Is This REALLY A General Pop Pandemic?
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2020-04-04 15:33 by Karl Denninger
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Is This REALLY A General Pop Pandemic? *
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Why do we keep putting up with the lies?

One quarter of the deaths in NYC, the area with the highest death count from Coronavirus, lived in nursing homes.  This over-represents them as a percentage of the population in the city by fifty times.


Not percent, TIMES.

Statewide 20% of NY deaths are patients in either nursing homes or people in assisted living facilities.  This over-represents the population by FORTY times.

Again, not percent.  TIMES.

We don't have a general-population pandemic.  Yes, we have people getting sick.  Yes, people are dying.  Yes, many of them are in the general population.  But we know how to deal with a lot of this; HCQ/ZPAK/Zn appears to work.  Not in everyone, and it should be given early, not late.

But it appears to work.

Further, we now have damn good evidence that fully half of all infections are asymptomatic.  That is the person who gets it never gets sick.  At all.

Why am I being told to shelter in place when half the time if I get this bug I don't even sneeze?  By the way if I get it and don't even sneeze you want me to have it.  Why?  Because then when the poor bastard next to me DOES get sick I can't get it and thus his ability to give it to others is reduced.  Get enough people like me and that poor sick bastard will run out of attempts to transmit it before he either dies or recovers.

Where is the authority in the Constitution to quarantine people who are not ill?  Who are not currently infected?  I will not get ill nor can I transmit the virus to someone else unless I have it.  Since when can someone's Constitutional Rights be suspended indefinitely when they are neither carrying a virus or ill with it?  There is no such authority.  Period.

We keep being told that this virus kills people left and right, like it's SARS, smallpox or something similar.  The simple truth is that it isn't.  Not even close.

Yes, the virus is dangerous.  Quite dangerous, if you have one of a list of serious illnesses, but we know what they are.  Worse, we also know where some of the major spreading is going on too given this over-representation among nursing home and assisted living facilities -- its the workers in those places, and worse, many of them are very poorly paid and thus take second jobs doing at-home care, during which they can transmit it to those people -- all of whom are at high risk by definition.

NY has even ordered nursing homes to accept discharged Coronavirus patients -- which is like throwing a lit match in a barn full of dry hay.  That's flat-out insane, to the point that one wonders if they want to drive up the death rates for political purposes to justify their "shelter in place" order.  That order is quite-arguably mass voluntary manslaughter!

75% of nursing homes have been cited for failing to monitor and control infections in the last three years.

Think about that: 75%!

We don't have a coronavirus pandemic among the general population.  Oh sure, it's bad -- don't get me wrong.  It's a nasty bug, it can get anyone, and it is getting plenty of people.  A few who are not seriously ill are being killed by it.  Key words: A few.

But when you have a quarter of the people getting seriously ill and dying coming from a part of the population that is one half of one percent of the total you do not have a widespread community pandemic.

You have a specific problem with transmitting disease in that part of the community, and since exactly zero of those people are in control of that part of their own destiny it's not that individual's responsibility either -- it is the health care system under which they are living that is infecting and killing them.

But without a widespread community pandemic you also don't have legal, ethical or moral justification for locking down anything under force of law -- constitutional or not.

Cut off the vectors to the most at-risk -- individually through strong advisories to shelter in-place and for those in assisted living facilities and nursing homes solve the problem there.  It is outrageous and unjust to the point of questioning whether an immediate revolution is in order if, in order to protect the poor infection control record and obvious transmission from the outside to one half of one percent of the population you instead issue executive orders that imprison everyone in their homes.

This country is not a police state.  Well, it's not supposed to be anyway but you sure as hell are acting like it is and you're a dictator with the right to imprison and even kill people simply because you say so.

The truth is becoming more-evident by the day -- even in the mainstream media.  It will not be long at all before the people decide they've had enough of this con job; while a huge percentage of the people in this country cannot do math if you think the people will sit still in their homes and have their jobs destroyed permanently because some underpaid workers are infecting one half of one percent of the population through misfeasance and malfeasance I suspect you have another think coming, and you might not like how it comes either.

We have another option and it's entirely congruent with what we're learning about infectious vectors with this disease.  I wrote about it this morning.


Not tomorrow, not next month, NOW.

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