Why You NEVER Trust Social Media
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2019-10-12 09:05 by Karl Denninger
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Why You NEVER Trust Social Media
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Simply never.

Not even if it's my stuff being made "viral."

When the call went out for a Florida veteran's funeral on Oct. 1, the brief obituary noted Edward Pearson had "no immediate family" and invited anyone in the area to attend so Pearson wouldn't be buried alone. The notice went viral and thousands showed up to pay their respects.

Not among the scores of mourners? The man's two – living – sons, who say their dad walked out on them as teenagers.

Social media is a cancer.  It is a metastatic monster that consumes your mind and soul.

It seeks to take it over for the purpose of selling you things.

All marketing is about some aggrandizement these days.  The car ad that features the sexy babe, implying you'll get laid if you buy that fancy car.  Not even a lowly refrigerator is advertised on its energy efficiency which will save you hundreds of dollars over its service life -- nope, it's the sexy Facebook app on the screen built into the front that, incidentally, also spies on you via its built-in camera and tells Amazon exactly how much food you have in there and what it is.

None of that, of course, is disclosed.  Just the sexy part.  Well, the I promise you'll be sexy if you buy this part.

Which is a lie, of course.

This man was a veteran, but his being alone was a consequence of his choices.  For whatever reason, good or bad, he walked out on two sons.  Then he let those sons believe he was dead.

I do not sit here in judgement of either his sons or him.  I don't know the circumstances, and neither do you.  He might have been entirely justified in what he did, or not at all.  He might be the biggest jackass ever, despite his military service.  Or maybe not.  Maybe his ex ran off with the milkman and the two of them forcibly ejected him from his sons' lives.  Or maybe he was a five-alarm *******, screwed a girl he met in a bar, walked out on his family and didn't give a wet crap from that day forward.

I don't know.

You don't know.

But what we now do know is that he was not alone, other than by choice.

You were sold a lie.

And many, more than 1,000 people, showed up as a result of that lie.

They "paid tribute" based on a manufactured line of bull****, which "social media" sold you, along with all the other things they sold you during that time.

Facesucker clandestinely causes you to spend roughly $1,000 per person a year that you would otherwise not spend.  That's a rough guess based on the ~$100/person/year they "make" on their "advertising."  It's simple math -- advertising has to return more in profit than it costs or you're functionally insane to engage in it.

It's not complicated and as a public company Facesucker tells you every quarter how much you are ****ed by being on it.

But Facesucker is hardly alone.  All so-called "social" media is nothing of the sort.  It exists for the explicit purpose of creating false impressions, making you believe that you're things you are not, that the world is not as it is, and that you'll be more beautiful, more liked and get more sex -- if you just snap and post that next selfie.

That's all it is folks: It's a giant con job.

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User Info Why You NEVER Trust Social Media in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 12
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Remember in September 'Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us' event. 2 million people who claimed they would be 'attending' the event following the dissemination of a Facebook invite back in June.

UK Daily Mail.com reported 2 to 3 Thousands of people arrived in the towns of Rachel and Hiko, located close to the highly classified Air Force base and just 75 people marched to the gates of the facility early Friday morning. Police arrested and jailed two Dutch tourists for trespassing on a government site after they were inspired by the Area 51 event.
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A True American Patriot!
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They arrested one for climbing the fence (trespassing) and the second for pissing on it (indecent exposure.)

Winding it down.

Posts: 193
Incept: 2010-07-06

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I used to watch the TV series Person Of Interest. One of the characters was a computer genius using the pseudonym of Harold Finch. Finch made a comment about social media that hit me like a hard punch to the gut.

The clip is 1.41 minutes long and can be found on YouTube by searching under Person Of Interest Social Media. I am not computer savvy and do not know how to post an exact location.

Posts: 1908
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SW Ohio
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At first, I thought you might be describing this segment that I saw on the news last week. Here is the article, but the man lived in Wisconsin. He did die without family, but he was kind to everyone and many people came to his viewing. In his will, he designated a portion from his estate to everyone that signed the registry, but no one knew in advance.
Posts: 1908
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SW Ohio
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@Handyone55 - Is this the video clip you are posting about

Posts: 1186
Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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It is never a good idea to trust anyone/anything that can lie straight to your face and never be held accountable for those lies and the consequences of those lies. And that list certainly contains the police and the media.

Back in the mid 90's I was an EMT for a volunteer fire dept. On a Christmas morning (3am ish) we had a call for structure fire. I get to the station, climb into one of the pumper trucks, the driver takes off and as we are leaving the fire station drive way I turn on all the lights and sirens, just to make sure the SOB drug dealers who lived at the end of the drive way were up too. - I liked doing that for them :)

Anyway we make it to the fire and it turns out to be a small shed about 20 feet away from a fence. The shed is fully engulfed, there is nothing to save, so there is no reason to be aggressive with the fire and I stand on the opposite side of the fence with the hose and start spraying it with water. 5 minutes later the fire is out, but there are plenty of hot spots, so what is a fellow standing next to a fence on a cold and snowy Christmas morning supposed to do?

I start playing with my hose.

I adjust the stream, bigger or smaller, I start doing circles to the left, circles to the right, big circles, small circles all the while watching the steam rise from the embers. After a few minutes of this it becomes apparent that "Something" is in the shed.

I call the Battalion Chief (Carl) over and show him: Well Damn it! Carl jumps the fence and the investigation turns from fire to death. Carl has to stay to help Sheriff, fire is out and any more water would only hamper any type of investigation (Although any evidence was pretty well destroy)

Carl stays on seen, I go back to fire station to clean the equipment and fill out paper work and about 5am ish the phone rings. The voice on the other end does not at first identify themselves, but they are aware of the fire and the possibility of a person being in the fire. I tell them sorry I can not answer your question. The voice then says they are actually a reporter with XYZ and could I answer any of their questions? No but you can call Carl Nnnnnnn at ****. They ask me all kinds of questions to which I keep saying call Carl. At the end the reporter asks for my name, I say no, they say this is so they can follow up with Carl PROMISE not to use my name.

The next day's paper has MY name as confirming confirming body in shed is Blah, blah, blah.....ALL Lies!

Carl was a stand up guy and the next time we talked, he laughed at me, asked if I learned anything? Yea hang up the damn phone next time.

Any contact with police or media should be taken at your own risk, they lie and get paid to do it. They do not care what the effects of their lies are, yet you may have to live with the consequences.
Posts: 193
Incept: 2010-07-06

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@Bluebird - Yes, that is the video. Even though I have seen this dozens of times, it still upsets me a bit.

I can see a future social media post showing hip, beautiful people laughing as they file up the ramps into windowless box trucks. The post will conveniently forget to mention that the truck exhaust system is piped into the truck box. I have read the Russian Communists invented this gimmick.

I am sure that people like AOC would approve of recycling carbon monoxide into a few million sets of deplorable lungs.
Posts: 65
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Way, way south of Rio Grande
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Imagine that there is a world where people consume much less, use less energy, many environmentally unsustainable trends are solved, and at the same time people is happier than today after you ban just one industry.

It is not oil.

There is something that is normally not talked about: that the most contaminant and unsustainable industry, and the one that causes the largest unhappiness in people in the world is advertising.

Take the tobacco consumption trend as an example. After the market was saturated in the 60's consumption started to fall.

Progressives and activists like to think that their campaigns are the reason.

The fact is that the downtrend began after the broadcast ban. People, instead of feeling they had something in common with an F1 winner because they smoked Marlboro, started to see things as they are: something that cause bad breath, diminish your pulmonary capacity and cause an addiction rather difficult to abandon. Soon, instead of having parents telling young boys to do a manly thing and smoke, we had parents telling "don't be an idiot like me and don't get into this addictive S**t"


Social media, being basically an advertising platform has the same characteristics:
- Makes you unhappy on purpose, creating a discomfort with your current situation.
- Convince you that spending your money will calm that discomfort and you'll be happy.
- The only way to protect yourself from it is to stay away. I've learned the (rather) hard way that when you start to believe you are immune to advertising, is when you are the most vulnerable.

Face a bear robbed of her cubs,
but never a fool in his folly!
Proverbs 17:12
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I quit facecrook a few years ago and dont miss it. I watch my wife scroll and scroll. It was such a time waster for me and I didnt really care about all the peoples I collected. All those people showing only the very best of their lives and probably most of them lying.

For better or worse, I have a few sites I check every day and that's it. Most of my time is spent reading the Ticker. Hard for me to keep up sometimes when Karl gets really active. This place is the only thing that keeps me sane! Or maybe it's making me crazier...not sure.

The faults of the burglar are the qualities of the financier.
- George Bernard Shaw
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