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2019-03-11 15:12 by Karl Denninger
in Technology , 64 references Ignore this thread
HomeDaemon-MCP 4.6.0 -- Errata
[Comments enabled]

Two problems have been identified and fixed in the HomeDaemon-MCP code that is in the freeware release at http://homedaemon.net.

The problems impact both the ARM32 (Pi2) and ARM64 (Pi3) versions.

The first issue, which is rated severe, relates specifically to events with time offsets (e.g. "[v Some_Variable]@00:20 = 0") which by way of example expresses a test for a variable that has been of value "0" for 20 minutes or more. A coding error in the statement and internal state classifier can, under certain conditions, cause any test with a time offset to evaluate incorrectly.  This can lead the system to not execute an event that should be run, or run one that should not.

The second issue, which is rated moderate, relates to the "zmodelock" command for thermostats.  This command can fail to actually prohibit mode changes and thus make ineffective manual user mitigation of failed HVAC units (e.g. setting the thermostat to a "locked off") state.  Since a user can accomplish the same intended goal by setting the setpoint well above or below the ambient temperature, and that mitigation is fully effective, this issue is rated "moderate" rather than "severe."

Both issues are corrected in v4.6.1; if you are using the freeware version for evaluation purposes please contact me directly using the information on the right and I will direct you to a replacement binary.  No other changes need be made to the downloaded image and replacement of the impacted binary is simple.  A full download of the SD card image is not required; the SD images have been temporarily disabled and will be replaced when the new full builds are complete.


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