Cummings: Piece of Crap
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2019-07-28 10:26 by Karl Denninger
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Cummings: Piece of Crap
[Comments enabled]

You knew the DemonScats would instantly call Trump's commentary on Cummings and Baltimore's issues "racisss".


The only thing racist is the corrupt garbage bin that has befallen not only Democrat-run cities but specifically Democrat districts in this case.

Cummings district has a violent crime rate some ten times the national average.  But his district is not alone.  Have a look at Hey Jackass and you'll see some truly disturbing facts on Chicago. There's a town that has a homicide clearance rate (that is, percentage of fatal shootings for which someone got caught) this year of nine percent.  You literally have a 90% chance of getting away with shooting someone in Chicago.

In addition among those shootings where we know the race of the assailant just 5% -- a literal one -- was white.  15 were black and 4 Hispanic.  Yet the city has an approximate 32% white population with the same, roughly, being black and about 28% Hispanic.  In other words both black and Hispanic people are ridiculously over-represented when it comes to both shooting victims and perpetrators.

That's not racist, it's factual.

Similar statistics are in play in Baltimore.

But of course DemonScats and Baltimore officials "trumpet" how Cummings is a "hero."  This is the same Baltimore who had a Mayor that resigned over a self-dealing (in other words, corrupt) scandal earlier this year from which she made an alleged eight hundred thousand dollars.

Not that she was a newcomer to politics either -- she was a State Senator before running for Mayor.  So don't give me any crap about this being some "lack of judgment" which was fleeting in a new office-holder; any such excuse is a flat lie.

And Baltimore is a rat and rodent-infested mess.  Never mind a recent investigative report in which an entire block was apparently taking water service from a fire hydrant.  How the hell does that go on for more than an hour or so before a city cop sees it and the fire department and code people show up?  The danger to the public of tampering with fire connections like that is quite severe; what else is being overlooked?  Maybe a few illegal natural gas taps to go with the water?  How many screwdrivers are in place across the contacts of disconnected electric meter boxes?

Baltimore, and the rest of our Democrat-controlled cities, have become corrupt cesspools with people literally ****ting on the streets.  The last time I had the ignobility of driving through Chicago there was a tent city of "homeless" people right on the Dan Ryan expressway a couple of blocks from downtown! I lived in and around Chicago for more than a decade and never saw anything like that.  Oh, there were homeless people on Lower Wacker drive, especially in the winter when they were trying to hide from the cold (building mechanical room vents provided at least some heat compared with the frozen outside temps) but that sort of concentration simply didn't exist.

Why aren't are the so-called "black leaders" telling people of their own race to stop murdering one another?  Why aren't those of Hispanic descent telling the Hispanic community to stop that crap too?  Ninety-five percent of the homicides for which there has been clearance this year thus far in Chicago were committed by black or Hispanic people against black or Hispanic victims!

If the black and Hispanic assailants were to stop that crap the homicide rate in Chicago would fall 95%.  That's a fact so why aren't these so-called "leaders" calling out the people doing the murdering since their own constituents and racial peers are also the ones being murdered!

Never mind the apparent self-dealing that Cumming's wife may be involved in.

Why do the people of this nation tolerate that sort of corrupt government?  More to the point is that if this is the sort of corruption and waste of money that the people of Baltimore both accept and cheer on rather than ejecting that ******* from office then **** THEM; they're getting exactly what they demand and support.

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User Info Cummings: Piece of Crap in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 185
Incept: 2010-07-06

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My father in law had a rental property on Marbourne Avenue in Baltimore many years ago. I helped him fix it up after each successive pack of turd flinging monkeys trashed the place and skipped out. Marbourne Avenue was a nice place 15 years ago, with poor, working, mostly law abiding families. Even 15 years ago, the drug dealers were so brazen they stood on the sidewalk and sold right in front of the house, in broad daylight. I could look out the second floor window and watch the dealer take cash and hand something to the driver.

I am a country bumpkin and was astounded to see this crap, with no apparent attempt to stop it. I decided right then that I would never live in a "solid waste hole" like this. This was 15 years ago, I cannot imagine what Marbourne is like today.

Trump is a blowhard and a liar, but, right on in this case. Parts of Baltimore are just like the TV series " The Wire "
Posts: 268
Incept: 2009-03-05

Sunny UK
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"That's not racist, it's factual."

That's the problem with irrational lefties. They think facts ARE racist.
Posts: 144
Incept: 2011-12-08

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Funny how I've never heard a black community leader ask his/her people to stop killing each other and pull together. They want grocery stores and better housing options, but it's always someone else's responsibility. Just give us more money.

Sorry, I have no white guilt. Take care of yourself like every other adult is expected to do.
Posts: 1135
Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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Stee_man - It is the same with the hispanic community. What can YOU do for us. what can YOU give us. Why don't YOU except us. Our culture says WE need to behave this way and if you want us to change you need to pay for it.

I am not saying Jim Crowe wasn't prevalent in the south, I am not saying Chinese immigrants of 1800s weren't forced to do harsh labor. I am not saying Hispanics and Irish were not forced to take the crap, dangerous and low paying jobs. But how many Irish, or Chinese advocacy groups are out there demanding YOU pay more to solve their social ills.

Every Race, Class, or Group of society is going to have their share of pieces of **** stinking up that group, but like you point out the so called leaders will not call those individuals out, they will only demand more resources from the rest of us.
Posts: 1308
Incept: 2007-11-27

gig harbor wa
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Beautiful Charleston, SC but go to N CHS same story on the news EVERY day. Black on Black shootings. One of the more liberal areas in SC.
Had the privilege of driving I5 though Seattle yesterday. The whole corridor looks like a dump, with tents up.
Posts: 490
Incept: 2008-02-16

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15 years ago I went to a bachelor party at the inner harbor, one of the few safe places in the city. I came down stairs to the lobby at about midnight and there were bloody foot prints and a pool of blood. They put a danger tent by it so no one would slip. The desk clerk seemed unconcerned. I went outside and there was a man helping a woman with a horrible head wound. I said I saw the blood inside and he informed me that that must have been a different stabbing as he saw her get stabbed right here. I never returned to the city proper. Baltimore is never in the local news here because they only report the good in the community and nothing good goes on in Baltimore. Dundock, Easton and Middle River are kinda cool places though.
Posts: 6
Incept: 2013-12-31

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Rep. Elijah Cummings and his wife used a charity for improper self-enrichment.....See story here -->
Posts: 1475
Incept: 2010-05-25

Houston, Texas
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I was talking just last night with my SO about inner cities and such.
We had heard some **** head pontificating about the lack of opportunity, jobs,and economic advancement in these ****holes....
She asked me:

"If it's so bad, within jobs or chance to succeed, why haven't these idiots moved somewhere else???"

And, the only answer is:
"Because they want us to spend to spend our money to fix the **** hole that they made.

A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns. --Mario Puzo

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. -- Henry Ford
Posts: 144
Incept: 2011-12-08

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Didn't Trump once say if the state/locals couldn't stop crime in Baltimore, he would send in the national guard?

I don't think he should do that. We don't want *racist* troops being called out on the news every night. Instead, Trump should just keep shaming community leaders who don't come out against crime by their own people.

Hey Obama and Jesse Jackson, how come you are so quiet about your people killing each other? Shouldn't they be trying harder in school? <Crickets chirping>
Posts: 1135
Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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Maynard - Yup from Portland to Seattle, I travel from Vancouver WA to Olympia fairly frequently, the stretch of I-5 between the two is not bad, but once you start getting into the cities, it becomes clear there is an issue with homelessness.
Posts: 414
Incept: 2012-11-20

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Our ancestors used to know that cities without proper hygiene rapidly became ****holes. Thanks to decades of 'Progress', we're now having to relearn that the hard way.
Posts: 73
Incept: 2019-04-03

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Stee_man with respect, you aren't looking in the right places. There are tons of black ministers saying point blank THE BIGGEST KILLERS OF BLACK MEN IN THE USA ARE BLACK MEN.

This was central to the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, wife cheater that he was. Even more central to his radical counterpoint Malcom X who practiced what he preached. Malcom was the true warrior of principle.

What nobody really expected was a literal war for control of the black community ensued. A literal shooting war. All these guys like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, a few other names, that dick-bag Elijah Mohammed, other nefarious creeps I could name just fed themselves like pigs at the trough when these two men got executed and I despise them with the vehemence that you guys have for the Fed. Charlatans! Traitors!

One day I would be honored to tell you the story about how we invaded the town of Cummings Georgia. It was just another southern town where the word was "****** don't let the sun set on you in this town".

Well we came back. With a few hundred thousand of our close personal friends from the Southern Baptist Leadership Conference and we took their town. THE WHOLE TOWN. Not just that but the Klu Klux Klan showed up in full regalia. I finally got to see what a "Grand Dragon" looks like.

They looked like drag queens on halloween.

I do have this horrible image from that. I saw this really pretty gal, red haired, blue eyed, fair skinned beautiful woman but her face was all screwed up with hate and she was shouting ****** GO HOME ****** GO HOME and what hurt worse is she had this beautiful blond haired child by the hand and the child's face was all screwed up with hate and she was shouting ****** GO HOME ****** GO HOME and that one hurt. That one got me. Oh crap. Now we got the kids hating on each other.

That was like 35 years ago and I still carry that hurt. I have prayed for that mom and child since then and I hope they found a way to ditch the hate and be the beautiful people they were so obviously created to be.

Posts: 115
Incept: 2012-05-04

The Lone Star State
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Baltimore is a short train ride from the national feeding trough in DC, that it still can't get people to live there says a lot.

I grew up in the area, Baltimore has been a dangerous crime ridden place my whole life, though I understand it was much better in the 50s and 60s. It's a shame what has happened there - season 2 of the wire touches on it.

If you are still in possession of your life, all avenues are open.
--Mauno Koivisto
Posts: 62
Incept: 2018-09-19

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Underclass proverty and violence are much desired by politicians, they never implemented policies that could to solve or lessen the problem instead they implement policies to milk and aggravate the problems for power and profit. Every month my county sponsors free narcan training and you leave with a "free" can of narcan. There is a lot of money and power leveraging social disfunction.

Posts: 334
Incept: 2011-04-08

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Kinda tired of hearing the cry of the "help us's". Local TV has the poor hungry children in Africa commercial running non-stop. Had they not killed off the white farmers and destroyed the infrastructure that they benefit from, might they not be starving?

Regularly watch the hispanics use their WIC (women infants children welfare cards) to pay and enter their 2018 crew cab truck in the parking lot.

Gonna come to a head sometime soon and it'll get sporty. Been confronted and threatened by 4 of the Chicago class. Mr. Kalashnikov provided "technical support" that evening allowing me to checkmate without imperial entanglement.

Looking into rural central Montana to limit the fun and games brought on by the multitude of upcoming ugly scenarios possible.

Posts: 125
Incept: 2015-02-26

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My cousin lived in Dundalk for most of his life. Your misspelling of the name reminded me of an old joke about the city. It goes something like this:

A boat of Italians were preparing to land in the area to the east of Baltimore. As they approached the land, the guys in the boat started yelling "don' dock, don' dock" and that is how Dundalk got its name. smiley

I haven't been there in over 30 years but when I last visited, areas on the shoreline on the bay were acceptable...the rest was a **** hole with lots of crime. Not sure what it's like now.
Posts: 1624
Incept: 2013-02-13

Seagrove Beach
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**** the left, **** MSM

Rat bastards all of them. Not a big Trump fan, but call it like it is *******s.

Hurricane Evacuation Plan
1.Grab Beer
2.Run Like Hell
Posts: 1624
Incept: 2013-02-13

Seagrove Beach
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Rep. Elijah Cummings Baltimore Home Burglarized


BALTIMORE (WJZ) Baltimore Police are investigating after the home of Rep. Elijah Cummings was broken into early Saturday morning.

The burglary occurred around 3:40 a.m. at his Baltimore home in the 2000 block of Madison Avenue.

LOL can't make this **** up!

Hurricane Evacuation Plan
1.Grab Beer
2.Run Like Hell
Posts: 6566
Incept: 2009-03-21

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Given how the recriminations have been flowing back and forth about Baltimore being a 3rd world ****hole and how all sorts of money intended to aid the city to solve its problems has disappeared, maybe Cummings was worried about his home being raided to search for evidence of his criminal past. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if it were an inside job (i.e., arranged by Cummings himself) in order to remove incriminating evidence and loads of cash that he has been skimming for years.

". . . the Constitution has died, the economy welters in irreversible decline, we have perpetual war, all power lies in the hands of the executive, the police are supreme, and a surveillance beyond Orwells imaginings falls into place." - Fred Reed
Posts: 2292
Incept: 2009-07-08

38320 / 07849
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They were just trying to remove the rats.

"But like every one of the super-states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace." - Rod Serling, 1961.
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