Dear Former President Trump....
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2021-05-29 18:53 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 570 references Ignore this thread
Dear Former President Trump....
[Comments enabled]

.... you ignorant, paranoid, germophobic, slovenly, stupid, deranged, indebted and hopefully charged, tried, sentenced and in the future rotting in prison murderous *******.

Once again I was challenged by email this morning as to the fact that I did not vote for Trump, and here we are with Biden.  Never mind that Trump won this state by well over 20pts, so 1 vote would have changed exactly nothing, but that's not the question and it does deserve an answer.

So I'm going to reply right here, in public, with why I did not vote for Trump, with references to the facts.

In the years leading up to 2020 Trump screamed China! many times but there was not one directive out of his Administration to medical providers, many of whom are utterly dependent on Medicare and Medicaid to get the supply of PPE, drugs and other materials back into the United States.  As such we had zero preparation capacity for the virus when it came.  Trump had three years and did nothing except flap his gums, and that's a fact.

It is now apparent that Covid-19 was really maybe not -19 at all.  But it might have been.  Nonetheless it is now said that intelligence briefings were out regarding illness in Wuhan among the lab workers in November and the first weeks of December 2019.  Intelligent briefings means Trump either knew or got it in his Presidential Daily Brief but didn't bother reading it, perhaps because he was too concerned about the impending first impeachment, which did happen.  In other words, he didn't do his ****ing job.

Trump loves to tout his "ban" on travel from China from February 2nd, except it wasn't a ban.  Those coming from Macau and Hong Kong could, and did keep coming.  About 8,000 of them, in fact, all Chinese and other foreign nationals.  Yes, Trump had an obligation to let Americans back in, but he could have hard-quarantined all of them and blocked all foreign nationals -- and didn't.

Never mind that Trump was late.  Too late by a lot, actually.  Had he acted immediately in early December, Trump might have cut it off.  But he would have had to cut off everything and everyone, including Mexico, Canada and Europe, because people were going into Italy and elsewhere to and from China, and of course between the US and EU.  He didn't, so cut the bull****.  In fact Trump never cut off so-called "essential" traffic between here and anywhere.  The travel blocks were, as a result, worthless and I pointed this out at the time.  If you're going to try to avoid a pandemic by sealing the border you have to actually do it including shooting illegals who cross it anyway if necessary.   Having failed to force back effectively anything related to manufacturing in the previous three years in office despite all the arm-waving and noise Trump knew damn well that doing so would be problematic supply-wise.  In fact he never intended to slam the door on the virus in the context of the border at all and never did; he's a lying sack of ****.

We knew very early on that ventilators were worthless with this disease because we had data out of Wuhan on their use by March.  Trump ordered 10s of thousands of them under the DPA without first demanding proof they were in fact needed.  They weren't; Cuomo had a crap-ton of them and he wasn't alone.  Rather than demand proof first he just blew money on something we knew killed 95% of the time when used.  Yeah, we're better at it now.  So what?  The key is not to need them but there's no money in that, is there?

After Kirkland we knew that if this virus got into nursing homes it would kill.  Every nursing home is utterly dependent one way or another on Medicare (for all the medical care inside same), Medicaid (which pays if you're indigent and need nursing care) or both, and thus HHS could have slammed the door on transmission into nursing homes by mandating every staff member quarantine on-site until we figure out how to interdict this thing, or take one of the nearby hotels with no guests and rent the entire place.  Remove the care-givers in those places from the possibility of contracting Covid and turn the nursing home and its staff into a bubble; no exceptions.  Yes, we would had to pay people much more to do that, since there's no slavery in the US and the Government would have had to pony it up.  So what?  It would have prevented nearly all of the Covid deaths in nursing homes at a trivial percentage of the trillions we spent on stupid, useless measures.  I advocated this tirelessly through the spring of 2020; it was obvious, Mr. "Stable Genius" should have been able to figure it out in 30 seconds and force its implementation through HHS.  That, standing alone, would have made all of the other shutdowns and constraints all the way through until the fall of 2020 unnecessary and pointless.

At the same time Trump's HHS Secretary put a literal bounty on ventilator use (which effectively is a price on toe tags since the data out of Wuhan said they killed 90+% of the time), which remained through the winter and, as far as I know, still exists.  Paying hospitals to kill people tends to make more people die.  I pointed this out at the time.  Trump did nothing about that perverse incentive.

Trump and Pence (**** that evil prick too) told us "2 weeks to slow the spread" which was a flat-out lie.  Then it was four more weeks of what was effectively a lockdown.  Neither did a damned thing except screw the economy and provide a pretext to set off ruinous inflation as only a total douchebag that has zero understanding of economics would ever do -- I'll get to that later.

Trump spoke of HCQ and got slammed for it.  Ok, except Zelenko was treating patients with it at that time.  About the same time Trump brought Fauci and Birx in and started having them up on the podium with him.  All very nice, except when he and others said "oh don't use that" Trump did nothing to counter it.  Notably, Trump did not hold a presser with Zelenko, the doc in Florida who was using Ivermectin, or the one in Texas who was using Budesonide.   We now know all three work.  I'll get back to that, but after being slammed in the press he shut up instead of doubling down on what he claimed to believe.  If Trump believed it he had a duty to act -- and didn't.

Trump either should have known or knew Fauci was funding Wuhan, including coronavirus research, indirectly through Ecohealth.  If he didn't look and didn't have anyone with the expertise to look in his office he's an incompetent piece of ****.  It was his duty to know if Fauci had any conflicts of interest and what they might be before appointing him.  Trump didn't vet him, didn't look and now the papers and even appearances before Congress have been dug up.  The guy has a damned record a mile long including blocking Bactrim use in AIDS patients early on which shoved a few tens of thousands into the hole who got PCP while attempting to fight off AIDS so he could push AZT.  I pointed that out very early on because I remembered the controversy of the time and it was very, very easy to find the documentation.  Nonetheless Trump not only appointed him and let him make pronouncements that governors and mayors took as effective "law" he kept him on all the way through and gave him both a podium and audience.

Trump put forward "Warp Speed" for vaccines.  A nice idea, but impractical and dangerous in any but a science fiction film.  How dangerous?  We're not real sure yet.  But that program required that no study of existing drugs take place because if any alternative that worked was found then issuing an EUA was impossible under long-existing law, pandemic or not, and Trump knew this.  Did that go into the decision to shut the **** up about the other three drugs and allow doctors and pharmacists to be sanctioned who dispensed them?

Trump knew that even under the most-aggressive time line these shots would not be available before winter.  Flu peaks in winter.  Therefore the devised plan could not win; you simply couldn't get there, even ignoring risks, and get enough shots in arms fast enough to matter.  Trump didn't care, having pot committed to his pet path that's all he talked about -- Warp Speed -- and he's STILL DOING IT.

Summer came and so did masks.  They didn't work.  Hawaii and other places proved it.  Trump said nothing.  He could have slammed Fauci's and others dicks in the door for their bull**** on that given the forty years of hard science that said it was crap, and didn't.  He even let his CDC Director show up in front of Congress and tell them that a mask was better than a vaccine.  How did that work out for everyone this last winter?  Do those 300,000 dead Americans who relied on that bull**** get billed to Trump for that lie?  THEY SHOULD.

Trump got Covid-19.  What did they give him?  We know monoclonal antibodies and Remdesivir were part of it, because that was reported.  What else did they give him?  Did it include Ivermectin? This is rather important, you see, as that was right at the first of October, two months before the EUAs issued for the vaccines.  And, if Trump did get it, and got it on the basis of knowledge within the government that it worked, the EUAs were illegal.  In other words it appears Trump may have not only suborned a violation of the law that made some people very rich he's only alive because of it and, I remind you, a hell of a lot of Americans died between the first of October and the end of the year.

We know Remdesivir didn't help because Solidarity, a very large trial, proved it worthless.  Expensive, but worthless.  In addition monoclonal antibodies are questionable at best, by the data.  So what was it, Mr. Former and as God is my witness may you never sit in the left seat again President, that actually saved your ugly ass from having a tube shoved down your throat?  Was it Ivermectin?

Did you spike that, Mr. Trump?

On purpose?

Trump hasn't said jack about it since, has he?  Yet now we have an utterly enormous data set out of India, where one province went down the big-pharma loves ya path with Remdesivir and the promise of vaccines, while others said 'screw that, we're tired of death' and started handing out Ivermectin instead.  The latter saw results in six days from what was a crushing case load.  In one month the case load went down by ninety-two percent in one province.  In another, 84%.

Three others also had cases collapse by doing the same thing.

One province, which banned it in favor of Remdesivir, had their case rate more than triple.

Oh, and it's not just in India either -- Mexico, Slovakia and Zimbabwe all got tired of listening to the pharma company bull**** along with the death it brought and adopted this cheap and easily-available drug instead.  All -- every one -- saw their case rates collapse.

Then there's the economic impact.  Trump paid people to sit at home and smoke bongs -- literally, and screwed small landlords with rent moratoriums.  He deliberately stuck a huge inflationary impulse into the economy to the tune of trillions and it's well-known that these take 12-18 months to show up in the data.  Well, here we are a year later *******, with skyrocketing gas prices, lumber that has more than tripled in cost, supply dislocations everywhere and a monthly inflation rate that looks to be around twelve to fifteen percent on an annual basis and you own every ******n bit of it because all of that impulse happened before you left office.

Yeah, Biden wants to keep doing it but all of it that's happening NOW is Trump's because he did it.  ALL OF IT.


So, for those who ask "why didn't you vote for him", here's my short answer:

  • In the years leading up to 2020 Trump did nothing to force medical supply back into the US and out of China, despite having enormous capacity to do so since basically every single hospital is reliant to some extent on Medicare and Medicaid, and thus the Executive can issue such directives.  All his screaming about China in this regard was a bunch of bull****.

  • Trump either knew and ignored or didn't read his daily briefings on the outbreak in November and early December of 2019 and thus was either unaware due to deliberate blindness or knew and failed to act when he found out about the probable Wuhan leak.

  • Trump did not slam the door on travel when he could, and by the time he did it didn't make a damn bit of difference, nor was it a real travel ban as thousands of potentially infected Chinese came in after the alleged "ban" went into effect.  He never intended to shut the border down, which has to be 100% without exception or its worthless -- and he never did that.

  • Trump ordered tens of thousands of worthless ventilators that we knew failed 90+% of the time in Wuhan and we never needed a single one of them because he never verified that the screaming coming from governors was real first.

  • Trump allowed Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and other states to discharge Covid-19 positive people back into nursing homes despite the fact that both hospitals and nursing homes are utterly reliant on Medicare and Medicaid funds and thus he could have immediately directed HHS to ban that bull****.  After Kirkland we knew what would happen.  All of that death is directly his Administration's responsibility as he was 100% able to stop it in a single day and did not.  That, standing alone, is about 50,000 dead Americans directly chargeable to Trump.

  • Trump did not "lock in" nursing homes including the caregivers and other employees, despite having the power to do it via HHS, having the space to put those employees up temporarily due to the tourism and travel collapse, and knowing full well that if we did not do it and the virus got into those places a huge percentage of the people who lived there would die.  Rather than use the power he had to stop that death he shut down the economy and backed trying to block the virus in the entire population when he could have trivially gone after protecting the roughly one half of one percent -- 0.5% -- if the population that resides in care homes.  He was thus directly responsible for basically all of those deaths.

  • Trump single-mindedly focused on "Warp Speed" vaccines, deliberately not ordering HHS to get in place and run studies on other drugs, several of which we had reason to believe would work because if even ONE of them had it would have instantly destroyed any possibility of an EUA for said vaccines.  He knew damn well no pharmaceutical company would run a study on off-patent medications as there's no money in it.  Among other things he could have told Fauci to either have NIH run the trials right now, no bull****, or he was going to bend him over the lectern the next afternoon and assrape him on television, stating he was directly and personally responsible for all the death.  He didn't do it because he knew damn well what would happen if any of them were proved to work.  Well, now we know more than one of them does work so Trump gets charged for all of the avoidable death.  Every.  Last.  One.

  • Trump failed to put on the podium those doctors successfully treating Covid-19 with off-label medications from the very start of the pandemic and all the way through January.  There was not one time that Kory, Zelenko or anyone else was invited to use his bully pulpit for this purpose; if he had many who died would still be alive as there's no way that could have been ignored.

  • Trump may have been treated with Ivermectin himself and still did not credit it, publicly or otherwise.  In fact he was very general about what Walter Reed did, wasn't he?  Gee, how surprising.  We all knew he got "something" nobody else could get -- now we have a report as to what it was and it was not, if true, esoteric or expensive -- in fact it cost $2.  The best evidence at this point is that he let your grandmother be slaughtered this winter, on purpose, for the explicit purpose of protecting his "Warp Speed" program.

  • Had hell been raised by Election Day of the more than 500,000 who died 300,000 of them might have lived.  Indeed, the alleged death count as of the beginning of October was 200,000.  If he'd put people on the podium in June, it was under 100,000.  If he'd additionally blocked the nursing home fiasco the total death count would almost-certainly have been under 100,000 across two winters, in other words a pair of bad flu seasons.  This intentional refusal to put doctors up in public who were saving lives with inexpensive medications was intentional, either to promote the shots EUA procedures or because Trump only cared about one thing: Re-election and taking credit for a miracle vaccine so he can wave the "hero" flag means death in size is just fine.

  • If "Warp Speed" blows up in our face he could easily be responsible for another couple of million deaths in the US alone plus only God knows how many permanent disabilities.  The jury remains out on that one.

  • And finally I knew damn well what Trump's "economic" policies in response to Covid would do, I said so at the time, I put a timeline on it of 12-18 months for the inflationary impulse to hit and here it is, right on schedule.  I will never vote for an ******* who put forward and executed an economic policy that was guaranteed to buttrape the bottom 50% of wage-earners and every single one of those retirees partially or entirely dependent on Social Security and other fixed-income streams of payment.  That it doubled the wealth of people like Bezos (and probably his piece-of-**** relatives) is just more insult to heap on everyone else.

But the story doesn't end in early November, does it?

No, even after the count was in and Trump had apparently lost, he didn't (and still doesn't) think he did.  I don't know if he did or didn't and frankly, as I pointed out at the time, if he wasn't willing to pick up a rifle and pot commit to what he said he believed then nobody else should contemplate anything other than waving him goodbye on the 20th of January.  You either believe your own bull**** or not, and when you claim a Presidential election was stolen you either put your life on the line and prove it or shut the **** up.

But whether he was right or wrong, whether he was willing to go to war over it or not (and obviously it was "not") he was still President until January 20th of 2021 and still had his first and foremost duty to the people, not his fat, putrid, vapid self irrespective of whether the election was stolen or not.

And during that entire period of time until January 20th he still could have stuck Kory, Zelenko and the other few on the podium.  Instead he was skeered about being impeached a second time and in the process of being a ****ing sniveling coward from the first week in November to January 20th he watched another 300,000 Americans die.  All that did was confirm I made the right choice.

So yeah, I didn't vote for him.  I didn't vote for Biden either.  I voted for Cthulhu because by God if I'm going to get Satan one way or another and one of the two guys has already murdered 200,000 people I damn well should just push the button and vote for Satan right up front.

To those of you who think that Trump "did it right" with Covid you're dead flat-ass wrong.  You're dealing with a stabby load of bull**** right now because of him and had he cut the crap early on we would have had a flu season this last winter and most of those 300,000 who dropped dead including well north of 100 right here in this county would be alive.

Nobody would be running around screaming about shots or masks and this would have been a very manageable winter with an ordinary level of disease and death.

That's the data folks, and it was deliberately ignored.

I and others who went after this early on were right and I'll hope that putrid piece of **** gets indicted in NY and winds up spending the rest of his life ****ting into a stainless steel commode with a cellmate named Bubba.

**** you Donald Trump -- and no, I am not taking your hastily-cooked up shot that, it appears, is killing and injuring a hell of a lot of people with an unknown set of risks over the next few years.  Over 100 million Americans got conned thus far and are going to get to figure it out the hard way.  They say myocarditis is "rare."  Uh huh.  There are currently 18 reported cases in Connecticut and zero of them are in VAERS.  Connecticut, I remind you, is a tiny state.  If that's representative of the under-reporting and serious adverse events then how many deaths have occurred that haven't been reported?  VAERS says about 4,200 people died associated with the shot.  Is that short by ten or even eighteen times?  Maybe those crazy enough to listen to your and Biden's exhortations to get stabbed will get lucky and if they don't get hammered immediately it's all ok -- but given how many times you screwed the pooch with this virus all the way back to the start, and how many times you, Fauci and everyone else lied, if you think I'm betting my life on that you're out of your ****ing mind.

**** you Donald.  In a just world your ass would be standing trial for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg II but we don't live in a just world so I'll settle for NY indicting you and tossing your ugly ass in prison instead.

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User Info Dear Former President Trump.... in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
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Lansing Michigan
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You got me at the first sentence, lol.
Posts: 6212
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The Land That Was
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Trump is one of them, and they are trying to kill us. **** these Satan worshipping bastards to hell. May Lucifer butt ****, each & every one of them, with a red hot molten horse cock for eternity.

"Freedom cannot end where fear begins."
Robby Dinero
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The thing speaks for itself - res ipsta loquiter. They are all part of one big club and we aren't in it. They (i.e., the globalist luciferians) want to kill us all. We are looking at two wings of a turkey vulture and political party affiliation truly doesn't matter. And if anyone thinks that we can vote ourselves into a solution ... Well I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. Cheap. Great price.
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Spokane WA
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Nailed it.
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Very good summation. That pretty much nails all the COVID fiasco related reasons.

But, IMO, the non-COVID related reasons are even more damning.

Although one can say that he had a few positive accomplishments, when all is said and done, probably the ONLY positive thing of real importance that can be said about Trump is that he was the means to keep Hillary out of the White House.

". . . the Constitution has died, the economy welters in irreversible decline, we have perpetual war, all power lies in the hands of the executive, the police are supreme, and a surveillance beyond Orwells imaginings falls into place." - Fred Reed
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New England
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Spot on Karl.

Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America by Gerald Posner

If you trust any pharma company after reading that you are ****ing nuts.
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And there are plenty more reasons not to have voted for him... the planks of his platform that vanished in early Nov 2016 for example. Hopefully a whole lot of them start going to prison soon... but I won't hold my breath.

I see now that 2 virologists have come out claiming covid19 is almost assuredly man-made. Can we have 2 ropes and 2 light poles... one for Fauci and one for Trump?
Posts: 225
Incept: 2021-03-26

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As a former Trump supporter, I agree with everything Karl has written here. I started having my doubts about Trump about two years ago (the run up of the national debt). But I had serious problems with his signing on hook, line, and sinker with everything that Fauci and Birx was pushing at the time. I especially had problems with his promotion and pushing of the "warp speed" initiative.
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Hampton Roads, VA
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He lost my support with warp speed. I still voted for him. But I unregistered to vote a week after the election.

"Make America Free Again" Me
"The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink" Chinese proverb
"The enemy of my enemy is my candidate" Random commenter
"We have the government we deserve"
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I think whomever was going to be President, the DC crime cartel was going to feed out the same ****. Biden ran on the idea he would have done something different. I have thought for 20 years, the world might have been better off, had the Pentagon plane been a nuke. I suspect, after a year of watching this crap, if Trump tried to do something, the paperwork fell in the trash can and his attention was diverted elsewhere. The is not the old USA. We are dealing with a city of fascist, communists and lawyers that are criminals.

Over the past 4 years, I was stunned as to the number of spouses with conflicts of interest we see in DC, who hide under a different last name. Fauci's old lady is one. I don't know how you break this crap up, other than throw DC out of the country. Anything Trump said or did that was right, the media attacked it. I understand Fauci has held the keys to $800 billion dollars, since he took that post. Wonder how he got away with so much bull****? Biden said Trump screwed up, then Immediately put Fauci, whose plan we actually ended up with, in charge again. What did Fauci buy with that $800 billion. Thousands of disciples, no doubt. Maybe the first solution to all of this is to erect a thick 100 foot high wall and aim a big gun at it that will fire 1 bureaucrat at a time and do 1 a day.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
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I see the entire operation covid as an act of terrorism or war against the people and the country. Trump failed to take the necessary actions to counter this. I was smelling something rotten in February 2020. While China may have been involved in making the virus the major damage was caused by Trump's terrorist task force.
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May Thump be hooked up to Lysol, in perpetuity.
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There are currently 18 reported cases in Connecticut and zero of them are in VAERS.

Oh boy. The COVID data that's showing huge warnings signs already is watered down.
Posts: 2459
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waaaaay up North
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I fully disagree.
Call me an idiot, but I still have belief and hope in good, and damn,
it is easy to call things from out here, but in the trenches?
I have reservations about a couple things (vex, vents) but I absolutely
believe that DJT did (and is doing) things to take down the system that is in place.
We, the silly little humans watching the show, are ultimately clueless, as we have been for most of our lives.
I very well may be wrong, but am willing to have some hope vs. the complete negative despair/surrender that many are experiencing.
So, in my little fantasy, good/God wins, and whether through DJT or US, or
some other means, we will overcome.
What is many states taking charge w/voting, w/gun laws. etc....there may very well be a 'plan'.
We still see good guys/bad guys, but maybe, just maybe there is more than we can see.
Hit me with your best shot...
not an INTJ but an INTP....not that that is why.....?

"If might is right, then love has no place in the world. It may be so, it may be so. But I don't have the strength to live in a world like that..."-Father Gabriel, 'The Mission'

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Akron Ohio
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Ho Lee Fuk!!! That was amazing Karl!! Im sending this to all my peeps. Damn that was spot on. As bad as I didnt want to believe the truth, the truth is the truth. And this is the truth!!

The whole world is one big ****ing scam
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Looking back at the last 30 years and at some of the best thing that happen to me, migrating to the US was one of them, for economic benefits. Would have been very hard to get the economic gains I achieved, however small it is now, in the island.
One of the next best thing is finding this ticker site back in 2009 during the real estate crash. Someone posted a comment on to this site. What I have learned here is immensely valuable. Thank you Karl!
SusanLauren said it earlier, folks, find like minded people where you are and build a small community. If you look at the covid graphs now, every state has fallen hard in new cases and death and opening up. Yet the drive to mandate this jab is in 4th gear. You would think that push would back off based on the threat from the data. No, mandating this jab is in full force. People are being threaten to take the jab or starve. Yes, that's what is being done when there is the threat of being fired if employee refuse the jab. Some even claim the vaccine is quite effect and is no longer an experimental vaccine.
How many students will take this jab just to get a degree to improve their economic odds for a better future? ....
Posts: 4
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Karl, you're to kind...You left out so many things.
Because of DJT's move to rush this vaccine into the public i'm gonna be forced to get fired from a freaking fantastic career of 37 years because i will never take this shot to stay employed. I have busted my ass as an engineer for 37 years only to end up getting taken out by the threat of a ****ing RNA modifying scam. It is time to enjoy my kids and my wonderful eight grandchildren and everything else can kiss my ass.
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I don't think it is end-of the-world hopeless. I do think it end-of-the-world-as-it-currently-is inevitable though.

My last read on the Bible is: God shows a path, his people zigzag in the right direction, getting slapped on each zig and slapped back on each zag.

The range of > 1% possible outcomes from here is very, very broad.

I doubt you fully disagree with the whole article.

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@Mwilli05 -- Politely and calmly refuse to take the shot without giving any information or having a debate. Force them to terminate your employment for this reason.

Step one, enjoy unemployment.
Step two, sue their asses. Might be a slight delay before engaging this step.
Step three, really enjoy the time with your loved ones.


"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven," Satan's monologue in the first book of John Milton's Paradise Lost
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You left out step zero; think of ways you could really hurt your employer's business and easily get away with it. Have a plan readied to make it happen in the future.
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Thank you Karl! Thanks for linking the article (The Drug that Cracked COVID). That was the first time I'd seen it reported that the president quietly took Ivermectin when in treatment for CV-19 vs. the expensive new treatments of questionable efficacy. The widespread and organized censorship and suppression of cheap and effective CV-19 treatments was a key link in the propaganda storm that has been raging over the western world since it started. I noticed months back when the CDC changed its stance on Ivermectin as a CV-19 treatment to "neutral," so they stopped trying to discredit it. But they certainly continue to choose to not talk about it or amplify it's benefit in the media narrative. All along Fauci's counterpoint to these off patent medicines was that we didn't have enough data (which is a lie), while he and his colleagues endorsed or approved new and experimental treatments and vaccines with even less data - basically BS. If it had been revealed that the Orange Man's treatment at Walter Reed included Ivermectin, that certainly would have amplified its efficacy in the media. Like other choices made with the CV-19 response, what else are we to conclude other than corruption and money influenced the suppression of cheap and effective treatments?
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One of the biggest things for me is the fact that Trump didn't get clinicians (who were successfully treating REAL patients and keeping 90% of them out of the hospitals with their protocols) up on stage every day to beat the drum about how early treatment and preventative care WAS KNOWN and EFFECTIVE.

TG wrote of this a year ago. This is NOT hind-sight-is-20/20 stuff here.

Hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved.

He had an obligation to PUSH THE TRUTH and he failed and many died.

The unexamined life is not worth living.-Socrates
The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.-Aristotle
Liberty exists now in the spaces government has not yet chosen to occupy.-Doc Zero
I anticipate that 10 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will blow me this evening.-K.D.
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Here be dragons
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When Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and offered them in exchange for an act of worship...he was naming his price.
You don't get to be a big-shot in Satan's world without paying; the Devil is not one to be cheated. Everyone pays.

Trump? He sort of amused me. His utility for me was in that he made lefties heads explode. He was the ultimate troll...the king of the ****lords. That's all. He wasn't a savior by any stretch (other than 'not Hilliary' was perhaps a good thing). He was a grenade, pin pulled and thrown by a bunch of angry people who were tired of being spoon-fed **** and being told it was Swiss chocolate by the Media Industrial Complex, who subverted their will at every turn and abused them if they dared have thoughts that differed from the incessant propaganda. He wasn't a disappointment for me because I never placed high expectations on him in the first place.
In short, it's not about Trump at all, it's about how BROKEN Western Civilization has become, that people would consider grabbing a Trump, pulling the pin and throwing him.
The next one will be worse.

Know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin command here.
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This cluster *** that is going on with Covid, I predict that PFE jab will be upgraded from EUA to standard vaccine approved status. With big pharma funding 70+% of the FDA budget, how can it be denied? Long term safety be damned.
I say by winter, we have FDA approval. They did request that it be fast tracked to approval. Only a massive spike in ADE or other ill outcome that can't be covered up will derail this. AND the followup consequences to our way of life is not looking good.
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