There Are THREE Studies; All Showing Serious Harms
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2021-05-02 09:34 by Karl Denninger
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There Are THREE Studies; All Showing Serious Harms *
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As it turns out there is not just one study, or even two documenting that the "S" (spike) protein from Covid causes damage.

There are now at least three with one dating back in preprint to the first week of December 2020.

We start our damning review of the science here, showing direct harms from the spike proteinand which from the date proves that said direct harm was known before the first shot went into the first arm and yet was not considered by the FDA nor discussed in the media.

We show here that S protein alone can damage vascular endothelial cells (ECs) in vitro and in vivo, manifested by impaired mitochondrial function, decreased ACE2 expression and eNOS activity, and increased glycolysis. The underlying mechanism involves S protein downregulation of AMPK and upregulation of MDM2, causing ACE2 destabilization. Thus, the S protein-exerted vascular endothelial damage via ACE2 downregulation overrides the decreased virus infectivity.

Endothelial cells line every single blood-transporting element of the body and are essential for them.  Intentionally producing them via injecting a substance into the muscle, which is highly vascularized and thus results in immediate transport through the body, is thus expected to cause serious and immediate harm.

That wild reaction your body mounts when you get said shot is "your immune system" all right -- it is trying to fight off the intentionally introduced harm you foolishly took.  Some of this damage may be permanent and involve both the lungs and heart, along with the brain and other organs.

Oh, and in case you're wondering while endothelial cells are replaced they have a quite-long lifetime; the average is more than a year so the risk involved here does not rapidly dissipate.

Again, this was known on December 4th of 2020 or before virtually anyone had received a single shot.  Not one mention of it was made in the major media nor has our criminal government at all levels, federal state and local, said one word about this paper.

On March 8th this paper posted:

One of the most important pathologies, is hypercoagulation and microclots in the lungs of patients. Here we study the effect of isolated SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 subunit as potential inflammagen sui generis. Using scanning electron and fluorescence microscopy as well as mass spectrometry, we investigate the potential of this inflammagen to interact with platelets and fibrin(ogen) directly to cause blood hypercoagulation. Using platelet poor plasma (PPP), we show that spike protein may interfere with blood flow.

In other words the spike protein alone causes blood clotting.  Yet we still have the FDA, CDC, Fauci along with the pieces of crap at places like VUMC and myriad other locations including colleges claiming "there is no evidence of serious risk of these events from the vaccines" and some have said they're going to mandate that college students intentionally be injected with a substance that causes blood clotting in the lungs and elsewhere -- now conclusively demonstrated by scientific study.

In other words to attend their event or institution you must risk serious and permanent injury or DEATH by a known-dangerous injection despite the fact that for most young people, and in fact most healthy people, Covid-19 never becomes a systemic infection at all.

We know this because on March 6th a study published showing that of professional athletes who had confirmed Covid-19 and recovered:

Findings  In this cross-sectional study of RTP cardiac testing performed on 789 professional athletes with COVID-19 infection, imaging evidence of inflammatory heart disease that resulted in restriction from play was identified in 5 athletes (0.6%). No adverse cardiac events occurred in the athletes who underwent cardiac screening and resumed professional sport participation.

In other words by natural infection among healthy people it is very rare for there to be systemic involvement.  But among those who take said shots 100% of them have systemic involvement intentionally because unlike an infection that starts in the upper respiratory tract an injection deliberately and systemically involves the entire body.

Then on April 27th we got this:

Using a newly developed mouse model of acute lung injury, researchers found that exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone was enough to induce COVID-19-like symptoms including severe inflammation of the lungs.

Confirming the above two.  This time by direct sacrifice of the animals involved, extraction of the lung cells and imaging under a microscope, direct and serious damage was shown from the spike protein alone.  In other words every person who is given said shot should be expected to develop some amount of this damage.

And then just two days ago, that first study was published after peer review confirmed the findings.

But trust us, they say, it's not like 99% of the associated deaths from vaccination in all of 2021 have come from one vaccine alone with the more than 100 vaccines in actual use all combined together being associated with just one percent.


And in addition there is a very large and persistent spike of thousands of weekly deaths that are in the  "Some Odd Crap Killed You" category which is not resolving as more-complete information is received by the CDC.  This wild elevation is not only out of character against 2019 prior to Covid it is also wildly out of character against 2020 when Covid-19 was raging through the land.  We are now fifteen weeks into the year and fifteen weeks later these incomplete reports are not resolved?  Baloney; this spike is exactly congruent with the widespread rollout of the jabs and it is not resolving back into other, well-known causes of death.  It is distinct and it is massive.  While it will not be conclusively known whether it will resolve in the weeks ahead how do you justify ignoring it now when, if you're wrong, we're talking about as many as 100,000 or more additional deaths a year from these shots?


While data reporting delays do not prove this will not resolve anyone who claims that the combination of all of these is not a screaming alarm siren that demands the immediate cessation of all Covid-19 vaccination attempts against all but the most-seriously at risk and a bar on their trials and use in younger and not-morbid people, especially in children and young healthy adults has rocks in their head.

Anyone arguing otherwise is a monster and any corporation or institution attempting to mandate same given this data, and I remind you that unlike the pharmaceutical companies you're not immune, must be not only civilly destroyed via massive lawsuits criminal felony manslaughter charges should be brought immediately for any such coercive actions and, if refused by prosecutors then perhaps the people should contemplate whether the rule of law still binds them in any form or fashion given that it is now conclusively proved that this information was known and published prior to the first shot going in the first arm and deliberately ignored.

Further, until it is proved that said spike protein is not in the blood anyone who has taken said shot must be barred from blood donations as it is entirely possible these proteins will contaminate the blood supply and kill or severely injure the recipients of blood donated by said person.  Contamination of the blood supply is extremely serious; do I have to remind you what happened with HIV when we were slow to act and as a result killed damn near everyone in the country who had hemophilia and required periodic clotting factor transfusions?

And oh, by the way, given the potential for strokes and clotting there's a reasonable argument to be made that anyone who took said shots should be barred from driving -- ever.  A stroke while driving is likely to kill not just you but anyone near you too, and we already bar those with uncontrolled seizures from having a driver license.

Took the shot?  Surrender your driving credential.

Thinking of flying?  Did you ask if the pilot took the shot?

As I have repeatedly pointed out I am not "anti-vaccine."  I am anti-stupid and the process and speed by which these were developed and rolled out without taking the time to understand potential pathology, quantifying that risk and halting the process when indications of potential trouble were found is stupid.  Because we allowed stupidity we now have a wildly elevated "odd reason for death" rate and one shot that is responsible for 99% of all associated deaths this year while the more than 100 other vaccines in common use between them all are only responsible for 1%.  That is what happens when you do stupid things.

PS: Think this just showed up in December?  This paper from September of 2020 proves otherwise; it was at least suspected to be a problem back then but was the potential pathology run down and the shots halted until that work was complete?  Nooooo!  Nothing can interfere with "Warp Speed" and interrupt all that cash flow -- even if it kills people.

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