The Fiscal Reality of "Kill Granny"
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2021-04-29 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Federal Government , 1171 references Ignore this thread
The Fiscal Reality of "Kill Granny"
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Folks, how many times do I have to explain this?

Medicare is blowing up.  Right here, right now.

For the first six months of the 2020 Fiscal Year, which ran from October 2019 -> March of 2020, CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) spend was up 6%.  This is on the lower end of the "you're screwed" boundary I've pointed out for a long time, and one that inevitably will destroy the federal budget because it exceeds the real growth of GDP.  It cannot be fixed because the unfunded portion is close to 80% on a cash basis, unlike Social Security which has a smaller but real unfunded portion.

Speaking of which Social Security's outlays last fiscal year (ending Sept 30 2020) were up 4.73% which was below expectations.  What were they up the previous fiscal year?  5.96% so last fiscal's was 1.23% less.  You do realize that the fiscal year prior to that it only expanded 3.96% right?  Gee, that wasn't people claiming earlier and that's a problem for the government eh?

What do you think the the run-rate is now over the first six months of this fiscal year?

Up 3.74%.

Still think I'm full of crap about kill Granny eh?

You don't think reducing the expansion of that spending by 37% was intentional when a $7 inhaler and $3 worth of pills dispensed as soon as Granny started to cough and run a fever could have been done but would have left the previous expansion rate intact into the maw of a pandemic where employment went to crap and thus more people decided to claim because they were laid off but eligible?

How about Medicare and Medicaid?

Sit down and do not drink your coffee, lest you need a new keyboard and/or monitor.

Fiscal 2018 (ending September 2018) CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) federal spending was 1.466 trillion, one of the smallest increases in the last decade, up less than 2%.

You want to know where one of the biggest places that cost control was actually happening?  Hospitals, with an 0.83% (!!!!) increase in spend over the entire fiscal year.  That's..... extraordinary.  How did Trump get there?  With a huge increase in administrative spending to curtail the blowing of taxpayer money by doing things like what the cocksucking hospital did with my sister to intentionally generate a six-digit bill before she passed.  Said administrative spend was up from 2.64 billion to 4.05 billion and, quite-obviously, the anti-scam push returned huge rewards.

That pissed off the hospitals and their lobbyists.  A lot.

Guess what else?  Prescription drug payouts went down.  A lot.  15.61%, to be precise.

That's not a small amount; yeah, the total spend is only $100 billion or so out of the whole of CMS but who wants to explain the $13 billion that disappeared out of the drug company pockets in one year when you're a lobbyist?

What happened in the first six months of this fiscal year?  Prescription drug spend went up 14%. which is a monstrous nearly 30% swing in the delta.

Medicaid?  Up 20%.  You read that right -- 20%.

How about hospitals?  Up 5.2% and administrative spend went down as Biden and pals stopped caring if the taxpayer got ripped off.

On a delta basis hospital Medicare spend increased at 627% of the previous rate and remember that most of that was under Trump, so the full-year number is likely to be nasty.

But folks -- the large increases were not in Medicare hospitalization.  In the middle of a pandemic, I remind you, where the claim is that we're all dying, old folks who are on Medicare especially are dying, everyone is in the ****ing hospital, it's horrible and by God we have to give away money like water for every single ****ing toe-tag that the hospital sadly applies to people.

Oh, and wear a masssssssssssskkkkk which MIT now says is worthlessexactly as I explained on the physics last spring and summer and which was conclusively proved when the meatpacking outbreak in Germany was scientifically traced through RNA sequencing in which every employee was in fact wearing a mask.  Oh yes, MIT tries to dance around that and claims they can be "very useful" but they're lying and they know it since a "mask" (not a respirator) has pore sizes dozens or even hundreds of times that of aerosol particles; they go right through and around them.  Again for those of you who are stupid aerosols are not blocked by masks which means for those attempting to obtain personal protection nothing less than an N95 (a respirator) works at all and source control is worthless since when you breathe out even with an N95 the positive pressure will cause the mask to unseal and form jets, releasing the aerosols.  We've known all this for 40 years; source control does not work for aerosols at all and for personal protection, if you desire to use it and which thus must be a personal choice since it protects only you the only working options are an N95 (or P100) with an exhaust valve so the seal is maintained when you exhale instead of being repeatedly violated with each breath which airlines and some governments have actually banned you from using!

That's right -- airlines, government and some businesses have actually banned the only effective protection you can choose for your own personal safety.

You're all smoking crack folks when it comes to this pandemic and the real bottom line -- the largest expansions were in Medicaid and drugs, neither of which had a single scintilla of change in the law (e.g. Medicaid eligibility) or anything related to it and remember, we've all been told there are no effective drugs and you can't have any of the cheap and likely-effective ones if you get infected.

The total spend over that six month period of time?  Up 13.4% over comparable period and on a percentage basis of increase most of it was Medicaid and drugs.

You think any of this crap had anything to do with health?

You're a special breed of stupid.

Why did the Federal Government essentially ban the discussion and distribution of inexpensive inhalers and drugs for early treatment and prophylaxis of Covid-19?

Because the ghouls in the medical system were once again being squeezed and they demanded more money; if you died as a consequence that's perfectly ok with them as it will inculcate fear and you will scream to make sure they get paid.  Oh by the way that also helps the government's funding model over the intermediate and longer term because it cuts Social Security and Medicare payouts down the road by killing off the oldest and sickest 1% of the population that likely spends said federal benefits at five times or more their per-capita rate on average.

Just watch what happens over the next six months -- the back half of the fiscal year.

The government conspired with the medical and pharmaceutical industry to boost their spend by roughly 14% on drugs after having that spend cut by 15%, a roughly 30% swing in trend in just one year's time, and they knew damned well doing that would kill a half-million Americans.

It did.

You think that's all?  What if they knew the spike protein, which all the current vaccines produce, was singularly pathogenic?  Because the evidence is that.... it is.  Nothing like creating a hundred million or more potentially injured Americans eh?  They wouldn't need medical care and drugs going forward, would they?

Don't give Trump a single second of credit; he was in office for 2/3rds of that time and did exactly nothing to stop it.  In fact it was his policies in response to Covid-19 that caused it including the development of these shots.  Yes, Biden and CumDumpster love it too, of course but never forget that it was OrangeMan who was originally and remains responsible.

Still want their tard shot given this documented fiscal record and the lies you've been told?

These people do not give a **** if the jab works or not or in fact whether it kills or disables you.  All they care about is getting paid and the more fear and injury they can foist off on you the more money they make.

Have at it idiots. If and when you are severely injured or die as a consequence you deserve it.

Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

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User Info The Fiscal Reality of "Kill Granny" in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 190
Incept: 2019-09-26

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I'm glad I don't share a home with any of these gene therapy geniua pigs. The shot is probably more contagious than the virus, and far more dangerous.

I've had a coworker go back and forth for months on whether or not to get the shot. I've told him again and again that the risks do not pay out for him. He got it a week ago anyways, because his wife told him to because SHE WAS AFRAID OF THE SYMPTOMS AND WANTED HIM TO TRY IT FIRST. I called him whipped when he came back Monday bitching about not feeling well afterwards. This is a man who is smart enough to accrue millions of $ in stocks, but doesn't have the guts to stand up for himself.

I don't mind helping people climb out of a hole, but don't think I'm going to put my life on pause to convince you to climb out when you are comfortable down there.

"There's a flood coming get out of the hole"
"Ok turd hope you're thirsty"

I'm Team Virus. It Deserves to Win.

The World is Quiet Here
Posts: 16
Incept: 2020-03-20

Granville NY
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The more I study the virus and the jab, the more convinced I am that this is a population control (elimination) event. I have been involved in medical science and industry my entire life and seen some really stupid things, but this is way beyond stupid on a world wide scale. What other rational explanation is there?
Posts: 45
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""Oh, and wear a masssssssssssskkkkk which MIT now says is worthless,...""

that's not what i see in the article you linked to...

....they said, noting that face masks can be an extremely effective indoor safety measure.

maybe that was added after you read it.
Posts: 173482
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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Read the entire article. A "face mask" cannot stop aerosols and they so-state. A RESPIRATOR can.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.
Posts: 25
Incept: 2019-04-24

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Dont' fret now. You are forgetting the trillions sitting in the Social Security trust fund..hmmmmm.....probably should audit it though...
Posts: 367
Incept: 2009-06-16

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I honestly think that they are setting up a Fake Alien Invasion. Now hear me out.
They know that a great reset is going to happen. They know they can push back the time if there was a black swan event. They have been for years showing alien propaganda on so called tv shows. They have been lately showing ufo crap on tv news. What a great scapegoat to blame aliens. They now know how much they can control the population. Why not make a fake event and take control of everything? I know this is all tinfoil garbage but I agree with you. Sumthin Aint right.
Posts: 2130
Incept: 2008-05-02

SW Ohio
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Since I am already on Medicare, these Medicare/Medicaid tickers are always interesting to read. Hope you write an update in 6 months at fiscal year-end for comparison.
Posts: 173482
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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@Bluebird - Of course.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.
Posts: 16
Incept: 2020-03-20

Granville NY
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@Superdude, I have noticed the alien reports also. I am sort of hoping they are real and more intelligent than we are. Maybe they could bring some sense to this mess.
Posts: 4804
Incept: 2017-06-27

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There are a lot of people who spend their time figuring out ways to make coin, high or low level and always based upon market trends. They want to have options outside of traditional work schedules and succeed at this with varying levels of success.

If one moves in these circles, it is often apparent what "trends" ambitious people are looking to exploit. Apparently, for a long time, the trend discussed as being where the "growth" will be massive is, drum roll, healthcare.

Have spent half of my life listening to this medical worship of the markets, and the sickening investor class cheering it on, only superseded by those looking to figure out some business or employment model for themselves. Note that very many POS govt workers with short horizon and short careers to pension line up healthcare positions as a second take. Watch the corrupt, self-centered, lazy, thieves and uncaring *******s to find the trends in any new scam, here healthcare.

This is why we will not see our society rise up and demand change. Too many have bought in. **** all, i see people who played the disability game for thirty or more years, facing fifty with not much for retirement or lifestyle go and get some low level med tech or assistant cert and be out earning, adjusted for inflation or not, what i did in the first third time frame of running a multi-million dollar firm, oh BTW, with full paid benefits and retirement plans, etc. Who the **** would protest that? Just FYI, none of them are taking the vexxine, but give it too a lot of people.

I cannot begin to tell you how many other men who were middled-aged-downsized out of tech careers, the financial world, any white collar industry are getting trained to be aids in nursing homes and long term care facilities. Ok, one could see this as noble work with an element of caring and dedication in the new life that they choose for themselves. In these pages i have contributed stories of the very high regard that i have for the humble souls, often minority, who do this work with dedication and loving spirit. Not these guys as i know from their own mouths that they view it as servicing people who cannot protest and whom they really do not care about and often existentially despise as extensions of a generation whom they resent. Oh **** is right. And these same guys are leading movements to drive up pay through union and playing the system. The institutions are glad to have them as uncaring employees only make their administrative lives easier. Did not think of it that way, did you?

Yes, i have a lot of inside information from volunteer activities, but no one wanted to listen when we were warning that this would come.

In the above example, why are men going into this work. In my market will tell you that the original middle-aged failure jobs of opening up a contracting business to beat one's body to ****, lawn care and landscaping are saturated and fully Mexicanized. How many men of middle-age can convince their families to just up and leave so that they can spend the rest of their lives driving a truck spending many days, weeks?, away from them. Plus, in the decline of age people can fake it in healthcare, and there is something to be said for working indoors.

I used to say that healthcare is welfare for white women, after watching two generations before 2001 of women who somehow screwed up in life do pretty well for themselves in it, pensions and all often after only fifteen years of later life work. It would eventually move towards and/or embrace a minority employee model or better said welfare recipient employment program aspect. Look at the rise of the SEIU becoming the Teamsters union of the 21st century. We do not have factory work anymore or entry level trade either of which with any ability to fund a dignified life. Thus, even the government is playing the healthcare scam card, while funding it on us, to employ various disenfranchised classes of people from white middle-aged failures to welfare cases needing to upgrade.

The old people's needs worship of the nineties, it was ****ing everywhere to the point of sickening describing their every commercialized lifestyle need while another generation drooled over their coming retirement. What it really did was set the stage for one of the biggest political payoffs ever. In the end, the old people got screwed by generations who resent them, and at the same time the societal economic cost is too beneficial for too many to release their grasp.

"We are all sons' of bitches now," where did we hear this line?

Just had an interesting experience, a friend got washed through the system three months ago. Came through very well, but it illustrates a few things. He required triple bypass as he did not listen to the things we tried to teach him which would have majorly mitigated a family tendency. He actually never looked, felt or functioned as an unhealthy person, kind of amazing. Been on the SS/Medicare system for about two years. Well, now i am only now getting the details as to what plans he had (whether A and B or Advantage, as he would not have gone with only A based upon the research his wife did when they qualified), but after all was said and done, he got a $20,000 bill for stuff not covered by the plans for his procedures, pre, post, follow-ups, whatever. He simply did what his doctors said and after discovering the time-bomb in his chest booked the procedure for two weeks later. Some stuff was obviously not covered or in network, but they do not tell you that when your world is on fire.

It would not have been worth it to pressure him nor nice given his personality, but he could have waited and made arrangements to go to another country and paid out of pocket less than that amount. In a down business year nonetheless, one gets such a bill. One just supports a friend when it comes to this point, however hopefully people learn. And, thankfully, he had a few friends who put their lives on hold and bear the expense of said so that he had a business to come back to. How many people have that? Do you have that? doubt it.

Did he have a time-bomb in his chest? Personally, i do not think so and believe the doctors pushed him to make a decision. Did he have a problem? Oh yes. But, the doctors have done less procedures for over a year, i got the numbers from the facility. Ever hear of looking for work?

I am beginning to get the data as to what he was "charged" for certain things. Some were astonishingly bull****. Now supposedly Medicare sets certain limits on this bull****. Two of us were discussing this with this friend yesterday. The question is whether he is rat-****ed by being out of some network. Could have happened if he took an Advantage plan as the other fellow mentioned yesterday. And, as anyone knows, the bills can keep coming for a while, so who knows how much he is in for.

Once again, the details are only beginning to come in regarding this case, however it illustrates a point.

The system of healthcare is setup to support a massive employment scheme and class of business opportunists. The former are a political force on par with the Teamsters of years ago, and the latter are strip miners. For once in history a lot of white men are fully aligned with what are usually minority workers and unskilled labor interests. To add a third to this group, let's add the big corporations of the pharma complex.

Now we know why there is not big protest. Everyone is in on the game, on both sides, of both races of every collar. And, people who do not even need Medicare and/or seldom require or want medical care are getting fleeced by the system. And those who thought that the medical system and retirement Medicare would protect them are

about to get it up the ass financially and in terms of care.

Few see it as a calling. You are just a piece of meat on a hook. In this case in a bed.


"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven," Satan's monologue in the first book of John Milton's Paradise Lost
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Ceciltucky, Maryland
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Yesterday, I visited a local dermatologist for an odd looking mole on my face. The doc is from India and lamented how the variant is decimating his country. I said Gee Doctor, I wonder if ivermectin would help with the variant? He said ivermectin is largely experimental and my only hope is to get the jab!

He would have crapped himself if I told him about TEAM PONY PASTE.

I my opinion, the only thing that fits the facts is depopulation. Either the vax is a slow kill bioweapon or it makes you vulnerable to the next Covid they plan to release after 95 percent are jabbed. If the vax simply sterilizes you, I see a lot of pharma execs getting payback. The vax has to be a kill shot not traceable to pharma.

Posts: 3
Incept: 2021-04-21

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Masks, lockdowns, nosocomial spread into nursing homes, ignoring cheap and effective treatments, and the push to get "vaccinated" have been nearly universal in every country, not just the United states. Why? Is the whole world up **** creek just like us and attempting to pull the same trick? Are we somehow pulling the strings and they're just following along to make our actions look sane?

One thing I still can't reconcile is that there's no place on the planet that hasn't bought in on this scam. Of course the simple answer is that so-called leaders everywhere are spineless sycophants who would rather kill their own citizens than go against the majority opinion.
Posts: 33
Incept: 2011-03-06

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When Trump came out and coyly suggested Hydroxychloroquine as a solution to what he himself called "just the flu", I still can't help but think that Trump even back then was giving us the answers to the whole situation on a silver platter. That he then started pushing respirators, masks and vaccines with Warp Speed...

My theory here - and you can call me crazy and stupid - is that he placed Fauci in charge of the coronavirus response team because he wanted to put a spotlight on him and on the entire medical industry. He wanted them to own this. He knew from the start that this whole thing was planned, he knew the culprits, he knew everything - and he had to reveal all of this information somehow without starting World War III (it's been going for a few years now, but that's another story).

The singular reason why Trump pushed for Warp Speed is to specifically force the medical industry to cut corners. Again, while we can lay the blame on Trump for pushing the vaccines, ultimately it is the medical industry who should be wiser and better here. It is the FDA, CDC and every expert in the field who should be saying "Hold on, we aren't even sure whether people will survive actual exposition to the virus following vaccination. We shouldn't authorize this. The fertility issue is also unresolved. It could have catastrophic consequences."

But they didn't. Instead, they are touting untested, unsafe, unproven vaccines as the safest thing under the sun. The messaging on them has been surreal, to say the least, and they keep shifting the goalposts in an increasingly non-Euclidean fashion.

You have to keep in mind how the US is viewed from the outside. CNN would blush at the level of disinformation being pushed in Poland, for example. I don't doubt the UN would have sent its peacekeeping forces if Trump had decided to put on his tinfoil hat and continued to spread unhinged theories about what the appropriate medical response to the pandemic should be.

You might think it's all a matter of just coming out and saying the right thing. It isn't. A lot of people are incapable of applying cold, hard logic to any given situation (a lot of users here are sharing stories of otherwise reasonable people who, despite being presented overwhelming evidence about how dangerous the vaccines are, get the jab anyway because eh, the wife asked me to), and simply cannot fathom the possibility that most of the world's governments, high-level politicians, medical experts, billionaires, etc. - that they may all be in on this scam. Because that is a conclusion you would have to reach if you were to apply some critical thinking to the whole situation.

This isn't me giving Trump blanket credit here. There's a lot I'm unhappy about with him this past year. Maybe there is no deeper meaning behind his actions and I'm just reading into things. Yet at the same time I can't shake the feeling that there is more to it than meets the eye.
Posts: 185
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Pickled in the brine of futility
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I was told by my siblings that I am NOT allowed to go visit my 85yo mother for Mothers Day since I am the only unquaxxed member of the family. Doesn't matter to them that I already had ccp19 and survived just fine thank you very much. I'll be there next Thursday anyway. Frankly, I'm more concerned about MY being exposed to them and their jab fallout than the other way around.

Meanwhile, throw me in the pile with @Superdude & @Engineertype. This whole charade hasn't passed my smell test ever since it started. Nothing but evil incarnate explains what they're doing.

"We must overcome the fear; we must stare it down and power through it. We have no choice." - K. Denninger 4/3/20
Posts: 239
Incept: 2013-09-12

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@Augeries, I 2nd that. Live alone. Divorced in 2016 from a Chinese exwife. If there is shredding of the spike the body manufactures from the jab, not sure if that can cause issues. There would have to be concentration levels. I see talk about this shredding and I believe soon there will be some research into it.

@Karl, you may not realize the significance of what you did and are doling on Covid at this time. But in 1-5 years from now, the value of your analysis will be seen as so much greater than it may be seen now. It usually is that way. You are providing the alternate part of the covid conversation that is missing everywhere else. I see so many new names commenting here now than say 2 yrs ago. Thanks for all that you do for the rest of us. I know for a fact without this site I may be considering the jab. The only thing would have made me not getting it would be my phobia for needles. Then I would be so much more paranoid, as I probably would not have learn of Budesonide or maybe IVM. My story may even echo true for others here.
Posts: 516
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Davenport, Fl
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Handy, the thing is there is no way to sweep that under the rug.

Should the vax turn out to be the sleeper kill shot. When 30% of vaccinated folks start turning up dead, even the most hardened "pro vax" among us is going to have a full mental breakdown coming to grips with guilt.

However, I don't expect that to happen.

We all know profit rules. A "monthly" antidote shot will be quickly produced for those folks. Keeping them alive (and paying) for a good chunk of their lives.

As much as I dig the conspiracy theory of de-population, I believe the theory of capitalism trumps all.
Posts: 216
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Vandiver, AL
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@Tickergy your Medicalxpress link refers to a "mouse model".

Now, we reject "science by model" used to justify masks. Does the model in the article not qualify for the same rejection because it's a model of a different sort?

Just trying to anticipate and counter objections I might get from those who support the prevailing narrative.
Posts: 4804
Incept: 2017-06-27

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Handyone55 -- i disagree with you. This country embraced constant population growth after the sixties to have easy prosperity and a consumer market that was easy to predict. Forgot to mention in my comment above, next growth areas will be funeral trends and services and managing assets of estates from house emptying to liquidation. Hey, this blog has some of its roots and spiritual nature in financial investments.

What happens if we **** with fertility (oh that was good) or kill off lots of people too soon? Economic Armageddon.

Kind of counter to drug company or any company profits for that matter. The goal is to bleed people slowly, much like donating blood ... If the vampire kills you too soon, there is no more blood. Corrupt industry, like vampires, does not like to drink dead blood.

If anything is driven too far to a crisis, it shocks markets and fleecing of people. Also, the breakdown of society would seriously interfere with the largest stable consumer market in history and the world for large business interests.

In other words, if big, rich *******s **** the society to the point where it breaks; where do they even live in peace or maintain their assets. This whole thing of go to Switzerland, some island, Asia, whatever, ex-pat fantasy; they are not as viable as being in a stable USA society. The reasons are its laws, land mass, economic system, military, ability to hide in plain sight. I have been to Switzerland. No really rich bastard can hide there like he can in the USA. There is not enough space and ability or willingness of the country to protect such a person. On the latter many would be shocked. It is safer to live way out in Wyoming or similar areas here. Yes, everyone is "get-able" if a committed bastard is ambitious enough.

However, the ability to have multiple places to live, be around a population not interesting in ****ing you over and buy whatever and whomever you need is right here. If a person thinks that he can hide on some island or in Asia, one, he is not living like a Westerner anymore, and two, a person can use his equivalent of pocket change to buy the cooperation and assistance of any native of those lands to get to the rich bastard. Also, the rule of law is different in many places outside of the USA, and the locals probably do not care what happens to some rich ******* who is not them and whose belongings they can divide up after he is dealt with. Also, if one relocates to an island, he can be starved out, and now for anyone with Naval training he has a 360 degree border to defend easily accessed 24/7 by water. One of the easiest approaches to make for a small covert group from a less law and rule abiding society. Boats are cheap, security is expensive.

BTW, would you like to live in your own prison. Here is the USA a very rich bastard would surprise you as to how often he goes to local beaches, drives, orders takeout, get packages delivered or goes or sends a person to the same stores that regular people patronize for modern feminine hygiene products, some DVDs, a nice box of candy or even some ice-cream. Rich people freely admit to me how much they need regular people and live like them. They might be in some exclusive place in the Hamptons, Long Island for a few weeks or months but spend a good portion of their time right next to regular people, or else they would go insane and not have any fun or social activity. They often have family who live in the mainstream society near them who are not and will not join them in some compound in the third world or ex pat somewhere no matter how much money the "rich one" offers them.

For gods sake the Kraft fellow got nabbed visiting a mundane sex-worker service when it was obvious that he could have afforded better and much less risky services. Guess not all that different. Who among us does not enjoy some cheap pleasure like the crummy place down the street that serves great meatloaf or beer? Rich people like regular stuff, they tell us all of the time.

Every rich person i know who immigrates to this country tells me how much more relaxed it is to be them HERE. Yea, their money helps them, and they might not wish more than to exploit us, but there is something about this place.

Makes living in the USA as a rich ******* that much more desirable. So, why would there ever be a plan to drive it to dysfunctional ruin, especially when rich and wealthy *******s from horrible places like China desire to come here.

Enslave our population without them knowing it, profit from their misery, exploit them; all YES. But kill the population in any effective number or rat **** the place, NOPE.

Evil yes, but smart too which is often why they are rich.

Do they really wish to **** us up that badly?


"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven," Satan's monologue in the first book of John Milton's Paradise Lost
Posts: 536
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Face coverings do little. An N95 or N100 might (might) work.

I have used N95 RESPIRATORS to protect myself for decades in some dangerous work with particulates. In every training I have given or received, it was made clear that bandannas provide not protection.

Particulates are much larger than aerosols and viruses.

But, after multiple certifications in HAZMAT and BIOHAZ work, suddenly I am anti science and want grammy to die.

On the alien front, I am curious. As a kid I was interested in UFO's, but figured out the vast majority were nothing, a few were experimental air planes, and the rest not much to worry about. If you live in the outdoors, the "cattle mutilations" were typical predation.

Now I am seeing CNN report on the Skinwalker ranch and UFO's.

Long ago I learned to pay less attention to WHAT was being said then WHO was saying it. If this is being pushed there is a reason. Since covid hasn't collapsed the system yet, maybe green ladies will?
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@Handyone55 - Share this with the good doc
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@Ndp - They're all sucking Chairman Xi's dick, to be brief.

@Scottj175 - Mice, specifically genetically-engineered mice, are used all the time in animal studies. Why? Because they can genetically engineer them and their life-cycle is short enough that you can get useful information in a brief period of time. Is it always right? No. But is it something you ******ned well better pay attention to? You bet.

Want to do the same study in humans? Go right ahead -- first find the humans that you can chop up and extract the pieces of lung tissue, stain it and then look under the microscope, including control humans that are have not been jabbed. You might have some trouble coming up with consent to do that, of course. I'm assuming you do recognize those images in the study as what they are, yes?

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.
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Of the hundreds of millions of experimental "vaccine" injections conducted in the USSA, how many were saline? Aside from killing the old invalids on Medicare and lazy morons, it would also be in their in their interests to keep as much of the population divided so that their conquests are not reversed. It would also be in their interests to not kill off too many Ameri****s; they might be needed as a reserve in even bigger wars with foreign countries. And it would be in their interests to make sure truly critical workers do not ever get an experimental vaccine. Otherwise they risk having nuclear reactor meltdowns and submarines suddenly sinking.
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@Whitehat - you are correct. There are tons of people going into "healthcare" that used to do very useful things like invent things, grow things, transport things and make things. Sadly, those professions have either been outsourced to China or now done by immigrants that will work for 1/3 of what an American citizen will. I give you the H1B visa program in the tech industry.

There is another side to "taking care of granny". That is the push about 20 years ago for "quality" and "value based models" and all kinds of other utopian codswallop. This started being promoted by CMS and was quickly taken up by all the big payors. It spawned an entire industry of pencil pushers and bean counters, people that produced, in the end, nothing, but kept (outsourced) productive workers off the streets. Which would have been embarrassing and might have led to a pitchforks and torches.

The idea was to try to reward physicians and other providers for "quality" - which turns out to be impossible to measure - and "outcomes" - which totally depends on the patient population you are treating. Old, frail, sick patients just cost more. So most of these models and reimbursement schemes ended up in shunting the high cost/low reimbursement patients to traditional Medicare and Medicaid. With the predictable budget busting consequences. Gee, who couldn't have seen this coming.

In the NEJM, which has gone totally WOKE lately, was published a 10 year retrospective review of all the CMS models in Feb. I don't think they actually read this before they published it because it is hilarious. The article is behind a paywall, but here is a good summary and I will give you the money quote.

"After ten years, 54 models and $20 billion, the Center has not uncovered the secret to value-based care, but it nevertheless offers important lessons for how to best move forward. Better progress, however, may require that the Center adopt potentially unpopular steps, including by taking aggressive measures to prioritize models that lead to savings and improved quality of health care, and modify or terminate existing models that do not. The feasibility of these changes, as well as the reaction of the new Administration to Smiths vision of the future of value-based care model, remains to be seen."

The OCM model in oncology is on track to lose $781 million dollars in 2020.

My beloved profession has become nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. Perhaps it always was and I was too naive, too trusting of those "in charge", too intoxicated with the science and technology to see it.

I am firmly on the glide path to retirement. I hope it isn't an uncontrolled crash but the engines are on fire, the cabin crew is drunk and there is no one in the cockpit.
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Ndp - the few countries that tried to resist were threatened by bankers, IMF, etc. to get in line.

Yes, there are stupid questions.
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