Stop With The 'Blue Worship' JACKWADS
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2019-09-09 09:51 by Karl Denninger
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Stop With The 'Blue Worship' JACKWADS
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Gee, as if we need more examples...

But at the foundation, according to a newly filed lawsuit, Epstein and his web of associates repeatedly arranged for sex with at least two girls, including one he met when she was 17.

“Jeffrey Epstein, through his brazen and powerful organization, was quite literally able to commit federal sex trafficking offenses at his work release office, during his jail sentence,” according to the lawsuit by a woman identified only as Kaitlyn Doe.

And who was supervising Epstein during that time?  The cops.

The Sheriff's Office was responsible for that supervision.  They "supervised" all right -- this suit alleges that they allowed him to have young women, including the allegation states a girl under the age of consent in Florida, into his "work release" quarters during the time he was allegedly serving his sentence.

Oh, and....

If true, it happened as he was being monitored by Palm Beach deputies in plainclothes. Epstein paid the deputies to work as his security detail, and they filed daily reports on the comings and goings at his office — records that have since been destroyed.

Got it?

Think it stopped there?  It didn't.  It's been reported that locals near his island knew he had young things shuttling in and out of there including under-age non-Americans, which would if true constitute international sex trafficking, right up until a few months before he was arrested.  Where were all the "good cops" around that part of US territory?  Why wasn't anything investigated there?

And speaking of which, can someone explain to me why none of the other rich and powerful men who have been identified have been indicted?  Clinton, for example, has publicly lied about how many times he flew on that plane.  We know this because the logs exist.  How about everyone else that was fingered?  There are dozens of perpetrators -- and dozens of victims, it would appear too.  It's been more than ten ****ing years since he got busted the first time; where are all the other arrests?

We should respect cops eh?  With this sort of record?  While they looked the other way as under-age girls were being raped and trafficked both in the US and internationally?

Uh, no.  These are swine, not police officers.  Further, there had to be dozens of other officers in both locations who knew about what was going on and not one of them turned anyone in.

Then of course there's Comey -- where were all the good cops when he was doing what he was doing, knowingly violating DOJ procedure and the law (perjury, in that he lied about it.)  Where were all these so-called "Good Cops", not one of whom turned him in?

How about the FISA situation?  Knowing perjury to obtain a surveillance warrant in an attempt to overturn an election.  Where were all those "good cops"?

Let's face reality folks -- there are no good cops.  They all sit on their ass, essentially every time, when one of theirs fabricates evidence, railroads a suspect and even plants evidence (remember the case on the New Orleans bridge?)

That makes them all co-conspirators and thus all are swine from the very top of the DOJ and FBI all the way down.  Not just then but every since up to and including now since exactly zero of them blew the whistle -- not then, not later, and not now.

Take your "blue line" bull**** and shove it all the way up the line to AG Barr.

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User Info Stop With The 'Blue Worship' JACKWADS in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 771
Incept: 2011-06-12

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The magic blue suits around here spend way more time watching for speeders and trying to catch folks in minor things that generate revenue instead of actually doing anything about crime. That seems to work well for them, as they can always elicit sympathy for a tax increase because they "don't have enough officers to deal with all the crime". Rinse, repeat.

There was a recent episode here where someone got their car stolen. It had a tracker on it, so they were able to locate the car, but when the magic blue suits appeared, they did nothing except tell the car owner to retrieve his car. Not one effort to go to the door of the house and arrest the perps. I'm sure this isn't an isolated incident either.

Grammar: the difference between knowing your **** and knowing you're ****.
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Incept: 2011-06-12

a red Isle in blue sea MD
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The septic smell of the perp, police, their superiors and legal beagles in these situations (how many other cockroaches are waiting to scurry?) stinks from the head down and to high heaven. Paging Pepe Le Pew.

Out here they're beholden to none, not livin' by another's leave. Last of the Mohicans
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. The Usual Suspects
Posts: 171
Incept: 2011-12-08

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My wallet was stolen from my office. Only a few employees and service vendors had access. The thief used my credit card to get a cash advance from a bank, obviously caught on video. The cops made no effort to investigate. The bank must not have bothered to check ID before handing out 2k in cash.

If cops solved crimes they'd be out of business. So they have no incentive to do much more than scout out the best donuts. Crime pays. Unless you are very unlucky or very stupid you won't get caught. Some prosecutors have now publicly stated it is racist to enforce property crimes by minorities. Open season on businesses there.

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Seagrove Beach
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Cops get paid regardless, if they do their job, or not.

Here in Walton County besides, saving a puppy, and changing tourist flat tires, this is what they do!


And waste the tax payers money getting stuck on the beach!

But hey they have a.............

In today's society they are just above ****ing worthless!

Hurricane Evacuation Plan
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2.Run Like Hell
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Incept: 2010-06-25

Peoples' Republik of Maryland
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**** the pigs AND the copsuckers.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
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Incept: 2007-09-04

Wilmington, NC
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I'll one up you Wifi..
(Our "local" Podunk Dicks ****'em )..

Cognitive Co-Dependency is when a normal rational person, internalizes irrational illogical presentations, and somehow reconciles them to fit their scripted indoctrination of logical analysis.
Samuel L. Clemens:There is NO Native Criminal Class; EXCEPT for CONgress
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