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Comments on Don't Change What You Eat
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User Info Don't Change What You Eat in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Just North of Detroit
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$1300 a month will buy a hell of a lot of steak, shrimp, bacon, etc...
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I get to see a new doc tomorrow for a thyroid issue, didn't know that is the same department as Diabetes. I'll be asking lots of questions regarding the number of diabetic patients and how long they've been under his care, and if there is a "cure" for diabetes. Hospital policy is to wear a mask, so I will have further questions regarding "science and Covid" for the "Specialist". Wrong answers and he won't even have to talk to me about thyroid... I foresee a very short visit... Thank you, Ticker Guy!
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I've lost 50 lbs over the last 9 months with 30 more to go. The good thing about Lupus is I barely want food. Also, low or no carbs helps with that too.

I occasionally allow myself a treat of a desert from a bakery nearby and I thoroughly enjoy it.

For the most part I eat fruits, veggies and meat. That's it.

I feel much better and haven't needed any insulin during that entire time :) My A1C is firmly below 7 and I'm convinced I will only need a small dose of metformin by the time I reach goal.

Better, I feel better about me. I'm not putting myself at risk for pandemic illness and getting closer to being not at risk because of type 2. I'm very grateful for the encouragement I find on TF.

"An unborn child's property rights are protected by law. His right to life is not." Ronald Reagan
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When i would look at even moderately fat people i would wonder why would a person want to be a disgusting pile of ****. How could any feeling make that worth it? Then i realized something. It appeared in the comments above.

We live in a sadomasochistic society. People are so beat down that they just ****ing give up the natural for inappropriate binge pleasures. The problem is that this is so common that it ceases to be noticeable.

Knew a very pretty woman, much older than me, who turned everyone's head with her girlish prettiness and was actually a nice and good person. It was one of those rare things that used to uplift the society. Well she drank and smoked like a fiend. Yea, people found it amusing that a date with her might be something like that drinking scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies. However, she and everyone knew that it would catch up with her. Conversations went to why, and the genesis was not abuse, being spoilt or some character flaw.

The question as to why a healthy, beautiful and nice woman would not wish to hold onto same by simply not self-abusing.

The answer is that stopping of which she was capable meant that there was little to do in life. It was something to change consciousness to distract from the fact that life was simply one obligation after another with no real cultural purpose. That outside of these pleasures (and altering consciousness is a pleasure through various levels of loss of control) a person would realize that there is not much to do other than exist.

A person who makes the conscious choice to take care of his body means that it has some use for him which is unfulfilled. The woman described above felt that life was so punishing that having the free time of mental, and actual by not being at a place of drinking, was unbearable. It was this that a person would realize that he has no options in life. She felt that the sadistic nature of society that pre punishes people teaches a learned helplessness that they see no reason to do anything for themselves as they are undeserving. Thus, the guilty pleasures become a form of living up to society's low opinion of themselves born in initial rebellion.

This woman also felt that some religions did this pre punishment very effectively and probably explained why some white cultural groups are known for their drinking. The best way to punish one's self is to make oneself into the lazy, drunken, laggard that he was already punished for being born.

Sometimes in venues, including here, a non-committed drinker such as myself will hit a brick wall with a person(s) about his particular need to not drink. The logic of, "Hey, it's not an essential food group or necessary life component like air," falls on deaf ears. Why not just not drink the stuff? Because people would then have nothing to do with themselves. They do not want to feel good. They want to feel sick and weak as punishment after feeling the joy of an altered state of consciousness. Then they get both illicit pleasure and the punishment that they feel that they deserve.

Food is no different. How would people face the world if they felt really good?

They are afraid to have the time, energy and mentality as they have given up on life and thus healthy life.

If it sounds a lot like addiction and how a person gets there, it is because it is, and medicine and government are simply keeping it going. One is doing it for profit, the other, control as a natural extension of the dis empowerment of man.

What would you notice, do or feel if you were not addicted to entertainment, food and drink? You would realize a lot of things that you do not pay attention to, and this is the problem. You feel that you are a POS and do not deserve it.

So eat yourself into oblivion. Or drink or waste money. You are a flawed creation that has no right to be at his best and start to notice things.

My lady friend said it best. She did not want to have the free time and lack of distraction to each and every day see what is wrong in the world around her as it might inspire action to really do something about it. She already admitted how pointless life had become, but wanted to feel like she was irresponsible. get it?

Food is the same way. If one keeps his body beautiful, he might view the human condition as a beautiful thing and want such for the world around him. Such people are a threat to the power structure.

Imagine if people who looked at their best, respectable in presence and dress, demanded the attention of the society. Not considering themselves flawed creations but part of creation. And, their own houses in order. The power structure would not be able to dismiss them as they would not have dismissed themselves.

If you look like ****, you are ****.

And, you make everything ****, just like those in power need.


"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven," Satan's monologue in the first book of John Milton's Paradise Lost
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Incept: 2019-07-30

Alexandria VA
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I am breaking my 24-hour fast with leftover ribeye. I've been straddling keto-LCHF-carnivory for quite a while now. I applaud KD and all of you for your weight-loss stories, but I can't say that I have had such resounding success. Maybe it's because of me, maybe it's because of my family. It's difficult not having the family fully onboard. The mindset of "Move more; eat less" is difficult to shirk off.

While I intrinsically poo-poo CICO, for me, it does work. Fasting a minimum of 18 hours 3 times per week, I notice that I have lost a dress size, even though it is still imperceptible to my family.

I absolutely refuse to take a drug, when all I need to do is change my way of eating. I'd rather spend the money on ribeyes, lamb chops, shrimp, scallops, fish, well, you get the idea.
Posts: 2265
Incept: 2009-04-30

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Hopefully this ain't breaking any rules, TG did say, at one time, we could spread this around.

Here's Karl's Low Carb eating series I saved, and gave away, as a PDF.


Collapse is not the end of the world,
it's just the start of a new adventure.

Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. - George Carlin
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