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2019-09-13 10:44 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 91 references Ignore this thread
Beto's War
[Comments enabled]

While Soyboy Beto (who the hell older than about eight calls themselves "Beto" and has a penis anyway?) was claiming that someone else would come confiscate your guns four black males carjacked a man at gunpoint and stole his 2003 Tahoe just a short distance from where the debate was taking place.

Four-on-one is only resolvable in favor of the one with a gun.  Sadly it appears the one didn't have a gun or, if he did, he was jumped in such a fashion that they had the drop on him.

They stole the truck which eventually ran out of gas -- and when it did the same four robbed a priest -- again, at gunpoint, and stole his cellphone.  Then for grins and giggles one of them shot a cop.

Let's be clear: These four black felons are the very people Beto and the rest of the left protects and enables in the commission of their violent felonies whether it be rape, robbery or murder.  They're allegedly the "victims" of so-called "white privilege" that the entire DemonScat contingent screams have had "terrible things" imposed on them and thus they can't help themselves but to go steal a gun and then stick people up, stealing cars and shooting at cops.

They're also the same group that, along with Hispanics, commits roughly 95% -- that's right -- ninety-five percent -- of the shootings in Chicago and they comprise 95% of the victims of said shootings in that town as well.

Not a single one of those criminals will ever surrender anything because.... wait for it..... they're criminals.

Beto and the rest of the DemonScats support every single one of these violent felons.  Their friends are the mayors of these cities and have not done crap about any of this.  These criminals are outrageously over-represented compared against their percentage of the population in the firearm homicides committed in this nation, nearly all of which are in fact committed with handguns.

Approximately two hundred rifle homicides are committed every year.  You are several times more-likely to be murdered with a knife than a rifle yet anyone can buy a knife in every grocery and home store in America irrespective of their age or criminal history.

In one city, Chicago, approximately 150% of the entire national death toll on an annual basis from rifle fire have been shot and killed thus far and we're only into September.

There is no statistical basis for banning rifles of any sort, including AR-15s and AK-47s.  While it is certainly true that they are used in horrific crimes from time to time the only reason they're "horrific" compared against the literal daily body count stacked up in places like Chicago is that the media and politicians demonize one crime and ignore the others which are 100x more common due to who's committing said crimes -- specifically, due to their race and ethnicity.

These politicians and media wonks are racist pricks who in fact stand for and support murder.

This sort of abject fraud and assault on the civil rights of Americans from the left should be met with instant indictments and prison terms, along with the destruction via lawful boycott on a permanent basis of any firm, entity or family member that is associated with any of this horsecrap.


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User Info Beto's War in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Andrew Yang said last night at the debate that he was the son of a foreign poor, peanut farmer. Yet the Yang family was able to move to America and now the son of a poor peanut farmer is running for president --- that's how great America is. It's a country where a foreigner can come and within just one generation entirely change their families' life.. that's basically what Andrew Yang said.

So he's what I say: how come for the last 150 years the totally lame and pathetic black race as a whole hasn't done **** for themselves or any of the other races? Yet as a what man I'm supposed to pay them reperation reparations? Here is my middle finger, rotate on it. That's your reparations.

What the Beta Male said about grabbing the guns is pretty laughable. He'd actually make a fitting president because "people get the government they deserve".

The winner of the debate was Trump, and I'm not the only one saying that. So far, Trump has won all of the Democrat debates. And I can't wait for when Trump goes head to head with whatever Bozo Marxist wins the Democrat nomination...

I'm continuing to add to my supply of gold, guns and tangible items without spending too much from my pile of cash. I hope Harry Dent is right and gold falls as low as $700 oz.. I sure will love buying at that price. It will be a gift.

At this point I'm totally sure I won't have to wait for more than ten years before a really big crash happens. Mankind is going to **** himself up, so Mother Nature probably won't have to life a finger to do anything --- and neither will I.

Posts: 15790
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A True American Patriot!
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The more common factor in violent crime is race, rather than gun ownership. The 14th Amendment protects people from race-based denial of rights, even if it is the public interest.

The Second Amendment protects people from having their gun ownership and possession infringed by the government, even if it is the "public interest."

If we are going to crack down on violent crime, and have to violate the Constitutional protections we fought for to do so, perhaps the 14th Amendment is a better place to start.

I'm not saying we should violate either.

I'm just saying that once we cross the Rubicon of ****ting on the Constitution, the best place to start would be the 14th Amendment. The 2nd would be a waste of time. I think it is pretty objective to say the crime rate would drop precipitously if we rounded up Blacks and Hispanics and shipped them over the Rio Grande or Atlantic Ocean, rather than confiscating the guns from law abiding citizens. ALL the crime statistics bear this out - ALL OF THEM.

Attn: Beta-Male O' careful what you wish for.

"Me and my homies woulda been stackin' bodies by now."
-George Washington
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13 percent of the population commits over 50% of the violent crime. Murder rates among Whites in the USA are very similar to the murder rates of White populations all over the world.

Interestingly, black murder rates are likewise similar no matter where they live. In London, blacks make up 13% also and also do 50%.

It's almost as if time preference, IQ, and propensity for violence is genetic and not cultural or environmental.

We don't have a gun problem, we have a black problem in my humble opinion.

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