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2021-05-01 10:26 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 1667 references Ignore this thread
Its Your Fear, Nobody Elses
[Comments enabled]

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Life; the right to protect one's life as one sees fit within the confines of one's person;

Liberty; the right to do as one pleases accepting that outside, extra-corporeal events will occur;

Pursuit of Happiness; the right to order one's affairs as one believes may lead to a state of happiness, but no promise of success is given;

This list is not exclusive and it predates government.  Government cannot give you these rights, nor can it withhold them, as Government never had them in the first place.

Michael Stern thinks that formerly being a federal prosecutor means he doesn't have to care about such things.  He believes that you should have to take a drug whether you want it or not, whether it can help you or not, or be denied literally everything including groceries.  In other words he doesn't believe in the Declaration nor pre-existing rights.  He further thinks what is called "vaccine hesitancy" is about Donald Trump, attempting to justify his perspective with the usual leftist ******* position: "Orange Man is responsible for it all."  This should not shock anyone, just as the person recently shot by the cops in NC was claimed by said leftists to have been "assassinated" despite, it appears, striking the police with his vehicle.

Mr. Stern is full of crap and he's not alone.

Indeed these advocates are deliberately lying in several respects.  They claim that everyone must have a shot to reach "herd immunity."  That's dead wrong on the science and that false claim is deliberate; among other points anyone naturally infected counts as well. We knew in March of last year that not everyone was susceptible to severe disease and death.  We knew it because a cruise ship full of old, fat, morbid people, of which nearly every cruise ship is on a wildly over-represented basis didn't have everyone on board drop like flies.  Yes, some people got sick and a few died.  But nowhere near everyone got sick, and even fewer died.  Indeed, only about one in five got sick.  We didn't know why everyone wasn't susceptible to clinical disease or worse but we knew this factually in March of 2020 yet Fauci, the CDC and indeed many other so-called "experts" intentionally lied and called this a "novel virus" to which everyone was at severe risk of serious disease and death.


Now we know why; 81% of the population of the planet has cross-immunity which is at least partially protective.  None of these "advocates" and so-called "experts" care about how we got that immunity and in fact they deny it exists despite hard, scientific proof.  It's why every single one of us is alive and why we've all survived thus far both individually and as a species.  Adaptive cross-immunity only comes from your immune system fighting off some infection.  We all have done it since we were infants; indeed, the reason breast milk is a superior means of feeding a baby is that the mother passes to her infant a wildly-effective and supercharged bolster of antibodies, a "primer" if you will, in the first feedings which are called "colostrum."  It's so important that we've documented over the years that children fed from the breast are wildly less-likely to get sick, including diseases that can be and sometimes are fatal to said children.

Do these "advocates and experts" propose that we jail, shun, bar from employment or even jail any woman who refuses to feed her child from the breast, or who fails to put in sufficient effort to do so if she finds it difficult or simply inconvenient?  Or do we consider it a valid personal choice to reach for the Similac?  

These people point out that the shots claim to be 90% effective and it sucks if you're in the 10%.  Well, true enough.  But what none of them care about is relative and absolute risk of both Covid-19 and the shots yet you have to be insane to accept a risk from a shot that is greater than the risk from the disease itself.  That is, VAERS says there are 3,607 deaths associated with these vaccines over four months time, while the next-largest set is for the HIBV vaccine with 1,363.  But the HIB vaccine has been given routinely to children since 1987, a period of 34 years, meaning that said 1,363 associated deaths come to just 40 annually and it is the most-dangerous "next in line"; all others are less so!

Note that HIB, prior to vaccination, was approximately three to five times as deadly as Covid-19 generally, killing between 3-6% of all who got it and virtually everyone who got it and died of it was a young child with decades of life ahead of them, not someone in a nursing home where the average life expectancy at admission is six months.  Yes, it sucks if you die in a nursing home of Covid-19 but this does not change the fact that 53% of the time if you're admitted to a nursing home you're dead of something within the next six months.  Dead is dead when you get down to it and we all die exactly once.  If my risk of death over six months time is 53% I'm not especially scared of a virus; yeah, it might get me but the odds are that something will cause my demise over the next 180 days one way or another.

Put this up against the Covid shots which are carrying roughly 100 times the risk of associated death for a disease that, if you catch it, is much less likely to kill you in the general sense.  Indeed, among healthy persons the risk of death is not 1/5th that of HIB which carries a risk of 1/25 (~4%) but rather approximately 1/50,000, including specifically among children under 18.   That is among healthy people Covid-19 is two thousand times less likely to kill you than HIB is to kill a healthy baby.

In other words these fools assert that they have the power to compel you to take two hundred thousand times the risk or more of any of the other common vaccines on a risk-adjusted basis for the disease in question.

Further, since these Covid shots are only 4 months old in general distribution we should expect them to kill over 10,000 people a year each and every year into the future.  May I remind you that among healthy people, with a 1/50,000 rate of death if you get the virus, per the CDC's and NY Coroner's estimates, Covid would kill 6,100 people annually across 330 million healthy persons were we to have such a population?

That is, the risk of the shot in a healthy person exceeds the risk of Covid-19 if you contract it, which is of course not certain while said risk if you take the shot is certain.

So why do people advocate for and try to demand this?

They know damn well what the charts below show and they also know they personally ****ed up.

They shot themselves in the nuts and thus now demand that you do so as well to "make things equal."

You know, "equity."

"I'm a dumb son-of-a-bitch so you have to become one" is in fact the demand made by every person advocating for "mandates" to take said shots.

These are the death counts associated with the various types of vaccines all the way back to when data collection began.  See anything odd?


Now let's make it even more-clear; here is the table of all deaths associated with any vaccine, including flu vaccines, from January of 2020 through today, a period of 16 months.


Incidentally the next-most-common is the influenza (flu) shot with a grand total of..... 23 associated deaths.  May I remind you that we preferentially give flu shots to older, more-morbid people yet the flu shot almost never is associated with their death.

Still think these shots are "safe" when 96% of all vaccine associated deaths from 2020 to today are from the Covid-19 shots and those only cover four months' time out of 16 months total?

Want an even more-damning graph?  Set it to 2021 reported deaths only; 99% of them are Covid-19 vaccine associated.  Only 1% of associated deaths are connected to all other vaccines -- more than one hundred in total --  combined.

Here's how you reproduce the "all time" chart, since I don't expect you to believe me.

Go to

Agree to their disclaimer.
Click VAERS Data Search
Group Results By Vaccine Type
Scroll down to "Event Category" and select Death
Click SEND

Then click the green DOWN ARROW on the results table to order it from the largest number of reports to smallest.  Note that this is for all time since VAERS was instituted, yet the Covid shots are only 4 months old.

To get the graph click CHART
Select "PIE" for CHART TYPE
Click the box for WIDTH (so you can see the percentages) and enter "1024"


To get just the 2020-2021 data go back to the original ("Request Form") and change the DEATH DATE toward the bottom, then click SEND and re-do the chart.

This is not my data.  It is the CDC's data.  It comes directly from the US Federal Government.

So let's talk about what these people are actually afraid of and what is driving their campaign.

It is not about their risk, or any other person's risk, of getting and dying from Covid-19.  The CDC already estimates that the risk of death if you are a young, healthy person is 20/1 million, or 1/50,000.  This is tiny; you willingly accept a 1/8,648 risk of death each and every year by riding in or driving an automobile.  

Further, by the CDC's data with more than 100 million persons who have received shots the risk of the shot being associated with your death is 1/29,806, or higher than the risk of a healthy person being killed by the virus.

If you are at higher risk from Covid-19 in nearly all cases you caused it by your own voluntary action.  The greatest risk factor is obesity which is in each and every case a personal choice.  Exactly zero persons are forced to consume more calories than they require and thus gain weight.  It matters not whether you have some other disability; you still choose to be fat.  We knew this in early 2020 and each and every person in the United States had nine months to decide not to be as fat and do something about that and those who remained fat and were at heightened risk later in the year did so voluntarily with full knowledge of the risk involved.

So be it.  I accept your choice but you do not have the right to demand I take risk as a consequence of your choice, and I have every right to consider such a demand felonious and violent assault, because at the point you attempt to take your words and turn them into a compelled action it is.

And by the way, while the pharmaceutical companies and doctors may have been given immunity no other private or government entity has any such immunity.  How would you like you be the CEO, Provost of a University, Board Member or other individual who has to take the stand and testify that you coerced an 18 year old girl to take the shot by refusing to let her into Lollapalooza or college without taking said jab and now she is deadDo you think you'll get away with claiming there was no unreasonable risk to her person when in fact 99% of the deaths associated with vaccines in 2021 thus far are associated with Covid-19 shots and only 1% is associated with the dozens of other vaccines offered to the public each and every year, including every single kid that gets jabbed and every morbid senior who takes the flu shot on an annual basis?  What do you think the odds are that a jury will not cut off your firm's, and your personal balls and roast them for lunch, bankrupting your organization and perhaps you personally in favor of the loved ones and family members of said dead 18 year old pretty and personable girl?

Do you think it won't happen when the above charts from official government data are presented at the trial? 

REMEMBER, YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY SUCH IMMUNITY.  If your corporate legal folks don't freak right the **** out here, now and today you need to fire them and get some competent representation while your organization still exists.

We also know how to interdict this virus; Ivermectin clearly works as do inhaled steroids.  We know the latter works because last year the death rate among those with COPD and Emphysema went down, and the only rational explanation for why in the middle of a pandemic that attacks the lungs is that they were using some drug on a prospective basis that protected them.  Virtually everyone with these conditions uses inhaled steroids.  These drugs are extraordinarily safe and have been in common use for decades yet you are told that "nothing works."  That is a damnable lie and it is why a huge percentage of those who are dead in the US died.

In other words that base 1/50,000 risk, or whatever enhanced risk you may have because you've voluntarily decided to be a fat pig, can be materially cut through the use of inexpensive and readily-available drugs at the first sign of trouble and we've known that, and which drugs they are, since last summer.  You can also choose to become less of a fat pig or not one at all at any point in time, at which point your risk will materially decrease to be equal or less, quite possibly much less, than that you accept riding around in a car.

The bottom line is that the screamers are doing this and screeching about making these demands because they know they ****ed up.  They took a shot that was dangerous -- more dangerous than the disease -- and now they demand you take the risk they accepted because they wish to make sure you are exposed to the risk of death they foolishly took on their own.

They are attempting to mandate that you mount a 6" spike in the middle of your steering wheel aimed at your chest and remove both the airbags and seat belts from your car because they are ****ty drivers who wreck cars on a regular basis and thus they demand "you share the risk" they voluntarily brought upon themselves.


Well, to each and every one of you my answer is "No."

And having recognized your intent and the abusive and outrageous nature of same I add one more word immediately following the NO: "mother****er."

And further, I wish to point out that since the above are all facts were I to have someone I loved and cared about and you, or anyone else at your urging, forced them to accept this risk to assuage your own stupidity, and it turned out badly neither you, those you love and anyone else along with their families involved in said coercion would ever be able to sleep soundly again.  I would consider each and every one of said persons their entire family to be murderous, felonious pricks with said liability being joint, several and extending to every thing and person you love for all eternity.  At the point you declare that fundamental rights no longer exist you have placed yourself and all those you love outside of the law and our society based upon same by your own deliberate action and if others choose to join you there when you attempt to assault them that's just tough crap.

The good news is that the ability to coerce myself or anyone who I do love and care about is for all intents and purposes zero as all of my more-morbid and elderly relatives have already peacefully passed and the very few people remaining among my family are not ignorant of these facts nor will they be persuaded by said lies.  Nor do I have an employer who can attempt to coerce me.  As such these fools do not need to fear me coming after any of them.  Indeed my reaction to anyone stupid enough to take these shots if they are healthy will, at worst, be laughing at them and their families if they die or perhaps watering their headstone with my******as a tribute to their stupidity.

This also means I have the freedom to point out the risk said advocacy presents since it isn't and cannot turn into a threat.

But what should keep those people advocating and implementing said policies up at night is that by advocating for or attempting to implement such a policy, whether collectively or singularly at an educational institution, place of business, public attraction, means of transportation or otherwise they are placing a lifetime bet that my lack of loved ones, and myself personally, being susceptible to said coercion is true for all 330 million Americans, and that exactly zero of them will analyze and see things in the way I describe above.

I'll take the under on that should Predictit offer such a contract in the future.

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User Info Its Your Fear, Nobody Elses in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
Posts: 3
Incept: 2021-03-15

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Hey the New York Times has almost the same article today. I guess the apparatchiks in the media got their marching orders.
I'm not going to link to it because does anyone here really want to read the New York Times? Probably not. I saw the link on instapundit
Posts: 59
Incept: 2020-07-25

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My brother works at a military base. Recently he received an email that was sent to all DOD military, civilians, and contractors asking if they have received the jab or plan to receive the jab. Of course, the survey was "voluntary" and "anonymous". Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that they are tracking who replied and who didn't, and what their responses were.

If my employer requires the jab, I will make them fire me so I have cause for a lawsuit and then I will retire and stop supporting this corrupt system.
Posts: 1084
Incept: 2015-01-29

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I love how *******s like that clown spend a bunch of zeros and ones going on about how much he hates all of us and then expects us to believe he cares about us so much that we should be forced at gunpoint to take his experimental gene therapy-cum-vaccine to "save" us. I'd have some amount of respect for his view if he would just be honest enough to say "**** them....we took the jab, let those neanderthals get covid and die!" Yes...he was "angry" because Ted Nugent got sick. Please...just let us die. It will have them the trouble of herding us into camps and exterminating the ones who can't be re-educated, like the Weathermen wanted (still want) to do.

No, what that ******* is mad about is that we have committed the unforgivable sin: we are disobedient.

"I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next 10 generations that some favors come with too high of a price." -Vir Cotto Babylon 5
Posts: 4129
Incept: 2007-06-26

New England
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I love how mainstream blows off VAERS data because it doesnt support their narrative.

Fact check: Reports of adverse effects in US database arent confirmed to be linked to vaccination

The ****s sure the **** didnt care about fact accuracy when reporting people who died from Covid (ooops and a gunshot, but mustve been COVID).
Posts: 31
Incept: 2020-04-18

madisonville, KY
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2021-05-1 Really excellent work Karl. Professional and precise.

I created 3 1024px bar charts using Snagit2021 and they dramatically confirm what you are saying. I would like to copy and paste them here into comment section but I don't know how. If you could provide short instructions I will do it.

Everything you have said from early last year, 2020 has been right on target. And I, my wife and my friends have used Ivermectin and HCQ when obvious systems arose and with 100% success. In fact, my preacher and his wife, both came down with Covid-19, he very obese and she certainly not trim, and both in late 60s and showed their MD some of the articles you have written - which I had emailed to them - and the MD then treated with Ivermectin BOTH, and within 3 days the wife was back to work and the preacher was back to preaching. Anecdotal? Yes. CDC acceptable? NO. Does it really work? YES.

But a side note. I think there may be allowance for exception regarding taking the "jab.". Very recently my wife, 80-1/2, good health, not at all obese, came down with another UTI and this time with total pulmonary collapse and full body sepsis. She was in ER and ICU for two and 1/2 full days, listed critical and unconscious. She did recover. She did NOT have Covid entering the hospital. But in the ICU there were patients so infected. I realized then, in real time, that if she had become infected or had been, her chances of recovery would have been nill. And too, if I (75-1/2) and obese but not morbidly and no other conditions, were infected at that time - it could have seriously complicated the situation. So, I decided to "take the jab" with the pfizer drug and she will upon release on the assumption that if she again has a UTI and enters the hospital, or if I get infected with Covid - the consequences will likely be less severe. She already take 400mg HCQ per day for rheumatoid arthritis and has for over 15 years without any side effects. I think that is why she has been essentially "immune" from this virus all along. If we do feel any of the symptoms coming on then she and I well treat with Ivermectin as we know it works.

So, will you allow this exception for those definitely elderly and she very prone to UTI? and me overweight but in good health, ie., no diabetes, heart problems, pulmonary issues, etc.

Don't forget instructions on how to post a jpg file.

Nenad Cuic
Posts: 82
Incept: 2018-05-22

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The NYT article dismissed arguments against the vaccine as foolish "feelz". There was no recognition of the statistically proven danger of the vaccine. They also tossed in a reference to the "riot" on Jan 6. Please don't compare crap from that propaganda rag with actual journalism, as presented here.

Somehow people cannot understand the clear meaning in a graph that shows the covid vaccine is more dangerous than any other vaccine given in the past 40 years. If that graph does not scream at you, you are innumerate. They cannot remember that the polio vaccine had a very, very, bad start.

Black people are, fortuitously, noticing that Hank Aaron, and others, dropped dead after getting the shot.
Posts: 4815
Incept: 2017-06-27

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very well said Karl. I like to tell *******s with power or authority that it only takes one person with no further cares or a nutcase to do something nasty and final.

Friends come and go; enemies accumulate.


"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven," Satan's monologue in the first book of John Milton's Paradise Lost
Posts: 5367
Incept: 2007-06-26

Canyon Lake
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Posts: 240
Incept: 2019-01-27

Fort Walton
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The CDC has decided to keep track of 'breakthrough' covid variants. They issued a paper outlining the process for labs to send in specimens.

(downloads a ~235 kb pdf file)

The instructions tell labs to only send in samples from a 'breakthrough case' (catching covid > 2 weeks after the jab) if the PCR cycle count is 28 or less.

So there's further indirect acknowledgement that using a PCR threshold of 40 is meaningless, as any samples from those cases probably don't have viable virus material to sequence.

I'm sure that the MSM will be filling everyone in on the details of "the science" REAL SOON. (/sarc)

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.
― Thomas Paine
Posts: 1
Incept: 2021-05-01

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@tickerguy - not sure if this has been asked yet. The company I work for has yet to make vaccines mandatory, but is leaning that way. The vaccine manufacturers have been protected from lawsuits for damages...but can the companies that make vaccines mandatory be sued should an employee get jabbed and suffer serious adverse reactions or death?
Posts: 434
Incept: 2008-05-20

Sunshine Tax State
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Is my assumption correct that since roughly 80 percent of the population have some sort of immunity, that would also protect them from serious side effects from the jab? This could explain why were not seeing an apocalyptic fallout from the vaccines.....yet, until the ADE party gets started.

"I'm going to need a hacksaw"----Jack Bauer
"You can get killed walking your doggie!"----Vincent Hanna
Posts: 776
Incept: 2009-06-14

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The companion graph - covid death risk by age from
looks like this
Posts: 8629
Incept: 2007-09-10

Scottsdale, AZ
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Was sent this from CDC this morning. How can they something is safe when it's barely 4 months old with no long term testing?
Posts: 433
Incept: 2008-09-06

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what a great ticker
Posts: 8
Incept: 2021-04-12

London, UK
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The path ahead is clear. There are no detours or side exits from here.

The only real question of importance...

If any given vaccine/treatment is made mandatory, what are you going to do? When they are outside, knocking, demanding you open the door? Well?

I'm guessing almost all of you will rollover, and do exactly as you're told.

There is no solution to this mass societal hysteria, other than a tier'3 ADE scenario. Something enough to spook the sheep/serfs to resistance against the political/financial elite.

Ohh, and as its the weekend... how many lobbyists do you think big pharma' has at the homes of the political hacks, offering them all manner of incentives/bribes, if they legislate that vaccines/treatments are made mandatory late 2021/early 2022?
Posts: 445
Incept: 2009-10-06

Maumelle, Ar
Report This As A Bad Post Add To Your Ignored User List
I read the column then checked his Twitter feed. Unreal how many people agreed with him. Not just content to shun and shame people to take the vaccine, deny medical treatment and whatever else they can think of.

The propaganda and psychological war tactics being used are right out of the CIA play book, i.e. the MK Ultra Program. We have seen the technique of Mass Hysteria and Fear used very effectively to instill a atmosphere of Mass Psychosis that beats anything I have ever seen. Of course we saw this during the Cold War in the State of Fear that was propagated about Communism and our need to fight it, that fed the Military-Industrial Complex, AKA the Deep State.

I read some of the Twitter Comments to Mr. Stern. In one tweet he complained he was being compared to being a Nazi, then he plays his card that he is Jewish and that can't be. Well it can be, he just will not admit it, although I find him more of a Stalinist that a Nazi. He would prefer neighbor snitch on neighbor, families do the same.

His next comment will be that those that refuse to vaccinate be moved to "Camps" to be reeducated, and of course if necessary be Euthanized for the good of the country.

I suggest Mr. Stern read or reread William L Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", he just might see himself.
Posts: 4129
Incept: 2007-06-26

New England
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CDC: There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 vaccination causes any problems with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta. In addition, there is no evidence that fertility problems are a side effect of any vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines.

Maybe they can get away with saying that because they just never looked. From now on let's assume every is perfectly safe until proven otherwise. No need to waste money pro-actively checking. WTF. Stupid ****s.
Posts: 8629
Incept: 2007-09-10

Scottsdale, AZ
Report This As A Bad Post Add To Your Ignored User List

Hitler lost in 1945, but has risen in your country and coming to the U.S. in the future. They keep pushing and we will see who rolls over. That needle is a deadly weapon and a lot of folks will defend themselves..........
Posts: 371
Incept: 2020-07-01

Rural, OK
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@Calrissian, you underestimate the resolution of a fair percentage of commenters here. Maybe because you are English? Plenty here who say FAAFO.
Posts: 239
Incept: 2013-09-12

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Cal, I am of the same thought. Only a massive pile up of cluster f. is going to derail this train. Authorized mRNA as covid vaccine. Massive rollout of mandates that everyone MUST be covid vaccinated to go here or there. Maybe we soon cannot go into a grocery store without scanning a covid pass, just asd I can;t and don't do into Sprouts grocery because I refuse to wear a useless face diaper.
Posts: 115
Incept: 2016-11-09

New Yersey
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Yup, I noticed the narrative of late has been to discredit the VAERS database. Read a story yesterday about how the problems from getting the vaccine are psychosomatic due to people afraid the vaccine is going to hurt them, then they "cause" these adverse reactions in themselves. Disgusting bull****.

Watched Inglorious Basterds last night. Christoph Waltz' character, Hans Landa is a great portrayal of a sociopath who revels in his power. Seems like we are surrounded by lots of people like that these days.

The Lockdowns Will Continue Until the Morale Improves!
Posts: 240
Incept: 2019-01-27

Fort Walton
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Since we've turned to 'end of the world' talk, has everyone begun a small garden by now?

Even if the results are only so-so this year, it will give you a chance to work out the problems for future attempts, when it might matter a great deal more and when the food you find to eat may be your own.

Heck, buy a couple seed packets and bury them in shallow holes in your yard to see what happens if you simply ignore them afterward. It might work!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.
― Thomas Paine
Posts: 270
Incept: 2010-07-06

Ceciltucky, Maryland
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I am not sure the pro vax Karens realize they screwed up. Control freaks believe they have an absolute right to micromanage others because THEY KNOW BEST. If Karen thinks the vax is good, then by Hillary, you are taking the vax like it or not. Karen does not want to hear any scientific or religious objections, because her mind is made up.

I work with one of these people. They are not wired like a normal human.
Posts: 8
Incept: 2021-04-12

London, UK
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@Reformedhippy re: Maybe because you are English?

I have long deemed myself 'European', although for some years, that didn't seem good either. Maybe I should label myself PseudoAmerican , or something? 97% of my clients are US based, I live/work US hours.

I'm certainly more American than the millions of illegal aliens!

@Aztrader re: Hitler lost in 1945, but has risen in your country

Yes, the irony is that the tyranny of NAZI Germany is largely the case in the UK. If there is another level beyond this existence, I have to wonder what Churchill is thinking. Or maybe he is still too busy drinking?
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