Corrupt Much Joe?
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2019-10-11 07:22 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 118 references Ignore this thread
Corrupt Much Joe?
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Well well look at what we have here....

Trump cited a new report in The Washington Examiner that the whistleblower at the center of Democrats' impeachment push had worked with Biden. The whistleblower's anti-Trump attorney, Mark Zaid, acknowledged earlier in the week that his client had "contact" with current presidential contenders "from both parties."

So Biden has been "lobbying" Facesucker, the NY Times and others "not to cover conspiracy theories" about his corruption?

Does that include the apparent fact that the weasleblower not only worked for Biden but, it is reported, traveled to the Ukraine with him?

And gee, you don't think this person, who it is reported, was a CIA asset "tasked" to the White House, might be a bit concerned about the fact that Trump is likely onto what could easily be sufficient corruption not only to sink Biden but also a huge number of others on both sides of the aisledo you?

You might want to listen to yesterday's podcast.... and then this mornings, which I'm about to let loose.

Oh Nancy!  Yes you, Pelosi!  Oh there's more headed inbound at you and your Son too.....

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User Info Corrupt Much Joe? in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 197
Incept: 2012-08-02

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Probably flew on AF2 which was "a big effin deal" as well and not a single word was uttered for the hours long flight just like on the golf course. [SARCASM]

Keep up the great work exposing the rot and corruption to the disinfecting rays of sunlight.

Love the podcast format too !

Reminds me of the old Blogtalk radio days with:

"Warning may cause cognitive seizure"

Posts: 69
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Washington state
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Yup, I'll bet the house that this weaselblower was indeed 'visibly shaken'!!!!

Might even have soiled him/herself, too!
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Central Florida
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Been gone a while, but I did want to chime in that Mark Zaid is a twitter clown world SJW lawyer with major TDS. If he's involved it's going to be a ****show as he's one of those "facts don't matter" types.

Growing my own food is my ../.. to the system.
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Veeger, visibly shaken? I bet they needed a clean pair of pants.

What is the official complaint by the swamp? Digging up dirt on Biden? There isn't any digging up dirt on Biden. It has been piled in the street for several years. There isn't any investigation into what is known, only why.

What did Biden bottle up? What was the purpose of the destroy Trump efforts out of Ukraine, something else that has been at least rumored for over 2 years. IF what I have seen over 30 months of looking at this train wreck wasn't known by everyone involved, then it can only not be known because it was purposely ignored.

There can be no answers of what happened in Ukraine without examination of whether Biden covered it up and what he covered up. Remember, the crooks are on both sides and there is a joint blackmail going on. Crooks on both sides of the Atlantic are being protected by mutual assured destruction. As I wrote on the podcast post, the whole crew is involved, quite possibly. Crew? Those on the past national tickets. Bush, Kerry, McCain, Romney, Obama, Clinton and Biden. Bush is speculation, but the others have been spotted at the scene of the crime.

Look at the list and you might understand why Trump couldn't win. If he did win, they had to get rid of him. Regardless of whether he would comply with the past corruption or not, is only part of the question. It would be almost impossible that we would come upon something, where there had been a crooked deal standing in the way of why he couldn't make a certain decision.

The entire bureaucracy, at least the law enforcement and diplomatic portions are involved. Obama had obvious crooks running the DOJ and I suspect there is something to Mueller staying over and Comey being put in place. Comey had his own international swamp pocket filling adventure during his hiatus from government.

There is one obvious thing. This has gone on so long that it is clear plenty of Congress was involved. Were those not involved being blackmailed with DOJ/FBI/CIA threats? Look how suddenly we have arrests and those arrested are pushed as bosom buddies of Giuliani. The guy was mayor of NYC. They could link him to Epstein on a whim, as could they anyone who went to high society parties. Don't forget Rudy has been in the bureaucracy.

The American people need to put their politics aside and get to the bottom of this. Problem is the press has been ordered or structured to cover this stuff up. Anyone not willing to do their own looking will never get over 1% of the truth, usually something put out that is never covered the next day. The dirt on Biden has been in the past news. Why was he getting a free pass? Is Wall Street complicit? Was HRC creating opportunities for hedge fund profits, with forward knowledge? How much stealing on the international scene has Soros done the past 50 years?

Americans need to wake up to the fact that a few people are controlling the news and the media these days. Take a poke at the left on Twitter or punch holes and the official nonsense and you get banned. I did. Every time I pushed back on a lefty I was suspended. I raised the question the official story (Pushed the idea the shooter was right winger, which he wasn't) and I was banned. Look at Facebook. Snowflake heaven. Fox news will present the contrary, but how much of it is only right wing nonsense. You can get better US news would of Russian Times. Put out some truth on YouTube and you either get delisted or demonetized. Interestingly, I see some monetization on sites that formerly weren't monetized, maybe under the realization that there might be a worse result than a Trump re-election. So we have what is supposed to be the press or media under the umbrella of 3 or 4 major outlets and 3 social media sites. Google controls what we read as well as what we view outside of the controlled system. You have to have your filter, or you can go down the rabbit hole. I go to a lot of links that are just pure bull****. There is too much out there to spend much time on them.

One thing I did come across was a guy named Lee Stranahan. Lee used to be with Breitbart and he used to be a lefty. These guys are all self promotors. But, Lee was writing on this Ukraine story, with Chalupa and was onto the Politico story in the first half of 2017. IF Lee knew it, the swamp and its minions knew it. It was clearly off limits, as Lee's site on YouTube was suddenly taken down together with much of his career work. He didn't back up his videos.

This proves to me the story can't be known by the masses. It actually happened. There is much more that probably happened, like Manafort being pushed into Trump's campaign to dirty it, that Papadopoulos was put in then sent in various places. This was likely the actions of the right, not the left and the DNC action with Chalupa was a joint effort as has been much of what is covering all this crap up. Isn't it kind of suspicious, privileged communication of the President would be leaked and then colored by the CIA, State department assets and the Democratic Party, as soon as we were going to have an official look into Ukraine, where billions of dollars were stolen?

How much of this **** has been going on for the past 50 years and who has been filling their pockets? You might recall Halliburton being fingered, due to its contracts in Iraq and Dick Cheney's links to the company. It is highly likely Halliburton was one of the few companies out there to handle such a task. It has become a massive conglomeration of former large public works construction firms, I believe including Brown and Root. B&R cleaned up in Viet Nam under LBJ. But, it appears people like Biden's brother also cleaned up on deals of this type. How many other are there? There is a lot of silence in complicity.

Note the politically filthy rich, starting with HRC and Pelosi. The Clinton's had nothing when they got out of the White House. The same can be said for Obama. Kerry seems to have his fingers in a lot of this foreign policy pie. Who was going to clean up in Syria, which appears to me to be a major disruption event, rather than a revolt. There is a lot of silence and resistance in Congress to the revealing of something that was already known.

There may be more bombs coming. What is China going to give Trump? The horse is out of the barn and already in the dog food. There is a gang in Congress and in the government that has either purposely or negligently given China a lot of secrets. Feinstein comes to mind, with her aide and her old man making deals in China. Then we have Awan and the House Democratic Intelligence Committee. If you think Trump cut off aid to Pakistan because they were just bad actors, think again. I think he wants to know what went on with Awan, who was clearly linked to Pakistan intelligence. The swamp is so deep, it appears they swept the whole ordeal under the carpet.

I don't believe Trump is going to continue to be a sitting duck. He mentioned the calm before the storm 2 years ago. Regardless of what you think of Trump look what happens and read his tweets from 2 or 3 years ago. Pay attention to the label Liddle for Schiff. It is derived from an organization Schiff is tied to called Liddle Kids. I think there is some real **** here and I think that Democrat donor that killed those men with meth is involved. You think Schiff isn't sweating bullets over a lot of things. Don't forget Trump spent his time in Hollywood and he knows a lot more than the average Joe. Get your popcorn ready. He might get impeached and thrown out because he knows too much and the swamp is wide and deep. Then again, there might be enough honest people in DC that are tired of being blackmailed.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
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