at what they have done in terms of medical practice.

I see an entire set of dynamics that have gotten us to the point we are at. As I posted earlier, it took massive negative consequences for my nursing colleague in public health to awaken. I would hope it would not take that much pain and adverse outcomes for others.

And yes, twenty months later we have health care professionals who continue to drink the cool aid by the gallons and continue to mindlessly repeat the talking points and official narrative of this COVID outrage. I am simply dumbfounded.

In terms of death toll, I don't think anyone really knows what will happen. If someone dies six months after the vaxx from a heart attack or a stroke, was that death related to the jabb? Or was it just a random and unrelated occurrence? What about an increase in cancer deaths? Auto immune diseases. And so forth. If autopsies aren't being done (and they apparently aren't being done), no one is going to know any different.

So it could be that every single person who has gotten the vaxx is a dead man, woman and child walking. If that is the case then the numbers of deaths will be Biblical, catastrophic, unthinkable.

The folks who find themselves survivors are going to be left with and will inherit one hell of a mess to clean up/ straighten out. None of what we see unfolding will end well for any of us.
Emupaul 140 posts, incept 2013-04-17
2021-09-20 17:21:46

A couple of weeks ago I told y'all the local feed store had a liter bottle of Ivermectin for $105. That was Friday, I assumed they were closed for the holiday and I went back on Tuesday. All 12 bottles gone, they sold the last two that morning.

My stop by the feed store was for flea meds. I had just been to the vet's to get appointments for the dogs. They don't carry anything, "order from this site". She did tell me to go to Tractor Supply to get some Revolution. How you buy something when they want a prescription and the dogs have not been to the vet is a puzzle. The feed store had some pills that sort of worked.

I ordered some Frontline+ from Amazon, vacuumed the house from end to end and put the dog beds outside. Gave the dogs a bath. So far, so good. I'm not smelling Sevin powder anymore. Penny seems to be as happy on a folded towel as she was on her stack of dog beds.

Ok.... Vet's drug site... Worm pills for dogs? Ivermectin. In a little cookie about the size of three stacked nickles. "Just" 6.95 per pill for a year's worth. Cheaper than the price difference between Trifexis and Comfortis. Oh, hell no. Getting Penny to take a pill is almost impossible.

I looked around, found a site called Leedstone and bought a 500 ml bottle for almost $80. You can buy "as a guest" but signing up for their e-mail advertisements gave enough of a discount to cover shipping. Seems like a win to me.

That's a lot for the dogs and leaves plenty for me.

And yeah, I'm getting about a 16oz bottle for $25 less than about a quart from the local feed store. Shelf life!!! But Leedstone sells the liter bottle for $50 more than the local feed store. Shrug, get it where you can.

Sonoran_monk 1k posts, incept 2021-08-16
2021-09-20 17:22:01

Regarding autopsies, I have an anecdote to share. In the pre-COVID era I have had a close family member, a friend, and a few friends-of-friends die at young ages for no readily apparent cause. They all had autopsies performed on them. The same thing happened each time, it took months to get a result and the result was "inconclusive." This is hardly what you'd expect from watching those CSI shows that were so popular in the early 2000's.

Also, as I think Nashville was facetiously referring to, with possible COVID misfeasance deaths, why would the county coroner go against the current medical narrative that the shots are great and wouldn't harm a fly?

Maybe it is possible to retain a private pathologist to perform the autopsy?

Condolences to all of the Ticker member's who have lost loved ones to this travesty of medical care.
Ebonyessence 4 posts, incept 2021-09-12
2021-09-20 17:22:16

These crazy people will stop at NOTHING to poison us! Don't take the jab? Just EAT it...

Grow and eat your own vaccines?
Grant enables study of plants as mRNA factories

"Ideally, a single plant would produce enough mRNA to vaccinate a single person, said Juan Pablo Giraldo, an associate professor in UCRs Department of Botany and Plant Sciences who is leading the research, done in collaboration with scientists from UC San Diego and Carnegie Mellon University"

"We are testing this approach with spinach and lettuce and have long-term goals of people growing it in their own gardens, Giraldo said. Farmers could also eventually grow entire fields of it.

If you garden like I do, avoid conventional seeds like the or heirloom only...and let your plants go to seed and SAVE THOSE SEEDS. It may be only a matter of time until the Coof could poison the food supply...I don't put anything past these psychopaths running things...
Jesjohn94 926 posts, incept 2019-05-07
2021-09-20 17:22:41

This would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. They are following science that it is only safe for jabbed people to visit USA? This global conspiracy to force everyone to get jabbed is just amazing.

Under current policy, only US citizens, their immediate families, green card holders and those with national interest exemptions (NIE) can travel into the US if they have been in the UK or EU in the previous two weeks.

The White House coronavirus response coordinator, Jeff Zients, said on Monday international travellers will require proof of full vaccination before boarding a flight and a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of departure. They will not be required to quarantine upon arrival.

There will be some exceptions to the vaccine policy including for children not yet eligible to be vaccinated. The new rules do not yet apply to travellers crossing land borders with Mexico and Canada.

This new international travel system follows the science to keep Americans and international air travel safe, Zients told reporters. By requiring foreign nationals to be fully vaccinated in order to fly to the United States and in implementing additional strict safety protocols, we will protect Americans here at home and enhance the safety of international travel.

This is based on individuals rather than a country-based approach.
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