Hoh Hoh: Epstein Accused of Witness Tampering
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2019-07-13 13:37 by Karl Denninger
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Hoh Hoh: Epstein Accused of Witness Tampering
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And now we know what will be part of the Bail hearing Monday....

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jailed American financier Jeffrey Epstein made payments to two potential witnesses seeking to influence them in the child sex trafficking case against him late last year, prosecutors said late on Friday.

This is especially damning conduct if the government can prove it -- and it looks like they can.  I assume this means they have a lot more when it comes to financial records, since the allegation is that these were wire transfers, which are trivially traced and, of course, since The Fed is the clearing agent for them any wire transfer is immediately and indelibly traceable to you.

Prosecutors said Epstein paid $100,000 in November to a person identified in his 2007 non-prosecution agreement as a possible co-conspirator. They said he paid $250,000 in December to another person identified in the agreement as a possible co-conspirator and employee.

The payments were made shortly after the Miami Herald began publishing a series of articles about Epstein, who was known for socializing with politicians and royalty.

His argument could be, of course, that those payments were for some legitimate service.  But he's going to have to prove that; the amounts in question and the timing, unless these were recurring payments made to these individuals over a significant period of time, is going to weigh heavily on the court.

Monday will be interesting indeed.

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User Info Hoh Hoh: Epstein Accused of Witness Tampering in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 111
Incept: 2015-02-26

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If Epstein gets bail on Monday youll know the fix is afoot.

If that is the case, I wonder how long hell live?
Posts: 15725
Incept: 2007-07-05
A True American Patriot!
N 47.72/ W 122.55
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Epstein makes bail.
Epstein has a tragic and fatal "accident."
Epstein's lawyers move to suppress the evidence against him.

"Me and my homies woulda been stackin' bodies by now."
-George Washington
Posts: 444
Incept: 2013-02-13

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Things are going to get out of control, and we will lucky to live through it.

Everything about this stinks, and the people who will be found to be covered in the **** may well be everywhere. I have always discount various theories...Now? Maybe not so much.
Posts: 260
Incept: 2009-05-11

Davenport, Fl
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I'm looking for odds on him not "making" it till Monday.
Anyone? Vegas? Daddy needs a payday!

Posts: 30
Incept: 2018-09-19

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My prediction. He's not going to get bail. He's getting a lengthy sentence and if he wanted to tell on anyone, no one wants him spilling any beans. The public will never know who was involved or what it was all about. They are going to make all about him and only about him. They got their man, and they will throw away the key. The 'limited hangout' method in action. Ghislane Maxwell is probably his controller will be airbrushed out of any legal proceedings like she never existed.
Heck, do we even know if when people like this are sent prison do we really know if they're there serving a sentence.
Posts: 783
Incept: 2009-01-09

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Epstein wishes he were an illegal alien they are the only ones above the law according to the Left.
Posts: 2
Incept: 2019-07-15

east bay ca
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James Patterson wrote a non-fiction book called Filthy Rich several years ago. Covered a lot of ground that is seen now. I wonder why it took so long to start an investigation.
Posts: 1470
Incept: 2013-02-13

Seagrove Beach
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Jeffrey Epstein willing to post $100 million bail

Hurricane Evacuation Plan
1.Grab Beer
2.Run Like Hell
Posts: 291
Incept: 2011-06-12

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Jeffrey Epstein willing to post $100 million bail

If I were a Judge, that statement alone would be enough for me to deny bail.

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