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2020-01-10 11:50 by Karl Denninger
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User Info BoomPloyment in forum [Market-Ticker]
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400,000? I wonder how many more people are in the hospital? What is 400,000? Probably 2 Congressional districts, when you count other people in a household.

What we have is a Democratic Party created political constituency that the Republicans won't take on, because they are in all Congressional Districts and they are all well paid. We are watching gasoline being poured on a fire, for political purposes, because the Democratic Party wants to force a single payer system. There is healthcare in every district, quite proportional and they are a force. The other 90% of us are being held hostage by a bureaucracy.

The bureaucracy is the backbone of every socialist system. They are the We. They eventually control the guns and the services and who has the guns and the system? Then they control the wealth. Who gets the better share? Ask the people in China.

There is going to be one way to fight this, get out of it. What if you could walk into GM and Ford and tell them you could reduce costs 50% and improve services? You could build a parallel system without the bureaucrats, negotiate costs on drugs and sort out the drugs that are cheap and wouldn't be covered. Then you would have money to open up to everyone.

My point is we probably have a few years to fix this for us and not for the bureaucrats. Facilities like OK Surgical are more common than we think, at least I have been told by doctors. We the people have the power to negotiate, if we know where to go. Government isn't going to fix is because the problem is interwoven into the system.

Before I got kicked off Twitter, I read a letter from a nurse that pointed out the hospital bureaucrats were costing us $800 billion a year. That is $5000 per job in the US. If someone said you were required to fork over $5000 a year to something, because everyone was required, we might have a revolution. That is paramount to slavery. The woman was bitching, because the money in health wasn't going to the employees who saw patients, but the bureaucrats. Half taxes, half right out of our pockets. $200 a month direct, $200 a month indirect per job. You get rid of these people, you might have almost all the money needed to run the system, within reason.

If we paid 1 million people $80K a year, that would be $80 billion. That is a drop in the bucket against $4 trillion. How many more decent wage people do we need to run the system? Doctors at $400K a year average (I don't begrudge anyone who give up a decade of their life and much expense the ability to make a lot of money), $400 billion for 1 million or $200 billion for 1/2 million. I have no way of knowing how many doctors we need, but I suspect it depends on how many people are stuck on permanent drugs. How many drugs are we being held hostage by?

The point is, we are being held hostage, financially and politically by the bureaucracy of health. They represent a sizable source of political power in the US, because they are numerous and overpaid and many ae willing to keep it that way. They are in every Congressional District and roughly proportional numbers. Threatening them is almost like threatening the black community in a black majority district.
If you don't believe the bureaucracy, in medicine, threatens us, merely look at the bureaucratic war in DC against Trump. They have allies, in the press, willing to tell any lie. I suspect the medical racket is being covered the same way. A competitive system might be twice as safe as the racket we have, but the press would work to destroy it over a few deaths, like those that happen several times a day in our hospitals today.

If we are paying 3 or 4 times the real cost of health care, there is a fortune to be made out of splitting the costs in half. A competitive medical treatment system would force the bloated system to compete or run without patients.

How would you fund a system? Maybe savings accounts and loans. It might be possible to launch such a system on a membership fee and treating government funded treatment, if it can be done as cheaply as proposed. Then again, this might be why we have the bureaucracy we have in medicine to start.

My point is we aren't going to get a solution out of DC, because DC created the monster we have. This group isn't interested in fixing the problem, because the problem has the political power to protect it. The press will attack our solutions.

We probably need 20 million people to get out of the system to create a new one. This is probably why they tried to make Obamacare mandatory and bribed people to get in. A competitive system would sink the whole ship.

It is stunning to me that health care costs $13K per capita. Maybe more. They are basically telling us that we average a serious health event every year of our lives. I don't mean cancer or a heart attack, but something that requires immediate and extensive attention. The outliers should cover the majors by a factor of 10, the guy who goes to the doctor once a year, probably outnumbers the cancers by a factor of 10.

There are other stunning amounts. The Federal budget is now $30K per job and maybe $40K per private job. Jobs pay the taxes. This means government swallows 100% of a majority of Americans pay on average when you count state and local. We already have socialism. Any major addition would sink the country, which I think is the message Karl is pushing.

As far as the war powers nonsense. Recall, the Democratic Party was visiting the USSR when Reagan was pushing against them. Where are they when a belligerent country, like Iran, wants a bomb that it intends to use? Sending them money to wage war? Where were they when Obama was droning people all over the place? When Obama was overthrowing Libya and killing Kaddafi, making all future US negotiations worth squat? When Obama was involved in overthrowing the leadership of Ukraine, an elected government, creating major conflict with Russia?

Maybe killing Soleimani was a mistake, but maybe he was a major bar to peace and a real threat to peace in the region. His appearance in Iraq wasn't an accident. The guy was an extremist and the leader of the major destabilization of the region. Domestic and foreign terrorist.

We have to recognize the insanity going on in the US. They are calling Stephen Miller, a Jew, a White Supremacist? What are the blacks in Congress? It appears to me, they are black supremacists. Soleimani was a white guy, just as Spaniards and Swedes are white. Not a person of color, but a different religion that embraces wild theories of what would happen in Armageddon. If the were Christians, the news media would brand them as fanatics.

This stuff won't go on long, without something major happening. Don't stand for being disarmed, you are probably going to need your gun.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
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Seagrove Beach
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Hey Lizy..

By now she has to know, she' a liar! LOL!

Crowd size is pathetic

Hurricane Evacuation Plan
1.Grab Beer
2.Run Like Hell
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FYI, Marine Corp Budget is a part of the Department of the Navy budget.
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A True American Patriot!
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Thank you... was wondering what branch it was under that's logical.

Winding it down.
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