This Is What 'Diversity' Has Gotten You
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2020-01-10 07:57 by Karl Denninger
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This Is What 'Diversity' Has Gotten You
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You can't argue with the numbers.

The number of murders has gone up and down.  Note that the population of the United States has continually risen, so the number of murders, assuming that the rate per person remains the same, should be a continually-upsloping line growing at about 1% a year.

It isn't.  In fact the number of murder peaked around 1990.  It is materially lower now than then, despite all the screaming of the various scolds, and we're 20 years further down with more people in the nation.

However, what has changed is the clearance (that is, the number of people who murder and get caught) rate.


Well, it's not hard to figure out.  First, most of the uncleared murders are black people being murdered, and most black people who are murdered are murdered by other blacks.  That's a fact and while Twatter and others may not like it, the FBI's data says it's true.

But why are those who murder blacks not caught?

Well, what's happened to our police forces?  Are they all that much smaller?  No.  In fact they're larger.

But what has changed?

Cop shops no longer look like Dragnet.  They did, but they don't any more.

And guess what -- they're not clearing crimes like they used to either.

Correlation is not causation, but the fact remains that serious crimes are not being cleared.  Whether that's because we're hiring and promoting based not on competence but rather on "social justice" or whether it's something else is unknown.  But what is known is that when you go from clearing 83% of homicides to 59% you're doing it wrong and it needs to change or we may as well fire 'em all and keep the tax money for ourselves.

The argument has often been made (and indeed the cited article tries to make the case) that there are special competencies in non-majority-white people who make a more-diverse force more effective.  Well, this may well be true.  And indeed President Johnson ran a commission in which he tried to make exactly that argument.  Ok, so we added a great deal of diversity since -- but we got worse results, not better ones.

Again, correlation is not causation but if you make a change and get a negative result honest people back that change out to see whether testing that theory -- that the change was causative instead of merely correlation -- bears out.

That was, of course, never done.

You can't claim special competence if you're unwilling to test it, especially when the evidence suggests it's not competence but rather incompetence that got added into the mix.

This much I can tell you fore sure, however -- that graph does not lie and the competence of our police forces has gone straight into the crapper since the 1960s.  Anyone who thinks that a going from 83 out of 100 murderers being busted to 59 out of 100 is acceptable, given the screaming about pensions, benefits and salaries when it comes from the so-called thin blue line can blow me.

Never mind places like Chicago, where clearance rates were in the 1960s were in the ninety percent range and today it stands right near 11%.  This, as so-called "diversity" has become the buzzword -- and you can find the exact same pattern in most major cities and metropolitan areas.  Oh, and that includes releasing serious offenders because they're "diverse" too.

Now certainly there are exceptions -- NYC being one of them, although NYC is also a city that has refused to report clearance rates during certain years.  Was that because they're that bad?  That's unknown.

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User Info This Is What 'Diversity' Has Gotten You in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Incept: 2009-03-23

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I've got no disagreement with your comments on competence, but another contributing factor is likely to be the rise in recent decades of the "Snitches need stitches" mindset.
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United States
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Another factor to consider: Police are more focused on revenue generation (tickets) to feed the local government beast, than solving crime.
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Incept: 2019-05-26

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if the police in the US are being transformed from peace officers into an occupational army the lower clearance rates make sense.
DHS is helping to militarize local police departments.
what are they getting ready for?
as the Government-sanctioned banker and healthcare scams get more outrageous and the looting becomes more extreme how is Government going to force compliance from the American People?
why does your local friendly cop need an armored personnel carrier?
Posts: 63
Incept: 2009-09-10

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They've made every effort to peg diversity to skin color. Real diversity is radically different morals and values than you.
Posts: 72
Incept: 2017-02-14

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The social marxists in the government and our educational/indoctrination institutions have pushed diversity as the highest value social commodity. Let's add millions of 70 IQ Somalis to society and see what we get. No more missions to Mars or breeder reactors, or even people competent enough to repair our automobiles. I think that the people who run the country have sense enough to know that all of the diversity nonsense foisted onto society in the last 60 years is pure bullsh*t. If they really believed in diversity, they might demonstrate their faith in these beliefs by a dramatic act like placing Gypsies or Somalis in charge of our nuclear arsenal or nuclear power plants.
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Incept: 2010-11-07

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Cross reference clearance rates in each political subdivision to Census Demographic Data.

I like to keep the DOT Map handy in another Tab in the browser.

New Dot map coming up in 2021 or so after the 2020 Census.
This one is really amazing.

One Dot per Family and Census Response.
You can drill down to the street level.

Preparing to go Hunting.
Posts: 8493
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Scottsdale, AZ
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Just look at the black mayors of Baltimore and Chicago. They back the criminals and not the cops. They hire based on a person's color and not their experience. All these large cities are operating like this. The voters are very low information and vote for color over experience and this is the end result.
This is how Obama and the black caucus got into power and still yield it.
If you produced a spreadsheet on their accomplishments, it would be blank. They learned that they can get rich by selling out their cities and states and nothing else matters. No one seems to go to jail because law enforcement doesn't want to be called racist. Whenever anyone questions them, they yell racism. You can't beat a dead dog and expect it to bark.
Posts: 500
Incept: 2019-04-22

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There are some other factors that need to be looked at as well, not all of them bad.

It used to be a hell of a lot easier for the cops to railroad someone one the flimsiest of evidence, get them prosocuted and they end up taking a plea.

It's still too much for them to do real work when it comes to following a suspect and not shooting up a neighborhood or wrong house or your dog, but the people they do catch, you have a slightly better chance of getting out today due to lack of evidence, or said evidence being inadmissible, where twenty and thirty years ago, the cops word was considered as pure as virgin utterance at Sunday school.

Courts are slightly less forgiving today of inconsistencies the police story, but only slightly.
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Speaking of diversity, what about the three white men on Jeopardy?


Here are my predictions for everyone to see:
S&P 500 at 320, DOW at 2200, Gold $300/oz, and Corn $2/bu.
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It'g going to get interesting here. Our police chief just retired, and the mayor is in the process of hiring a new one. They have visited various progressive cities to see what they have done, and have had "community meetings" to get citizen input (haha) into what they think should be the priorities.

There are apparently 7 internal candidates they are looking at (which by law here they have to do before hiring from the outside). Some citizen groups (I bet you can't guess which ones) are insisting that a black chief must be hired. I will bet that he ends up either selecting a black candidate, or going outside the force to hire someone with a progressive focus or face the wrath of the othercolors. We have been seeing an increase in crime, but like other areas, the focus is on diversity and revenue generating.

Grammar: the difference between knowing your **** and knowing you're ****.
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The Green Mountain State
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Aztrader, as you may know, you've basically outlined the socio-political phenomenon known as the Curley Effect (.pdf):
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East of Sheol
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The goal should be a SUCCESSFUL mission. These people are too stupid to know their limitations. Proud to be part of company that designed internals for the Casseni space probe. We were only company in the world that could design internals for for gas analyzers that would survive takeoff and reentry at that time

"Mass intelligence does not mean intelligent masses."
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Gone West
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there is so much at play here that it is hard to find one key variable.

perhaps what has occurred is that actual felony murder is more concentrated in no-go communities such as some black communities. perhaps the authorities do not care to solve these crimes as a way of writing off these areas. i have driven through major cities where there are contiguous areas which could have open human sacrifice and the police would not care. if a report is filed or the corpse of some nefarious act is found, the police do not consider it worth going through some of the motions for more than a few minutes.

in NYC of recent decades for all effective purposes every square inch has at minimum property tax value. the cops here are somewhat forced to give a **** because even in the worst area some dope is mortgaging his life to gentrify and ridiculously raise the assessed value of a property in the hopes that other fools will pay ridiculous rent to live there or run a business. does not ****ing matter that there is a drug den next door which will probably be a high end property in a few years anyway. thus the cops in NYC still have to protect the animals in the tax farm and keep the predatory animals from killing or scaring off the valuable ones. the days of squatting in a building in NYC for a long time are long over. now it is in other areas of the country. even our poor minorities in NYC verify this as they can find nowhere to live cheaply or squat and are pushed out of horrible areas that they considered their own since the sixties by nothing more than economics.

in the no-go areas of other metro areas one can go down entire lengths of streets and find occupants who never signed a lease or had a property deed transfer. there is evidence that they have their own form of real estate closings where cash and keys are exchanged without legal formality. does one think that the police or political class care what happens when very few properties or residences are contributing to the tax system? what's a murder or two?

now as for the ****heads calling themselves cops. honestly, tough blacks would be an upgrade. even in NYC a significant percentage of the white force are nothing like the men before the 1990s. they are weaker, less ambitious, less smart, whatever one calls for in a cop. also, they are majorly less emotionally strong. this is what makes them dangerous. the cops that saw the awful **** here in NYC of the 1970s developed a mental toughness along with a lot of discipline internal and where there were good points regarding the force. this matters in that a person with this type of maturity does not overreact, can diffuse things and even under pressure moderate even deadly force. one always felt that when dealing with these cops, one was dealing with a strong, even dangerous person, who was still a professional human being. a lot gave respect and got it regardless of the situation. note that things were never perfect here, often quite bad with police corruption, but there were strengths. one important thing is that these cops of the earlier era understood and accepted that they were going without armor into deadly situations as in with just their uniforms over their skins and often dealing with ultimate badasses. once one faces that enough, the mental toughness does not make him shoot a barking dog in a minor situation or escalate with a person in mental crisis. get it? the old line is, "i have seen worse."

in the 1990s it was a common refrain that the guys who should be cops were being passed in the psychological for momma's boys as we call them around here who were living in their mother's basements. not ****ing joking here, they truly do live with their mothers into their mid thirties or longer and had that wimpyness. even those who do not live with mother are emotional cripples. they mostly get big with strength training, some do not. all share a lack of mental toughness. there is much more armor on their cars and bodies than during some of the most dangerous eras of urban policing in history. this is where the problem begins.

since they are so fearful and ineffective through lack of toughness in all areas, they only enter a situation in full force, full protective gear and assault style. this is their chimping out and why people die for no reason and minor interactions with the community turn into nightmares for otherwise innocent civilians unlike it did in the past. we went from men in their basic uniforms entering an apartment with nothing more than a service revolver with no knowledge of what awaits inside. in many of these tense situations everyone got out alive and no major injuries. these were the types of cops who could investigate in the no-go areas. now they only go in full force when they are taking out a pre-selected target. the wimpy man always uses excessive force and the police departments mirror the philosophy. one must be a man on the streets to provide the data necessary for crimes to be solved. they only know the no-go communities as something that they fear and must attack when forced to.

murders and other serious crimes are not solved as the cops, their leaders and the politicians do not want to be in the communities where they happen. it is much easier to prey upon the working and middle class to pretend to be doing something where they can play tough with people who have something to lose. old era cops were polite with working and middle class civilians in the past for a few reasons. they saw much worse, had nothing to prove, realized that overall good people should be cut slack or guided to better behavior, knew that their job was bad people not revenue generation and oppression. they also wanted civilization not imposed tyranny. finally, they needed the good people of all races on their side.

good minorities were also safe with the cops for the above reasons.

with the introduction of weaker men into law enforcement, minorities were preyed upon as they were easy targets. what white people did not realize is that they would be next as easy targets with money. and now the cops will be just as excessive with a 90 lb white woman as a violent thug, since they are wimps in every encounter. and the really serious crime if it is done in areas or among people who are written off, well it is just ignored unless convenient.

this last point is the real problem. much like what we let happen to innocent minorities, soon the cops will openly not do much when crime once again comes to white areas. they are too busy picking the low-hanging fruit.

this is what happens when weak men look physically strong, are given deadly force under color of law.

NYC tends to lead the country in things. a lot of stuff seems to happen here first. we lost our best candidates for cops at the psychological testing level. chances are it is happening near you in your areas. fear weak men who look tough.

should be noted that i have no personal beef. never had a negative experience with a cop, but did have the negative experience of ineffective policing allowing stuff to happen in the community.

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