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Comments on The Inflation LIE
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User Info The Inflation LIE in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 11611
Incept: 2010-06-25

Peoples' Republik of Maryland
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@Handyone55 - Lockdown Larry Sieg Heil Hogan doesn't give a **** about you, me or any other little people. He just wants to line his wallet and shove food in his bald fat **** piehole.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
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Incept: 2009-08-16

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So the other day I go to Publix. Got my usual stuff, got two hothouse cucumbers that were selling for the last 5 years as 2 for 5 dollars. This time I notice they did not have a price label at the counter where the cucumbers were. But well, I did not make much of it, I thought that some employee just did not do their job, just forgot to put the price label, right.....Went to the cashier to check out ---- oopsie --- the two cucumbers I was getting for the last 5 yrs for 2.5 bucks/ each, cost me 10 dollars now - 5 bucks/ 100% rise in price... sure there is no inflation...
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Incept: 2008-02-23

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@Thecynical, remember that the .gov doesn't include food or energy prices in their inflation calculations because they're too volatile. Besides, they promise it's only transitory. smiley

But why diminish your soul being run-of-the-mill at something?
Mediocrity: now there is ugliness for you.
Mediocrity's a hairball coughed up on the Persian carpet of Creation. ~Tom Robbins
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Incept: 2009-02-28

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Gerald Celente starts this off so well, I had to post it.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
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