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Comments on Slowly But Surely, The Stupid Is Failing
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User Info Slowly But Surely, The Stupid Is Failing in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
Posts: 5
Incept: 2021-03-31

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Thanks everyone for the Nebulizing tips
Posts: 650
Incept: 2021-05-01

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Folks, if you are encountering questions from feed store employees about your purchase of Ivermectin, just tell them it is for your dogs. Ivermectin is one of the ingredients to Heartgard. You can buy the two active ingredients for Heartgard at a fraction of the cost of Heartgard. We all have puppies, yes?
Posts: 84
Incept: 2021-01-15

East Central MS.
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I just told them Santa Clause finally brought me that damn pony I asked for 65 years ago.
Posts: 2151
Incept: 2008-05-16

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I just bought two more tubes. The cashier said they are selling so much Ivermectin. Owner lady commented it isn't for human consumption. My reply was I have 4 dobermans. Paid cash and left.
Posts: 118
Incept: 2008-12-15

SW Montana
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"We all have puppies, yes?"

Puppies and horses
Posts: 268
Incept: 2021-05-31

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Another strong post from the IM Doc:

"IM Doc
September 14, 2021 at 9:28 am
This was about 2 weeks ago

I would like to make sure everyone knows COVID itself is a huge part of this problem. But so is the fact that nurses and hospital staff have been walking off the job all over America. And this was before the vaccine mandates.

The hospital I work in is literally crippled at this moment.

The entire vaccine mandate executive order from Biden is being done through OSHA. I have begun to pray daily that someone in OSHA has the sense to make this not so bad and include both natural immunity or weekly testing as an alternative to forced vaccines. That would actually make it doable. Furthermore, I would have little if any problems medically or morally with such a plan. I know for sure many of my HCW patients who are unvaccinated would stay in those cases. And it has the benefit of making sense medically.

The only thing that would hold this back at this point is those political actors determined to stick it to the unvaccinated. And given what I am seeing, they may very well prevail. Tragedy will ensue not just in our hospitals, but also schools and businesses. I have many many business owners as patients now quaking in their boots because they know they will not only have no staff they will have no customers. People getting fired tend to hold on to every dollar.

We all should be praying for such wisdom right now or our hospitals and nursing homes are going to crater."

It is getting harder and harder to believe that this is not an orchestrated takedown of the West but, who knows, so many smart people continue to assert you should never underestimate incompetence, stupidity and hubris (especially when it's all rolled into one along, with possibly, desperation). The whole Occam's Razor, ya know.

Adding another. THis one would fit many recent thread:

" IM Doc
September 14, 2021 at 11:33 am
Vaccination immunity and infection immunity are likely going to wane over time. It appears that natural immunity is going to wane much more slowly. Although we are way too early in this to make any firm conclusions.

You have no idea what will happen to our nursing homes and many hospitals if the vaccine mandate goes through. Even losing 5% of the staff that is still there will be a disaster. At that point, it will be very difficult to deliver adequate care to anyone.

So far the vaccines have been reducing hospitalizations, however, I have already admitted 3 vaccinated patients to the hospital this week, and it is only Tuesday. I have admitted 5 unvaccinated patients. My gut feeling is this is slowly but surely offering less and less protection as well. I am only counting the actual COVID patients. There are others in the hospital with something else that turn out to have positive COVID tests. It is rare to see any of these people get really sick.

I think we are going to have to compromise here on these mandates I firmly believe it is the only way that we are going to not have a disaster in our health care system. Vaccination, natural immunity, or frequent testing makes sense and will not cause the walk outs."

Reason: add another quote
Posts: 268
Incept: 2021-05-31

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Mandate for healthcare workers overturned in NY:
Posts: 30
Incept: 2020-08-27

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Given the number of vaxxed super spreader cases I don't see how they can skip testing of vaccinated workers and still claim to be protecting anyone.
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