Facebook Must Be Criminally Charged: Racketeering
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2019-07-10 10:10 by Karl Denninger
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Facebook Must Be Criminally Charged: Racketeering
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This is an open, public statement of incitement to commit and specific involvement in a conspiracy to commit felonious behavior:

A Community Standards update published by Facebook states (emphasis mine); “Do not post: Threats that could lead to death (and other forms of high-severity violence) of any target(s) where threat is defined as any of the following:

Statements of intent to commit high-severity violence; or

Calls for high-severity violence (unless the target is an organization or individual covered in the Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy)….”

May I remind you that Facebook claims the private right to declare someone a "Dangerous Individual" -- without due process of law.

In fact Laura Loomer has just filed a monstrous defamation lawsuit on exactly these grounds -- Facebook's designation of her as same without evidence or due process of law.

This "policy" is an outrageous and, I believe, felonious act. That liability does not just extend to the corporate either; it reaches all the executives, directors and officers, most especially the CEO Zuckerberg.

Lock this ********** up, destroy the company -- or both -- by any means necessary.

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User Info Facebook Must Be Criminally Charged: Racketeering in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 11134
Incept: 2007-12-17

Saint Charles MO
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If it's legal for Facebook to determine what is published on their website it should be legal for anyone to do this. But the liberal wackos won't stand for that. I feel a real shooting civil war coming. The rednecks in America will win that fight if it escalates. The liberals have to walk a fine line to intimidate the rednecks without escalation. I don't see that happening.

I think its time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that our founding fathers intended for us. Ronald Reagan 1964
Posts: 157993
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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@Themortgagedude -- It's only legal up until they obtain one of two things -- market power, or they infuse themselves into the economy to a degree that they become an effective public accommodation.

Then it's not -- under 100+ year old law.

But nobody goes to prison any more if they run a large company. Even when they outwardly and publicly incite violence up to and including murder.

Winding it down.
Posts: 111484
Incept: 2007-08-26

East Tennessee Eastern Time
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Ha! Threaten to nuke (real nuke!) gun owners and you get to run for president.

To think, simple murder, promoted by a company... ****. They'll rule the world.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.

Posts: 11134
Incept: 2007-12-17

Saint Charles MO
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In my hometown area the State of Illinois has decided to ban Condederate Railroad from playing at the DuQuoin State Fair. JB Pritzker made this decision because it offended people. I have no problem at all with this. Just pay the band and remove them. What I have a problem with is Snoop Dog is playing the other state fair in Springfield and his new album cover shows a dead President Trump. It seems quite a double standard. Actions such as this are most likely to produce civil disobedience in Southern Illinois.

Illinois is now a deeply a deeply red state if you get south of Kankakee. It is very blue in Chicago. The collar counties are rather purple. I look for the State of Illinois to split in two in my lifetime. Most likely under the next Republican Governor.

I think its time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that our founding fathers intended for us. Ronald Reagan 1964
Posts: 3
Incept: 2019-03-23

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So Facebook can now target individuals they dont like with violence. I guess the next step is Facebook posses and prisons. Yea nothing wrong here. Simply amazing what we put up with. Wonder when the tolerance runs out.
Posts: 8363
Incept: 2007-09-10

Scottsdale, AZ
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It's comical how FB can block or ban people and Trump can't do the same on Twitter. Two sides of the same coin.'
Posts: 778
Incept: 2015-01-29

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They obviously don't have a legal department that can tell those high-functioning autistic snowflakes that you're not supposed to encourage people to murder others that you don't like. But then, they probably don't need a legal department since NO ONE with the power to charge, arrest and try them for those crimes is ever going to do so, for any reason.

And again, if Trump won't even defend his inner circle from these thugs, he sure as **** isn't going to lift a finger to reign those executives in when they come after us.

"I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next 10 generations that some favors come with too high of a price." -Vir Cotto Babylon 5
Posts: 171
Incept: 2017-05-03

The South
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This will get **** canned as soon as someone is attacked in real life and can point back to a FB post seen by the attacker. Billion is spelled with a "B".
Posts: 5947
Incept: 2010-06-25

Peoples' Republik of Maryland
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What comes after the ellipsis (in Paul Joseph Watson's comment) in the Face**** Community Guidelines is just as worrisome to me:

"...or is described as having carried out violent crimes or sexual offenses, wherein criminal/predator status has been established by media reports, market knowledge of news events etc."

A news article that Face**** deigns as credible is all it takes. Not charges, not court, nothing but whatever Face**** says...

This company cannot be destroyed soon enough.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
Posts: 1144
Incept: 2017-06-27

The People's Republic of New York
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had to read that last line in your quote box multiple times to fully grasp how ****ed up they really are. it requires multiple readings as the mind will not let you perceive something so stupid as it holds others to your own standards.

this is like some sort of sick dream. how could people ever let it get this bad?

while i am busy getting sick on my dinner. years ago cults and some religions would brand "Dangerous Individuals" or similar code descriptions as an open policy statement that they can be subjected to things outside of the norms of generally recognized morality to say the least.

that's it. Facebook is a cult.

starting one's own religion is a good way to get rich. and no, this is not directed at anyone, just a statement of what is possible.

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
snow, seasons, distance and dirt roads: SSDD
"Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Gal. 6:7)
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