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2021-06-04 12:49 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 4813 references Ignore this thread
Ok, Now We're Done
[Comments enabled]

That'll be the game, set and match folks.

A Chinese Communist Party military scientist who got funding from the National Institutes of Health filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine in February last year — raising fears the shot was being studied even before the pandemic became public, according to a new report.

Zhou Yusen, a decorated military scientist for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) who worked alongside the Wuhan Institute of Virology as well as US scientists, filed a patent on Feb. 24 2020, according to documents obtained by The Australian.

So what do we now know?

  • China's military was in fact involved at the Wuhan lab.  It was not just a civilian operation.  This, by the way, has been repeatedly denied over the last year and change.

  • The lab's scientists knew not only the sequencing of the virus but in addition had a patentable way to create an alleged vaccine before the pandemic was public.  It takes time to draft patents and figure them out.  Quite a lot of time, in fact -- not a couple weeks or months.

  • The PLA, China's military, did file said patent with Zhou's name on it.

  • It takes time to prove up patent material, including in the case of a vaccine.  To patent something you must be able to demonstrate it; you cannot patent ideas, only embodiments of ideas.  In that case you would have to prove immunogenicity which isn't instantaneous; it takes weeks or even months to get through original science on this with animals and then humans, which means the date of knowledge was not February 24th it was months or even further before that.

  • That means they were working on this even before that time because to work on a vaccine you have to know you must or would want to work on it in the first place.  This in turn means they knew damn well there was a virulent virus in the wild prior to that date, or they released it or intended to release it into the wild on purpose.  Nobody comes up with a vaccine for a virus you intend to and have confined entirely within a laboratory in animal or cell culture testing; that's worthless.  Without an isolate to create a vaccine for and a virus outside of a lab environment where vaccination becomes a "thing" that might be required and thus have value why would you do the work to create one?

What's the timeline on all this?  Many, many months or even a couple of years.

That means either the virus was "out" for many months to a couple of years before February of 2020 (not a month or two) or the Chinese intended to release it in the fall of 2019.  In either case the evidence is now overwhelming that this was not a virus that "magically appeared" one fine day in late December having come naturally from bats and perhaps pangolins. That is not just improbable anymore -- it is now, on the manifest weight of the evidence, impossible.

Further, the person who filed the patent died under "mysterious circumstances."  Gee, I wonder why?

Let me guess -- did he shoot himself in the back of the head twice?

Next up is exactly what sort of vaccine patent we're talking about here?

Specifically how is it that the "stiffened" areas in the viral vector and mRNA shots we're using in the US came to be known and proved up?  How did Moderna and Pfizer know they needed to do that?  That sort of study takes months if not years too, not days or weeks, to both come up with it and then prove it actually works as expected.

Remember that Covid-19 has a rather-unique site on the spike called the "furin-cleavage" area which it uses to "fold" and get into the cell; the S1 unit attaches, the cleavage area "folds" and then the second part penetrates the cell wall like a spear.  SARS and MERS both lack this structure so there was no "prior art" to use and in the first couple of months the characterizing of all of this was pretty darn new.

Yet the "official story" is that these folks had a proposed candidate configuration, including the replacement of encodings to "stiffen" that area within days of the publication of the viral RNA sequence for Covid-19.

Is the completed work in that area what the Chinese "gave" us complete with that part of the work already done?  That would explain how it happened that quickly, wouldn't it?  I'd sure like to understand how someone -- anyone -- does that sort of work complete with the lab verification in cell cultures and animals, reachig those conclusions in days.

What are the connections there?  I'd like a full explanation of that please.

Oh wait -- the manufacturers didn't bother with all of making sure it worked as expected, did they?  Nope!  It sort of works as expected.  Yes, the shots produce antibodies -- lots of them.  But they also cluster in multiple organs where we were told it would not; we were told it would remain in the deltoid muscle where the injection was delivered.  That it remained in the muscle was false; the science was not done and it appears we were just told it would do so without evidence.  Now, due to a leaked document out of Japan we know the shots do not stay where intended and they bioaccumulate in other places, including the ovaries and spleen and yet this, which was a direct contravention of the predicate upon which the EUAs issued did not lead to immediate revocation.  Oh no, the FDA doesn't care when claims about where it is contained to in the body turn out to be false!

We further know the spike protein itself is pathogenic via multiple studies despite the CDC claiming otherwise and that said spike also shows up all over the body after vaccination.  We were also told that didn't happen; quite clearly that science was not done either as the first hint of trouble was in September of 2020 and then from December forward -- the claim was thus either a lie by omission (heh, "Warp Speed!") and lack of work or it was an intentional and malicious, knowing lie.  Again the FDA relied on that representation, we now know it was false and yet the EUAs, once again, were not withdrawn.

Which is it folks -- haste or fraud?  And from a standpoint of yanking the EUAs -- does it matter?  False is false; why only goes to the issue of punishment for the falsehood, not the required corrective action when discovered.  I'm entirely willing to believe haste as opposed to deliberate deception but it doesn't matter in terms of leaving the damned things out there without going back and forcing proof that the contradictions do not turn into harms!


And further, we now have clinical evidence that the significant adverse event rate (SAR) is wildly higher than being stated, and may be as high as a few percent, or few per hundred, not the few per hundred thousand being claimed.  Exactly what is the REAL serious adverse event rate?  We do not know because VAERS is a voluntary system and there is no systematic surveillance on people who get jabbed.  Without either mandatory reporting or systematic surveillance there is no way to get an accurate number; all you generate is a hypothesis, and boy, has VAERS done that with over 4,000 reports of associated death against 20-odd for the flu vaccine over the last 12 months.

Fauci either knew or should have known that the CCP and his "trusted colleagues" were lying.

Then again lying is all he's done since this started, as his emails have now proved.  Hell, he even said directly what I've pointed out for months -- viruses are simply too small to be caught by common masks; they go right through.

Do you believe anything else the CDC, NIH or your state health departments tell you?

Every one of the persons, individually, promulgating these lies must be held to both civil and criminal account.

Even if you have health insurance if you get one of those significant adverse events you are on the hook for your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, and if the problem continues across more than a year you get to pay it again and again, perhaps forevermore.

This assumes, of course, that the damage isn't permanent -- and it might be.

Once someone lies to your face about something important you're nuts to believe anything else they tell you.

Oh by the way, did Fauxi (sic) know any or all of this?  If he did, is that treason?  You know, actual treason?

PS: IMHO, a good start -- Revoke China's MFN status and freeze all of the CUSIPs for US Treasuries and all US firms and other US entities owned by any Chinese national, firm or the government.  Revoke all student and non-resident visas.  Impose full currency, wage and environmental parity tariffs on all products and services coming from China, directly or indirectly.  Contemplate derivative sanctions on nations that refuse to follow suit.  Do it now and mean it.  Whether this was intentional in release is no longer the gating factor; that it was intentionally concealed and the Chinese military was involved is now conclusively demonstrated by that patent filing.  That's enough, standing alone.  War can be declared in multiple ways; shooting is not always involved and China has done so.

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User Info Ok, Now We're Done in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
Posts: 4166
Incept: 2007-06-26

New England
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Holy ****ing ****.. dust off those nuke codes...we need to make China disappear.
Posts: 13531
Incept: 2008-01-20

Metro Detroit
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Is Fauxci a Traitor? O_o

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved." Ludwig von Mises
Posts: 235
Incept: 2010-09-06

Vandiver, AL
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Their MFN status should be revoked immediately as a mere start. Also force manufacturing back home. Economy is toast anyway.
Posts: 166
Incept: 2019-10-10

Leaving CA
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I have been told by someone who knows someone that the virus was resequenced in May or June of 2020 in Philadelphia. How accurate that is I have no idea. The person that someone knows is supposedly developing a vaccine for COVID that is not out yet. I have my doubts as that person also said they would not take the flu vaccine but would (and did) take the COVID vaccine because "it is safer than the flu vaccine".

Another friend told me last night that his friends mom works in a HC facility and she witnessed serious excess deaths from the early J&J shots that went unreported early on in the vaccine distribution. Serious to the point that they were worse than the COVID deaths...

Obviously many grains of salt are needed here since its (at best) third hand information. I do not suspect the middle parties are lying or embellishing, the end parties may be...

The scenario in which ADE is unleashed is starting to look more likely as information is released.

At this point, why is the information being released? The FOIA is still holding up Hillary's emails six years later yet they released Fauci's in a matter of months...?! It parallels the release of the "UFO" information from the military in its odd timing and above the board "honesty" for our government.

Seems the overall intent is national chaos or possibly even war. China has been talking about building more nukes to "dissuade the US of ever thinking about attacking" them... Not like the limp dick Biden would ever go to war with his primary wealth funders.

"Why yes, I am trying to destroy the planet. I want your children to live in the hell they deserve..."
Posts: 2689
Incept: 2010-10-22

Raleigh, NC
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Well ****. That's a HUGE deal. I'm simply stunned... the implications of it are horrible. Of the worst possible kind.

Sigh. I hate where this puts us.

"Man will never be free until the last Banker is strangled with the entrails of the last Politician" - unknown

"This isn't a market anymore, it's a computer game." - Drench
Posts: 12233
Incept: 2007-12-17

Saint Charles MO
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Any country that trades with them needs to have their MFN status revoked. And we need to sign a treaty with Putin immediately just to******off Xi more.


I think its time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that our founding fathers intended for us. Ronald Reagan 1964
Posts: 6151
Incept: 2013-02-13

The Land That Was
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There is a reason the stab is free.


Time to get the kits ready!


"Freedom cannot end where fear begins."
Robby Dinero
Posts: 30
Incept: 2021-05-18

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Agree 100% in the time required to register a patent. This typically takes around 1-2 years, in order to write an acceptable application. Often longer.

This patent would be based on an extensive research program with target virus, and delivery method. Smells like a military project.

Looks like they were working on the virus, with associated vaccine research for some time.

After the virus leaked, then they quickly rushed to capitalise on the possible vaccine sales.

Posts: 4478
Incept: 2010-04-06

ft collins co
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Gen wrote..
Revoke China's MFN status and freeze all of the CUSIPs for US Treasuries and all US firms and other US entities owned by any Chinese national, firm or the government.

Serious men running a serious nation would respond this way.
We're no longer serious and our lack of response to this news will prove that.
Yep, we've been at war for a long time with China - albeit totally one-sided.
They played the long game and defeated us from within.
What person in power will utter words anywhere close to what's been recommended (justly so) in this ticker?

The unexamined life is not worth living.-Socrates
The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.-Aristotle
Liberty exists now in the spaces government has not yet chosen to occupy.-Doc Zero
I anticipate that 10 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will blow me this evening.-K.D.[/FON
Posts: 219
Incept: 2021-03-26

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If this whole thing really was intentionally created, its equally plausible the guilty parties are from our side. Its possible that Fauci, EcoHealth, and other players from our side that funded both the creation of SARS-CoV-2 as well as the initial vaccine research may have been the drivers and that "rogue" CCP researchers were paid off to help in the effort.

I have no problem believing that "our" people (Gates, Soros, CDC, rogue elements in the other alphabet agencies, and pharmaceutical giants) are just as evil as the Chinese CCP.

You know, this is tinfoil hat stuff to me. I read this crap all the time on the usual suspect blogs (Vox Day, Natural News, etc.) and generally disregard it for obvious reasons. But unfortunately all of the bread crumbs are now leading in this direction and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Like I said before, its like living in a bad thriller novel and I don't like it, not one bit.
Posts: 235
Incept: 2010-09-06

Vandiver, AL
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As I said over on Twitter we either take the common sense steps in Gen's postscript now or we will get to find out if the mutually assured destruction theorists were correct.
Posts: 41
Incept: 2016-05-25

PA - Wolf's lair :-(
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Well how bout that. Wish The Australian article wasn't behind a paywall, would be nice to have access to the patent. The patent being discussed can't be publicly accessed on the USPTO PAIR system as it has not been published, and I'm sure they applied in the US market. Searching published applications of Yusen Zhou I found:
Described herein are immunogenic compositions for preventing infection with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) wherein the immunogenic compositions comprise at least a portion of the MERS-CoV S protein and an immunopotentiator.

Filed:November 17, 2017
PCT Filed:November 17, 2017
PCT NO:PCT/US2017/062354
371 Date:May 17, 2019
Published: October 31, 2019
Applicant: New York Blood Center, Inc. New York, NY, US (Many patents related to HIV and blood of course)

Other applications and provisional apps listed. Don't know enough of the science to interpret and precedes SARS-Cov2, though some of the premise very likely carries over. Application has several additional embodiments on timing of booster shots.
Posts: 147
Incept: 2020-03-20

Northern Virginia
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I heard a plausible opinion last year concerning their CV-19 vaccine efforts was that they wanted to highlight to the world that they were capable of accomplishing something important in this field - for prestige and in their campaign of soft power. Indeed they have distributed their moderately effective vaccines throughout developing countries (aka Turd World). Hypothetically, to gain prestige, they could manufacture a problem for which they thought they already had an effective solution for (because they had a head start).

The thought was that this is on the same line of soft power efforts like the Belt and Road Initiative, building a space station, plans to land a man on the moon, and other advanced research (super computers, quantum computing, quantum crytography, AI). The goal of rapidly achieving great power/super power status is a possible explanation for their urgent rate of expansion of their nuclear force. They want to be respected as a global superpower and to supplant US supremacy in key areas. Their country is organized so their is little difference between military/government efforts and the private sector. Our publicly traded companies and taxpayer subsidized universities have long been targets of Chinese espionage efforts to support this goal. Indeed, last year there were even reports in the news of Chinese hackers working to steal research related to our MRNA treatments (aka vaccines).
Posts: 140
Incept: 2021-05-01

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Are we taking bets as to whether any of what Karl suggests as a response is implemented as US policy and action?

The news just keeps getting worse.
Posts: 174197
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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Biden IS the CCP.

For that matter, so was Trump.

Like it or not.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.

Posts: 27
Incept: 2021-05-24

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The National Institutes of Health used American tax payer money to fund China's research. Americans paid for their own abuse campaign. The solutions upthread sound reasonable.

Reason: clarification
Posts: 219
Incept: 2021-03-26

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Once someone lies to your face about something important you're nuts to believe anything else they tell you.

Remember the court of law standard in regard to witness lying. If a witness is caught lying on the stand, it is deemed reasonable for the jurors to assume that anything and everything that witness says can be the truth or a lie. The jurors have complete discretion in determining this.

Since the CDC, FDA, NIH, and everyone else has lied about this, it is reasonable to assume that they have been lying to us about many things over, say, the past 20 years and will continue to lie again for the next 20 years.

This is a reasonable assumption.
Posts: 140
Incept: 2021-05-01

Report This As A Bad Post Add To Your Ignored User List
It looks as if "tin foil hat conspiracy theories" are proving more factual and evidence based than the mainstream news reports. Ha.Ha. But of course.

I have made the assumption that Karl is not being sued for slander, libel and/or defamation over his prolific and highly unflattering postings/ writings.

Gee, I wonder why.

Discovery in litigation is a bitch and truth is an absolute defense. It is better for "them" to ignore and dismiss as compared to confronting head on.
Posts: 219
Incept: 2021-03-26

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Biden IS the CCP.

For that matter, so was Trump.

Like it or not.

The question is why. Are all of these people compromised in some manner? It seems a lot of people are compromised if this is the case. One wonders just what the hell could so many people be compromised with.

Perhaps greed is involved too. But that begs the question of what does China offer to these people that they cannot get over here?

All of these recent revelations create more questions than answers.
Posts: 219
Incept: 2021-03-26

Report This As A Bad Post Add To Your Ignored User List
A partial answer to the greed question is obvious: access to the growing Chinese market. Hollywood is certainly tripping over itself for such access. So are the tech giants, at least the ones that are allowed to operate in the Chinese market.

We know Biden's family is heavily involved in deals with the Chinese. Perhaps Trump was (or is) angling to build his hotel/condo/casino resorts in China.

One wonders what deals Pfizer, Moderna, and the other pharmaceutical companies are working on with the Chinese. What about Wall Street and all of those private equity funds?
Posts: 5040
Incept: 2007-11-30

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This goes back to the 90's and Slick Willie selling LORAL missile technology to the Chi-coms.

Our own government has been in bed with them for years. It's not just China we need to nuke, it's DC.

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue ... At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they'll just take down the scenery, they'll pull back the curtains, they 'll move the tables & chairs out of the way & you'll see the brick wall at the back of the theater
Posts: 266
Incept: 2013-09-12

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Netflix could not have a better fictional plat that the real sequel that emerged since Jan of last year. You just can't write a novel this good. **ing unreal. And to see the left wing media still debunking the probe as a hoax that this could not come from a lab, such as LATimes yesterday. Newsweek exclusive yesterday showed some detective work by a few in their basement with an internet connection and Google translater scouring the web and converting chinese to english to dig up pieces and browse chinese databases that resurrect the lab theory. All because a few youngsters thought something was not right with the wet market theory.
Posts: 66
Incept: 2019-03-14

WI- Home of Bozo the Governor
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KD- THIS Ticker may be at the top in terms of significance

IMHO, starting to also add up how Hunter Biden figures into all this... his impact on Gampy Dementia and Joey's total lack of action against the Chinese (not that Hunter knew about Wuhan, but his criminal activity and what China has on the Bidens). Gampy's lack of coherent thought not withstanding, in light of the evolving cascade of FACTS the absence of any action is DEAFENING!!!

Apparently, the most influential crackhead in American history has caused an entire "govt" to tuck it's collective dicks and do nothing... so tired of chest-thumping *******s in CONgress (McCarthy, Jordan, Cruz etc. etc. etc.)... Rand went at Fauxi in consecutive hearings yet it ends there... they are all worthless pieces of ****.

More than the typical "someone knew something" bull**** line... THIS now begs the question- who starts the snowball down the hill?????

COVID 19 "response"= the biggest scam in human history
Posts: 3783
Incept: 2008-02-23

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Our own government has been in bed with them for years. It's not just China we need to nuke, it's DC.

Just make sure it's on a day when CON-gress, the White House, and SCOTUS are all in town.

Nobody can be saved from anything, unless they save themselves.
It is hopeless doing things for people, it is often very dangerous
indeed to do things at all, and the only thing worth doing for
the race is to increase its stock of ideas. ~T.H. White
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