Biden: Jail Nobody for Non-Violent Crime
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2019-09-13 11:00 by Karl Denninger
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Biden: Jail Nobody for Non-Violent Crime
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Well at least he's honest.

Nobody goes to jail for:

  • Ripping you off for $3 trillion a year.  Which is done right now, here, and today via the entire Health care sector of our economy.  All of this is illegal under 100+ year old law (15 USC Chapter 1) and is a criminal felony.  But nobody should got to jail for it.

  • Bilking old ladies out of their retirement savings.  Nope.  No jail.  Thanks Joe; now that I know this is no longer jailable I should be able to do exactly that, right?

  • Intentionally addicting people to drugs, such as opioids.  Oh, nobody's done that, have they?  Uh.....

  • Ripping off the government.  Medicare fraud anyone?  Medicaid fraud?  Invoicing the government for something never provided, or which was not manufactured or provided to-spec -- on purpose?  No problem.

  • Hiding income or otherwise cheating on taxes.  Now that'll work for a lot of people.  It's now a 100% "free" crime; no jail.

  • Made-Off is free on inauguration day, right?  It's not like Bernie did anything wrong, right?  Certainly nothing worth being jailed over.

  • Financial fraud of all sorts.  Stock scam?  Fine.  Cloning credit cards?  Fine.  Scamming someone via a wire fraud scheme?  Fine.  Ripping off a company?  Fine.  Shoplifting?  Perfectly ok.  Looting?  No problem, as long as you didn't break the window first -- someone else has to do that for you.

  • ALL of those prosecuted during Trump's Presidency from his inner circle.  None of those are crimes of violence; they're all "process crimes."  Free them all.

  • Oh, and Trump himself, once he leaves office.  But, but, but, but, but...... I thought the left wanted to go after him?  Oops -- pardon incoming!

  • Flint's water supply and scams associated with same?  All ok!  It's only lead in the water -- no big deal.  It's not a crime of violence, so all is forgiven.  For that matter so is poisoning the air, ground and water in any form -- there's no violence involved here, so there's no jail.  Oh well.

  • Drunk driving?  No problem.  Just as long as you don't hit anyone, which could be considered a violent assault.  Thanks Joe!

And finally, all statutory rapists.  Unless you can prove there was an actual assault this is no longer punishable with prison time.  All of Epstein's "offenses" are deemed perfectly fine according to Joe.  Gee, Creepy Joe, you wouldn't have a personal interest in that, would you?

Uh..... yeah.

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User Info Biden: Jail Nobody for Non-Violent Crime in forum [Market-Ticker]
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I'm not so sure Ol' Plugs Handsy Biden is honest. I think he will (and always has) said anything to get elected. I honestly believe these two things: 1) Biden is the stupidest national level politician around (yep, that is a difficult group to top) and 2) Obummer had him as VP as life insurance.

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