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2020-05-21 06:00 by Karl Denninger
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The Bottom Line On Treason *
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Every one of these is a fact:

  • We knew, in early March, that this virus was not universally-transmissible.  That is, there was either existing cross-immunity among a material percentage of the population or the claimed "extremely" contagious nature of it via respiratory droplets was a lie -- or some combination of the two.  We knew this factually because people sharing a cabin on Diamond Princess had one person get sick and the second was both negative for the virus and never got ill.  That's flatly impossible when locked into an under 100sq/ft room with someone who has it unless you are immune for some reason.  Therefore, the repeated claim that "nobody" has existing resistance to this virus is a known, documented lie.

  • We know, and have known since early March, that nursing and other long-term care facilities house people particularly at risk for this virus.  Yet we also have known since mid-April, that post-exposure prophylaxis with Hydroxychloroquine is very likely to work -- because it did work with zero community-acquired spread cases in a nursing home in South Korea, and this was written up and published.  This is further supported by the fact that both RA and Lupus patients, who take HCQ on a routine maintenance (long-term) basis and have for years, are not represented in Covid-19 cases at anywhere near their representation in the population.  Further, since both of these diseases are serious autoimmune disorders and we know immune disorders are a risk factor for death by Covid-19 these individuals should by dying at a great accelerated rate -- but they are not.

  • There are now protocols for this disease that appear to be extremely effective.  I'm aware of two; one from EVMS and another from a medical group out west.  These protocols are very similar.  Only a small percentage of the people who are infected with this virus go on to develop a severe immune system over-reaction -- and that is what almost-invariably kills them.  These protocols aim to interrupt that and they are reporting near-100% success if initiated before critical damage is done -- in other words if done when someone gets sick enough to first require hospitalization.  The CDC, NIH and other agencies along with many medical and hospital systems are ignoring these protocols, which use inexpensive, off-patent medications with well-understood safety records despite that track record of success.

  • There will likely never be a successful vaccine and it's extremely likely that immunity irrespective of the means by which it is gained will not be permanent and complete. That's just reality with coronaviruses.  Facing facts is part of being an adult, and it's time we all did exactly that.

  • There is zero scientific proof behind so-called "social distancing" measures.  Further, the entire point of them was claimed to be to "slow the spread", not prevent infections.  The latter is not going to happen.  Period.  We must accept as a society that we're all going to get this bug eventually if we do not already have (or acquire) cross-immunity and for nearly all of us nothing bad is going to to happen.

  • We now know the lockdowns were crap and imposed horrific costs without any benefit whatsoever because lifting them has not resulted in spikes in infection rates.  Georgia has, at this point, been partially open for a month.  That is nearly six viral generation times; if there was going to be a spike we'd see the data by now.  Similarly the other states that have partially opened have not seen spikes either.  Never mind Sweden.  This was in evidence via the fact that the infection curves had all bent in every state before the lockdown imposition could have had an effect -- but instead of following the data on April 1st and lifting them all the lockdowns were enacted and strengthened anyway. 

Since we now have both post-exposure prophylaxis that has evidence of working (and it's dirt cheap) and we have protocols to treat Covid-19 as well which are highly effective (not 100% so, but no treatment ever is) and are also dirt cheap the risk of overload of the medical system is and has been gone for over a month -- and thus, so has any public health justification for restrictions on businesses or individuals.

Let's look at so-called "Red" States, including DeSatan's Florida who has been taking a victory lap.  In Florida the virus has killed 2,000 people supposedly -- likely fewer since there are incentives to count "died with" rather than "died from."  But Florida loses 200,000 people a year due to all causes, so DeSatan murdered the economy over a maximum single-year impact of 1% in fatality rates.  Worse is that the lockdowns likely will, within a year or so, be known to have caused more deaths from missed cancers, heart attacks and strokes than the virus.  Think DeSatan's Florida is a singular event?  Nope.  Governor Bill Lee destroyed Tennessee's economy over 305 deaths when the state loses roughly 70,000 people a year due to all-cause mortality; that is a rate of 0.4%.  Again, anyone care to take the bet on there being more than 305 more heart attack, stroke and cancer deaths due to the lockdowns?  For those states that did not intentionally seed the virus into long-term care facilities (e.g. nursing homes) the statistics are virtually identical in all of them.

All of the governors, both houses of Congress and our President continue to fellate Chairman Xi and China generally which, it is now established, both intentionally concealed facts and actively lied as did the WHO.  That corruption isn't just limited to them; it appears that our government funded the very lab where "research" prohibited in the US was being carried out and knew damn well that was the case.  Do you have to set off a nuke in a nation to constitute an act of war?  Isn't killing more Americans than died in Vietnam enough to clear that bar?  If it is then we have actual treason -- not the mealy-mouthed bullshit often spouted by conspiracy theorists but an actual overt act of war committed upon the people of the United States by both its government and China.

What every state and locale is now attempting -- and has been now for over a month -- is nothing more than flat-out tyranny in response to those acts of treason, with all of it under proved false pretense.

Trump is no better than anyone else in this regard; he could withdraw the emergency declarations upon which the state powers rest in an afternoon and by doing so terminate both his and the various State emergency powers.  He hasn't; he loves his additional powers never mind that the alleged predicate for them is a fraud.

This has now gone from self-inflicted and irrational injury to outright insanity.  The US Constitution and Federal Statutes (specifically 18 USC 242) forbidding deprivation of civil rights under color of law or authority are a joke.   The tens of thousands of dead seniors who all passed directly due to lack of prophylaxis which was ordered to not be dispensed by governors along with intentionally seeding sick people into long term care facilities combines to make for the best manslaughter charge I've seen in decades.  What these governors and mayors did is functionally equivalent to Cuomo soliciting an HIV+ man to anally rape people without a condom, then refusing to supply any sort of drugs for the highly-likely resulting infections.  The outcome for tens of thousands of seniors has been exactly the same.  Yet the number of such charges number a big fat zero and we have 330 million Americans who are sitting on their ass and are continuing to allow this to happen day by day.

Then there's the fact that in 1968 a pandemic flu swept the nation and killed about as many, on a population-adjusted basis, as did Covid-19.  Did we lock down anything in response?  Nope.

There is literally no reason for any businessperson or individual to follow any of the alleged "mandates" at this point. and in fact there never was  All of them were sold to you under false pretense, including Trump's original "15 days."  At the expiration of those 15 days it was over and any attempt to extend it should have been met with an immediate refusal across the board -- we knew at that point the "mitigations" were ineffective as the downward bend in the infection rate happened before the action could have taken effect.

Corruption at the local, state and federal level is nothing new.  But we've now got proof -- not evidence, proof -- that there are no local, state or federal officials, including the entirety of Congress, who are not corrupt.  They've ruined businesses by the millions, they've killed seniors by the tens of thousands and the insult continues to this very day.

There is only one response warranted by the people at large and until I see it, well, it's time to do something more-productive than what amounts to masturbation in attempting to inform people.

It's this:


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