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2019-07-10 12:18 by Karl Denninger
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The actual mandate is for maximum employment and stable prices.

Stable means unchanging.

Several Congresscritters, including #donkey-mouth, have referenced "stable prices" but not one has pointed out, nor demanded, The Fed actually target stable prices, despite Powell repeatedly saying he has a 2% inflation target.

2% is not "stable"; it is exponentially increasing.

It is illegal.

And every single one of the ****heads in that room ought to be run out of office now for their flat-out refusal to demand that the law be actually followed.

There are 545 of "them" and 300 million of "us."

When do the 300 million decide that the 545 no longer have consent and give them three options -- cut that crap out, resign, "or else"?

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User Info Again NOT ONE QUESTION in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 11134
Incept: 2007-12-17

Saint Charles MO
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The question needs to be debated. Is 2% inflation advantageous to our economy? Would I with some money in the bank rather pay $102 for a widget next year than $100 for that very same widget? Or maybe it would be better in the long run if the widget was priced at $98 next year??

But no one seems to care. Sheep - we're sheep!

Maybe I'm wrong and inflation is good. (It is for me in my business) But it seems that for most people deflation might be advantageous. But it should be one of the most important public debates.

I think its time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that our founding fathers intended for us. Ronald Reagan 1964
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As the largest debtor this is their game to keep the con going for a bit longer. As I recall the US dollar gained 7% in buying power from 1800-1913 (not in a straight line, naturally, but overall it was stable).

I'm pretty much convinced the game it to inflate away the debts and sorry about your luck, citizens. Get used to the idea $20 for a gallon of milk

I was fired after 20 years from a well-paying job for BS reasons back in April, and the company fought unemployment so now I'm not even getting that. I've worked paid employment since I was 12, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, helping local farmers do whatever needed done - and this bitch government cannot spring for $500 a week for UE? But can spend BILLIONS for millions of illegals?

I'm in no hurry to find another job, just working on my running and getting in better shape (keto ftw) but I will say I cannot wait for this nation to burn in a sea of fire from coast to coast.

It's dead, but needs to die publically and in a way people cannot deny it.

I have never wished to cater to the crowd; for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve I do not know. - Epicurus
Oderint dum metuant - Caligula & Police State USA
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Incept: 2018-09-19

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The Fed does not do what it claims to do, and it hasn't forever. And we don't know, and aren't allowed to know, who owns it. So we know it is a fraud, purposeful fraud.
So rather than railing against it for not being what isn't a better plan would to explore what it actually is. It has debased money and engineers perpetual inflation. So its job is to impoverish the general public and transfer wealth to the private owners of the Fed and allow a guns and butter government deficit policies that harm everyone. The first Fed chairman was Eugene Meyer, father of Katherine Graham of The Washington Post, and he was a Lazard Freres banker. Not quite Rothchild not not so far off either.
My contention is 545 members plus a president and 9 Supreme Court Justices do not control us, but the people behind them do, out them, and break them, and cut the strings on this puppet theater once and for all. Katherine The Great by Deborah Davis is a good book at showing the web of control. It was withdrawn by its publisher before publication due to pressure. The book that was ultimately published details how it was suppressed by Mrs. Graham, that supposed champion of the 1st Amendment (at least when going after and toppling Republican Nixon).
Posts: 8042
Incept: 2008-03-23

The Green Mountain State
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People are behaving as though the Fed owes them higher assets prices.

This is totally off the rails.
Posts: 1144
Incept: 2017-06-27

The People's Republic of New York
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the people who like rising asset prices are people who have or think that they have assets. the latter could be in for a rude awakening.

it used to be that people cared about the affordability of necessary items and economic stability for the next generation such as their children and by extension those of everyone.

when a society fails, assets approach zero monetary value and younger generations are needed for protecting older generations. my parents used to say to shortsighted people during the 80's economic insanity, "it is your children who might feed you when your things are worth nothing. be careful what you worship."

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
snow, seasons, distance and dirt roads: SSDD
"Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Gal. 6:7)
Posts: 8363
Incept: 2007-09-10

Scottsdale, AZ
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Just the BS fed speak since January has driven the markets to new highs even though in real numbers earnings are dropping and growth is definitely slowing. If we removed all the stock buybacks and phony accounting, this market would be closer to 20k then 27k.
The Fed is nothing but a crack dealer for the wealthy and connected the real people running this government. I noticed an upgrade in WW this morning. I have been following it for awhile and it was in a noticeable downtrend. In the past week that stopped and someone was accumulating a lot of it. Magically, it was upgraded this morning. These clowns are front running their upgrades and it doesn't take much to see it. The entire financial markets are fixed that would make a casino owner blush. The intentional fraud is so obvious that it has become the norm.
We saw this out here in the 2018 elections when the dems kept voting open for 2 weeks after the election and stole over 10 seats doing it. It was a test to see if anyone really cared and the answer was NO. This is why the next election will be a bloodbath of fraud. We have a new Normalcy bias in this country and it isn't good.
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Seagrove Beach
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The stock market is at all times highs

Hurricane Evacuation Plan
1.Grab Beer
2.Run Like Hell
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A True American Patriot!
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Winding it down.
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