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2021-07-19 07:13 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 2278 references Ignore this thread
The Flag Is In Tatters
[Comments enabled]

Plenty of people have tried to discredit "hesitancy" with the Covid shots.

Calling people "uneducated hicks" and similar slurs is unlikely to lead anyone to believe those pushing the shots, of course.

Never mind the other lies.

Oh yes, lies.

The CDC famously testified before Congress that a mask was better than a vaccine in September of 2020.  Had that been true there would have been no winter surge; compliance rates were higher than vaccine herd immunity requirements by far in basically every part of the nation.  Yet the surge happened.  The claim was false and there was zero accountability for that lie despite being an act of perjury and the hundreds of thousands of corpses generated by it.

That wasn't the only false claim.  Psaki falsely claimed the other day the shots were "approved" by the FDA.  Nope.  They have EUAs, but not approvals.  Yes, the makers want approvals (obviously) but the President, through his spokesperson, directly lied.

How about Remdesivir?  Claimed to help.  Debunked in a very large trial ("RECOVERY"), peer-reviewed, found worthless.  Then another study that found it worse than worthless; this one found it actually doubled the time in-hospital and provided no survival benefit.  Gee, you don't think the hospitals would love that, do you?  No wonder it hasn't been pulled off the market by the FDA and Biden hasn't demanded it be thrown in the trash!  Never mind the $3,000 price tag.  In any honest world continuing to use a drug that doubled the time during which you were seriously ill and was worthless toward enhancing survival would get the drugmaker and everyone involved in using it thrown in prison for both felony assault and grand theft!

We've been told everyone is highly-susceptible to Covid.  False.  We knew this conclusively in March of 2020 after Diamond Princess.  We discovered why in June, scientifically, and it was peer reviewed a couple of months later and published in Nature.  80% of the population never was highly susceptible.  That's why the entire crew and passenger manifest on Diamond Princess didn't get deathly ill.  This doesn't mean you can't get it, any more than it means you can't get a coronavirus-caused cold if you had one before.  You can because the virus mutates and your immunity is not perfect.  But it does mean that only a small percentage of the population was ever highly-susceptible to severe disease.  The bad news is that there's no reasonable way to know if you're in the 20% or the 80% as a "starting point" for personal risk assessment since testing for is slow, expensive and nobody has been doing it on a mass basis -- nor will they.

Incidentally if you take the alleged "SEIR" models published all over the place which claimed 2 million corpses would occur in the US, all of which presume everyone is 100% susceptible with no pre-existing resistance and divide by five you get..... just about the number of people who got turned into corpses.  This is a very inconvenient mathematical fact because it proves all the mitigations were either worthless or harmful.  Isn't it interesting that elementary school arithmetic is studiously ignored?  Gee, I wonder why?

We've been told the shots were fully and extensively tested.  That's a lie.  There's a slide in the FDA slide deck that was "fast-skipped" through, on the screen for less than 2 seconds.  It lays forth a whole plethora of risks that are unknowns and the studies were underpowered on both time and people to catch them.  Again, we've been lied to.

It is a fact that a coronavirus has never been successfully vaccinated against in the past.  This is not singular in terms of viral family.  RSV has never been successfully vaccinated against and neither has HIV.  Infamously, fraud was committed in a study of the latter; gp41.  A prison sentence resulted from that.  This isn't the only failure; another trial blew up in 2020.  Do remember that Fauci has promised us an HIV vaccine for nearly 40 years.  None has been forthcoming; the either didn't work or caused serious problems.

These trials have taken years to detonate in people's faces.  Not all cause harm; some just prove worthless.

But some have caused harm and it has frequently taken years to find out.

This isn't just limited to vaccines.  As I pointed out Vioxx was given full approval.  It took five years beyond that point before the fact it was killing people in size was recognized and it was pulled from the market. 60,000 additional Americans had fatal heart attacks.

A drug is typically designed to have a relatively short half-life in the human body before it is broken down and eliminated.  A vaccine, on the other hand, is designed to produce a durable response that remains in the body for years, decades or a lifetime. The reason it takes 10 to 20 years to qualify a vaccine is that once you take it you can't un-take it and the risk is, in many cases, life-long. As such you need to follow trial subjects for a very long time, and in detail, to make sure you didn't screw them up.  In short mistakes are intolerable in the realm of vaccines, far more-so than with common drugs.

From the data we had prior to the rollout I pointed out that there were very serious concerns of not only failure due to viral mutation, making the shots basically worthless or even enhancing a future infection, but in addition there were markers of serious harm that were not being looked into.  The most-serious of these was the fact that the spike protein standing alone, along with the S1 subunit standing alone, were identified as likely to be harmful in humans -- yet all the vaccines being developed at the time caused your body to produce exactly that.  Rather than investigate this fully before proceeding it was glossed over.

As just one example show me the data in a small group for d-Dimer and troponins in vaccine recipients both before and after the shot.  That's a pair of markers for the very-specific risk of clotting disorders and cardiomylitis.  200 people, 100 controls and 100 get jabbed, d-Dimer and troponins pulled before and then on one-week intervals for two months.  Simple lab blood test; they run about $10 each at retail; the cost to run them between reagents and staff time is typically $5-6.  Where is it, given the reported cardiomylitis incidents and the allegedly "not connected" heart attacks and strokes?  This association could be moved into the "extremely unlikely to be caused" bin very easily and at low cost -- it hasn't been.  It is only reasonable to conclude that they're not looking on purpose; they know damn well that if you find a statistically-valid signal in a small group like that the game is over and the shots not only have to be pulled a whole lot of people's heads get served up on plates.

Given that do you believe the adverse effects are rare -- and less-likely than the virus is to seriously injure or kill you?  That depends on how morbid you are.  But if you're healthy then even on the data that is trivially available to the public the answer is conclusively no -- remember that if you get take the stab you're guaranteed the risk where you are not guaranteed to be infected.  I was personally exposed well over a dozen times during the last year and didn't get the 'Ro; I know I didn't get it, even with a low or no-symptom infection because I had antibody tests and checked every couple of months.  I did use nutritional prophylaxis -- and will continue to.  Why not, when it's zero risk and nearly zero cost?

There was also a mechanistic concern raised early on with potential protein "misfolding" and the possibility, however remote, of causing prion-type disease.  There's no good way to conclusively eliminate that risk other than moderate-sized samples of volunteers and a year or more of time with close study of all of them.  Finding volunteers with true and full disclosure could be problematic; who would volunteer if they knew one of the risks being excluded are Parkinson's, ALS and Alzheimer's, never mind CJD which is invariably fatal.  How strong is this evidence?  Not very at this point but any risk of this sort is unacceptable and the burden of proof is on the person proposing the mass-use therapy or prophylaxis, not the other way around.

Oh, on that note -- what changed in a part of Canada that suddenly, starting in March, a cluster of cases of this sort showed up?  We didn't change anything in how people live starting early this year both in the US and Canada, did we?  Is not the reasonable first-level presumption that this may well be the cause?

Now we have a new chorus in the media -- those who got the shot won't get seriously sick and die, the rest will.

That's bull**** and everyone with more than 2 firing neurons in their head knows it.

Never mind the evidence from other nations with very high vaccination rates -- and vertical Covid-19 case counts that occurred after vaccination and in many cases are still occurring.  The evidence is especially damning in Israel and England because both are socialist medical systems and thus have all the data on everyone.  But it's not confined to those two nations; Malta has taken a monster spike, and, sadly -- so has India shortly after they started mass-stabbing people.  Except..... notice how India disappeared out of the press?  Why?  Their case rate has collapsed by nearly 90% yet they have managed to vaccinate only 6% of their population!  Oops -- looks like jabs don't actually do anything to change the trajectory; there are other factors involved.

In short the evidence is piling up fast that the jabs don't work and, if that becomes evident here (and odds are it will; witness the "fully vaccinated" Texas delegation that just got hit) what little remains of the CDC's, FDA's and NIH's reputation, never mind all the local medical folks and screaming harpies in the media, will almost-certainly be binned and the dumpster into which they're deposited set on fire. 

If you believe the CDC then 33 million, roughly, Americans have been confirmed infected with Covid-19.  More to the point the CDC says that somewhere between 6 and 24 people (best guess 11) have had the virus for each reported case.  The median, of course, means everyone had it and we know that's false.  But even at the lower boundary 200 million Americans are presumed previously infected.  The data coming from both the NHS and Israel is that prior infection is 6-7 times as good at preventing a new infection as a vaccine; ergo, giving a vaccine to someone who has previously been infected is stupid, and that applies to the majority of people in the US whether they know they had the virus or not.

Then there's the fact that if you have no underlying illness, and we know what they are -- they're listed on the NYC Coroner's pages -- you are not at material risk at all.  The variation is astounding. 

What is the most-common morbidity?  Obesity.

You've had 16 months to get rid of the extra 100 lbs.  A 500 calorie deficit a day would do it, and that is entirely within anyone's capability.

If you didn't do it, who's fault and responsibility is that?

You've known damn well that this virus is dangerous if you've got these conditions and most of them occur due to personal choice.  Not all, to be sure, but most.  That's a fact.  It's also a fact that you can alleviate or even remove many of them given a year's time, which you had.

So what's the answer instead?

Take a potentially-dangerous jab instead of not eating pasta and bread so you can continue to be a fat-ass?

Well, time's up folks.  Yeah, it's summer.  But I see data that tells me that you've likely been had with these stabs.  You've also been told there's no means available to interdict an infection and mitigate it; that's a lie.  Virtually everyone, for example, that has died of this virus and was tested was severely Vitamin D deficient.  Does this mean not being so would have prevented it?  No.  But it's cheap, it's easy, and it has no real risk to resolve that via nothing more than a soft-gel with your morning coffee.

So why didn't we strongly recommend that when it had no potential for harm and plenty of potential for good?  There are other possibly-effective personal mitigations -- some nutritional and some in the pharmaceutical cabinet which we've all been told are "misinformation" despite dozens of scientific studies showing that they do, in fact, work.

Let's not kid ourselves.  If the media and "public health" people are telling the truth about Delta being as transmissible as claimed there is no way to reach a vaccination level that will suppress it.  There are actually people claiming it has an R0 equal or even greater than measles.  This is probably a lie, but the problem with lies such as this is that they preclude solutions you then put forward as you'll never get there.  In short we have what I pointed out originally: You either had Covid now or will get it, like it or not.  It is as certain as winter.

Further, if Delta arose it won't be the last one.  Worse, we now know, conclusively that these vaccines are not sterilizing, which means every vaccinated person is a viral mutation factory and won't know they have it in many cases.  We also know it does not block transmission, as was just demonstrated on the HMS Queen Elizabeth and in the Texas Delegation.

You cannot out-vaccinate a mutating virus; the reason is quite simple as the virus passes through people and mutates faster than you can modify vaccination formulas.  I warned early on that the use of non-sterilizing vaccines was known dangerous back when IPV came out for Polio and is why Sabin's OPV formula, which is sterilizing, was universally used in conjunction with IPV in the US until polio was no longer circulating here.  In fact we kept using OPV in the United States for another 20 years after the nation was declared polio-free.  Why?  Because not doing so -- using non-sterilizing IPV alone when polio was still circulating in the population -- was damned dangerous as it placed evolutionary pressure on the virus that could cause more disease rather than less and we knew it.

There are no sterilizing Covid-19 vaccines and no evidence we can develop one.  The manufacturers admitted their trials were not intended to prove that originally but now we have the data and zero of the shots produce sterilizing immunity.  That's scientific fact at this point.

Every single one of these jackasses at the CDC, NIH and FDA knew what they were doing was dangerous as Hell and did it anyway.  All of it was and remains intentional. What is likely to come from that stupidity, which you sat back and not only allowed but in many cases cheered on, you deserve.  You could have told every single one of the jackwads involved to stuff it and meant it but you didn't.  That was stupid and if you win a stupid prize for your acts of stupidity then so be it.

In short we have no choice but to drop the bull**** and accept that we have to live with Covid-19.  It will never go away.  It has become an endemic virus like the cold or flu viruses and will be with us forever.  In addition eradication was always doomed to fail because it has animal reservoirs, specifically at least cats and ferrets.

We have no choice in this matter.

Within a very short period of time if Delta is what they claim in terms of infectivity you're going to see a dramatic shift here as we have in Britain and Israel.  The data from Israel says natural infection is 6-7x as effective in preventing a future infection as the jab.  The virus will shortly run out of non-jabbed people to infect and the vax-vs-nonvax numbers showing up in the ER will shift dramatically.  The bad news is that those who got a "hidden" adverse effect, especially thrombosis of any sort, are at a very high risk of getting monkey-hammered if and when their immunity fails and they get infected anyway because that pre-existing damage will be synergistic with the virus effects.

Lockdowns, masks and mass-jabs will not solve the problem and in fact will make it worse due to the adverse effects.  For the healthy 18 year old who is screwed by cardiomylitis what do you tell him or her?  They were at an effective zero risk of death in the first place; the number harmed by the shots in that cohort exceeds the number saved.  Jabbing such people is an unconscionable evil, and this presumes the risks are confined to what we know which is almost certainly not the case, and that evasion by the virus never occurs, which is ridiculously improbable.

Good luck folks.

Oh, yeah, that flag I was talking about.

No, not the American one you burned when you didn't' revolt immediately as soon as they started with their lockdown bull**** which, I remind you, did nothing.

This one.  The one I hope I'm wrong with this time because if I'm right hundreds of thousands or even a few million Americans are going to be severely and permanently harmed or die, and many of them will be young and otherwise healthy.  It won't be Covid that gets them either -- it will be their own or their parent's stupidity.


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Morning, my people. Always an informative read. But I cannot stress this enough: **** everyone of these mother ****ers involved in all of this. Every one!!! Try to have a great day my people. Keep up the good fight. Resist to the end.

The whole world is one big ****ing scam
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Yes your flag is tattered.

It still needs to be rammed up the pro-vexxers arse.

Deep and wide.

Perfect ticker!

"****'em ALL! I'm rooting for the virus now"
"Keep pushing ****ers, you'll find the trip wire eventually"
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Regarding those stupid hicks who refuse to get the Jab. A reporter should ask Jen Psaki if they have an update on the percentage of employees vaccinated at CDC, NIH and the FDA. Surely those people are not stupid hicks.

Last we heard it was 50 to 60% per Fauci, which probably means it was more along the lines of 30%.

"Power, like the reproductive muscle, longs to be exercised, often without judgement or right" - Gerry Spence
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MMR vaccination boosters may provide some degree of protection against COVID-19 in the adult population.
COVID-19 Infection Rates: A Retrospective Cohort Study in Turkish Adults

Get Permission
Cite this article
Authors Yengil E, Onlen Y, Ozer C, Hambolat M, Ozdogan M

Received 4 March 2021

Accepted for publication 23 April 2021

Published 7 May 2021 Volume 2021:14 Pages 17571762


Checked for plagiarism Yes

Review by Single anonymous peer review

Peer reviewer comments 2

Editor who approved publication: Dr Scott Fraser

Article has an altmetric score of 9
Download Article [PDF]

Erhan Yengil,1 Yusuf Onlen,2 Cahit Ozer,1 Mustafa Hambolat,3 Mehmet Ozdogan4

1Department of Family Medicine, Hatay Mustafa Kemal University School of Medicine, Hatay, Turkey; 2Department of Infectious Disease and Clinical Microbiology, Hatay Mustafa Kemal University School of Medicine, Hatay, Turkey; 3Province Health Manager of Hatay, Turkey; 4Head of Provincial Public Health Department, Hatay, Turkey

Correspondence: Erhan Yengil
Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, Hatay, Turkey

Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of booster vaccination of adults with measles-mumps-rubella in the COVID-19 infection rates.
Methods: In order to investigate this hypothesis, we tested COVID-19 positivity rate through PCR assay on the participants (n=245; male), who had to share the same student accommodation together with the same dining hall to provide governmental service. Participants were divided into two groups based on their booster vaccination status with measles-mumps-rubella: the non-vaccinated group (n=207) and the vaccinated group (n=38). The rate of COVID-19 seropositivity, age, body mass index (BMI), active smoking and presence of comorbidity were also measured and recorded.
Results: All of the participants were healthy, and age distribution, comorbidity rates, active smoking status and BMI did not vary significantly among the two groups (p=0.305, p=0.594, p=0.280, and p=0.922, respectively). About 36.7% (n=90) of the participants were found to be COVID-19 positive by PCR among which the non-vaccinated cases had higher rates of COVID-19 seropositivity than the vaccinated cases (40.6% vs 15.8%) (OR=3.6, 95%CI: 1.5 9.0, p=0.004).
Conclusion: Based on these results, we cautiously predict that immunity produced by MMR vaccination boosters may provide some degree of protection against COVID-19 in the adult population.

Keywords: COVID-19, live attenuated vaccines, booster vaccination, MMR

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), due to the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is an emerging pandemic disease, affecting millions of people worldwide.1 SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped, positive-sense, single-stranded RNA virus classified within the genus beta-corona virus in the Coronaviridae family, which has been shown to have 79% and 50% sequence similarity with SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, respectively.2 This novel virus has been reported to cause severe lower respiratory tract infection in humans which often leads to deadly respiratory insufficiency.3,4 According to the WHO report on July 7, 2020, the number of confirmed cases reached almost 11.5 million and more than half a million of them died all around the world so far.5

The present pandemic of COVID-19 is increasing and expanding rapidly at an alarming rate around the world. However, the infection rate has varied greatly among countries6 and it has been speculated that this difference could be related with routine live vaccination policies carried out in each country.6,7 For instance, the findings of an epidemiological research conducted by Gold, indicated that the number of COVID-19 cases are lower in countries where live viral vaccines, such as measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), were applied routinely at every age group including the adult population.8

Currently, enormous efforts are being devoted to develop a vaccine against this virus to control the pandemic. There has also been growing interest in the repurposing of existing vaccines owing to the possible difficulties in the development of a new vaccine targeting SARS-CoV-2.9 Despite the existence of unproven hypotheses on the protectiveness of live attenuated vaccines as MMR on COVID-19 disease, there is no clinical study investigating the protectiveness of the booster dose of those kind of vaccines against COVID-19 on adults.1012

Right after the first case of COVID-19 in Turkey, we had a chance to investigate whether the booster vaccination (including MMR and varicella) may provide a meaningful protective effect against COVID-19 using cohort study, for which we obtained data from well-organized military officers with the aim of launching some operational activities.

Study Subjects
The study participants were taken from the cohort of the military officers (n=257) who were recruited by the Hatay Governorate. Subjects shared the same accommodation (military base) over the period March to June 2020. In March 2020, 38 soldiers were given booster live vaccinations including a booster dose of live attenuated vaccines (including MMR and varicella) and killed vaccines (including HAV, HBV, MenACWY and diphtheria-tetanus vaccine) for potential cross-border operations. These participants were selected as the vaccine cohort and rest of the soldiers (n=219) were selected as the non-vaccine cohort (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Flow chart of this study.

On May 2, 2020 a subject tested positive for the COVID-19 and all subjects (257), who shared the same accommodation, were scanned for the COVID-19 using the real-time transcriptase polymerasechainreaction (RT-PCR) on nasal and pharyngeal swab in accordance with published guidelines.13 All subjects, whose PCR results were negative, were quarantined and monitored for 14 days. After the follow-up, the subjects were re-tested for COVID-19. This retrospective cohort study was approved by the Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Non-Interventional Clinical Research Ethics Committee (approval number: 0832/2020) and by the Ministry of Health of Turkey.

Data Source
A total of 245 participants (38 from the vaccine cohort group and 207 from the non-vaccine cohort) agreed to respond to the self-administered questionnaire, and were therefore included in this study. Each person was informed about the study and assigned a unique identification number. We obtained data on vaccine status for each participant from the provincial health directorate. We also obtained information on demographic (age), clinical data, body mass index (BMI), comorbidities, smoking habits and vaccination status from interviewer-administrated questionnaires.

The data were analyzed using SPSS v. 21.0 software. (IBM Corporation, Armonk, NY, USA). Continuous variables were tested for normality with onesample KolmogorovSmirnov test. Nominal variables were compared using chi-squared test and Fishers exact test between the groups, while MannWhitney U-test was used for continuous variables. For all statistical data, p<0.05 was considered significant. Figure 2 was plotted using GraphPad Prism v 7.0d for Mac (GrapPad Software, La Jolla, CA, USA).

Figure 2 The comparison of COVID-19 RT-PCR results between the groups.

Abbreviation: RT-PC, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction.

The median age was 26 (2353) years for the vaccinated group and 27 (2154) years for the non-vaccinated group (p=0.305).

The BMI of the vaccinated group and non-vaccinated group was 24.82 (20.2028.41) and 25 (19.0530.58), respectively (p=0.922). There was no past or present history of chronic disease in the vaccinated group, whereas six subjects (2.9%) within the non-vaccinated group had chronic disease (p=0.594). Regarding the smoking habits, 50% of the vaccinated subjects (n=19) and 59.4% (n=123) of non-vaccinated subjects were active smokers (p=0.280) (Table 1).

Table 1 The Comparison of Demographic Variables Between the Groups

During the study period, a total of 90 participants (36.7%) were diagnosed with COVID-19 by RT-PCR. According to the PCR results, the significant difference for COVID-19 seropositivity was observed among vaccinated group (n=6; 15.8%) and non-vaccinated group (n=84; 40.6%) (OR=3.6, 95%CI: 1.59.0, p=0.004, Figure 2).

All COVID-19 positive patients had mild to moderate symptoms for which headache and fatigue (58.457.8%, respectively) were most frequently identified (Figure 3). Although there were no severe cases, 11 subjects (10 from the non-vaccinated group; one from the vaccinated group) had shortness of breath; but it was mild and nonprogressive. Fever was reported more frequently in the non-vaccinated group compared to vaccinated group (29.7% vs 2.6%, respectively p<0.05).

Figure 3 Frequency of symptoms reported in COVID-19 positive cases.

Epidemiologically, children and the elderly are two groups with a high risk of viral respiratory infections.14 However, information from COVID-19 patients shows that children are less susceptible to the disease compared to adults and the elderly.15,16 This difference is explained by the trained immunity induced by frequent viral infections and routine live attenuated vaccines in children which led to a protective effect, not only on the targeted pathogen, but also on other unrelated pathogens for at least three months.10,11,1618 However, it is not yet clear whether a live attenuated vaccine booster has a protective effect against the development of COVID-19 disease in adults. The results of the current study showed that non-vaccinated participants have a 3.6 times higher probability of developing COVID-19 disease than participants who recently (within the last three months) received a booster dose of live viral vaccines (including MMR and varicella).

Generally, vaccines provide elicit a specific immune response against targeted pathogen. However, live attenuated vaccines (MMR, rotavirus, smallpox, varicella, BCG) were capable of inducing trained immunity, which mediates protection to unrelated pathogens, too.19 Consequently, it is thought that at least one of those two live viral vaccines (varicella, MMR) might have had a protective effect against the development of COVID-19 disease in our study.
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I was asked to leave a funeral memorial service this weekend. Only the vaxxed were welcome. I even wore a mask out of respect. Nope. All I kept thinking was, if you really believe in vaccines and their efficacy WHY in HELL are you afraid of me??? Shouldn't it be the other way around? MORONS!

Apparently they didn't allow children to the service as well since they were not vaxxed. Seems they couldn't wait to stab their children. Monsters in my eyes.

Sadly I think this whole thing will not end well for anyone.
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Excellent article as usual!

The vaccine failures will have to be spectacular in order for the mind-numbed robots to admit that they were duped into taking them. They will search far and wide for data confirming that the vaccines are safe and effective (confirmation bias). They will ignore any information to the contrary.

I was talking with a vaccinated fried yesterday and he was bragging to me that the CDC data is showing that the vaccinated are not contracting covid like the unvaccinated. I pointed out two things.
1. How can you believe anything the CDC publishes given that it has been shown to be lying to us for the last year about everything covid related?
2. The CDC has manipulated the criteria to evaluate someone as covid positive. It is different for the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. With this duplicitous behavior who knows what the truth is?

I do not deny that the vaccines likely reduce cases. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know by how much. Just as with global warming data - the covid data has been manipulated and obfuscated so it is difficult to draw conclusions. This is intentional. Thus, we must trust the government to interpret the data for us and follow its orders.
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Is there an image of that fast slide anywhere by chance?
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@MishMash - Go to She might still have the video up. Yeah, it was a shocker.

Karl - With regards to just living with Covid19, I agree. So does Singapore and it is now policy for them. How do you think that will work for them? I think it will be to their advantage since they won't be chasing the dragon that won't be caught.
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Here is the page with the video:
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Ann Barnhardt has an image of the slide on her website They (the FDA) knew full well the damage the vaxx would unleash.
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God Bless you Karl.
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chicago, il
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Good data set from England.

From a BBC article I determined the overall vaccination rate is England to be about 60%, 90% for the over 50 age group.

Table 5 on page 16 you shows emergency room visits with the Delta variant, vaxxed and un vaxxed.

With the vaccination rates factored in, overall ER visits seem to show no difference whether or not your vaxxed, but there seems to be about a 4 to 1 less chance of dying if you have been vaxxed.

Which is all they ever claimed, reduced symptoms.

Table 3 shows case fatality rate of the variants. At this time Delta seems less deadly then the original. Delta is peaking now so the fatality rate may climb.

Small data set. I know an ER doc who says all the people she recently admitted to hospital for covid were unvaccinated.
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Mjc ... go to page 17.

257 total deaths from Delta. 118 of those were from 2x jabbed. 116 in the over 50 years old cohort.

Overall, 44 dead with only 1 jab and 92 dead unvaxxed.

Based on this small sample, how the F#$% are the jabs helping at all. I'm calling total BS on the ER doctor as well as the CDC talking heads.
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I always suspected that the "vaccines" were worthless. The "case" count was declining before the first jabs were administered. By that time, end of 2020, nearly everyone had been exposed, the virus had run out of hosts. However, now not only do we know that the "vaccines" are worthless, they are actually worse than worthless, they're dangerous too.

Soon this will become obvious to all except the true believers and my hope is that the anger is taken out on those responsible. Arrest, trial, and punishment. Death penalty for some of the guilty of the most egregious crimes should not be ruled out.
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The CDC famously testified before Congress that a mask was better than a vaccine in September of 2020.

I would say they were telling the truth in a misleading way. The masks are useless, but the shots are less than useless. Even if the shots were proper vaccines, giving them in a middle of a pandemic would be foolish.
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@Mismash: here's the one I pulled from that video. Nice possible bonus features.
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Seems there is a definitive seasonality pattern to Covid-19. Compare the uptick in cases this summer with last summer. Makes me wonder what winter will hold.
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Here is a small data set for d-dimer.
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"The vaccine failures will have to be spectacular in order for the mind-numbed robots to admit that they were duped into taking them."

Why would you want them to?

Convicing people who have been /rvaxxed they were wrong to do so is as equally pointless as Karl's tattered flag. They are dead. Its just time now. What you are asking is for the dead to speak.

We need to focus on a)how we stay out of that until things blow apart enough vaxxing us becomes less important and b)what we are going to do after so this doesnt happen again, if anything.

And I'm not talking about revenge accountability a la Nueremberg. This is a social failure at every level the lack of basic skills such as critical thinking, the promotion of incompetence eberywhere, the failure of science (now sciencism) have all corrupted our knowledge base enough a New Dark Age is a very real possibility now.

Then there is the more intermediate needs that are going to arise, fractured supply chains, technological failures of systems across the board, right down to what are we going to do with social human pressures such as what the hell are we going to do with all the orphans?

We need to focus on staying clear until winter comes and the self cleaning oven fires up to see what the board looks like.

<10% and we are going to have a battle royale about vaccines

20-30% and we wont have to worry about vaccines but we are going to spend the next 50 years rebuilding and shoring up

>30% will just be a skirmish for leftovers for the next thousand years.

Trying to convince your mate, your spouse, your family, or anbody who has taken it is Pyrric at best. They're opinion doesnt even enter in the equation now.

If they are lucky they die upfront, if not they linger for years in pain and die at the back.

Stop trying to pull them into the lifeboat already.
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MJc1960, were they admitted with serious symptoms, or just for "monitoring? (IE run up the bill..)
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"2. The CDC has manipulated the criteria to evaluate someone as covid positive. It is different for the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. With this duplicitous behavior who knows what the truth is?"

Do you have any detail wrt this comment? I must confess I have lost track of CDC data gathering manipulations at this point. I stopped looking after the news that the PCR tests runs were tweeked when they admitted 60% were false positives. :/
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At this point people have made up their minds about the vaccine, the ongoing effort to push the vax is to prevent the already vaccinated herd from stampeding when they start to hear potential bad news either about reinfection or side effects. The story appearing everywhere that the unvaccinated are dying at a greater rate is part of that effort and an attempt to scare that last 10-20 percent to get the vax. I don't care how many vaccinated or unvaccinated get sick or die, its not a novel Corona virus, 80% of the population has existing immunity and vaccines have not been tested to a rigorous standard.

65 year old male in my Sons building took his second Moderna shot on the Saturday before Fathers day, phoned his own Son later that morning and said he wasn't feeling well, never showed up for fathers day, Monday his Son did a welfare check on his Dad with the building manager, door had the chain on and AC going full blast, called the Gravel Road Cowboys and they forced entry found him passed away inside, that is close enough for me to avoid the damn thing.

There is no exigent rush to get the vaccine, I will let it play out this fall and into next year and see what happens.
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Leaving this here:
* I agree
* Request Form

Vaccine-correlated birth defects went from approx 3 per month to approx 40 per month.

That's what is being reported. Isn't that a safety flag? CDC says: " If you are pregnant, you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine"

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