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2018-01-31 11:30 by Karl Denninger
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SOTU: Tickerguy's Take
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So here it is, the next day, having had a nice sleep on the words and some time to fact-check a few things.

First and foremost, it was an attempt at an "uplifting" speech.  I say attempt because unfortunately Trump couldn't muster a few things that actually define such.

Let's start with the good, because there was some.  The facts on ISIS were good, and Trump can legitimately take credit for a large part of it, along with the change in the military rules-of-engagement in various theaters.  Those are plenary executive authorities, and thus rise and fall with the President as CIC.

But there most of the good news ends, and it's unfortunate.  Among the bad news was Trump's capitulation on amnesty, which ought to cost him the next election and ought to also cost him The House.  It is flatly unacceptable to provide amnesty of any sort to 1.8 million illegal immigrants no matter how they got here since they have benefited tremendously from American largesse already.

Specifically, each and every one of them who has gone to a public school has stolen more than $100,000 worth of schooling to which they were not entitled.  Many if not most have also stolen medical benefits and similar again, to which they were not entitled.  It does not matter if they intentionally did this of their own volition or not; they were the beneficiaries and American citizens got the cost, of which I can easily total up more than $200 billion in aggregate, or more than $1,000 per actual taxpaying citizen that has been stolen in either actual cash or accrued national debt that said citizens will be expected to pay.  No consideration of any sort should be given to any kind of permanent "protection" until and unless every penny of that has been repaid, with interest.

Second, irrespective of repayment these people jumped the line.  This is a grave insult to all who wish to immigrate to this nation and who must prove that they are worthy, including being both willing and able to follow all of the laws of this country -- which I remind you includes paying all your taxes.  As a good friend of someone who recently was naturalized and who is fully-aware of exactly what that entailed, along with having attended her swearing as a citizen, I find this outrageously insulting to those who have worked tirelessly to earn their citizenship and thus can never support it.  She, incidentally, has gone on to wear the uniform as well.

What I could support is the ability to stay here in the United States subject to paying off all of the largesse they have received, keeping a spotless criminal record with nothing more serious than a speeding ticket looking both forward and back and with their final "regularization" delayed until all of same is paid back and their turn in line comes up, having submitted their names and taken that place in line when the policy is changed.  In short they are all public charges right now and must cure that before being considered.  Even then the "reward" must not be naturalization, which must be barred, but rather lawful permanent residency, which is immediately revoked for any felony charge, except if found not guilty, even if pled down to a lesser-included misdemeanor.

On chain migration the AP claims that there is a huge backlog that makes the removal of it a non-event.  Well, if it's a non-event why are the Democrats so opposed to it?  The AP is lying, in short, and deserves an asteroid strike on their headquarters and for their entire executive staff to fall victim to fatal and painfully-so disease.

But I want to leave policy aside here because the spectacle crap has risen to a level that was vomit-inducing.

It's common for the President and others to invite people to the House Gallery for the speech.  In fact, if you want to see it live you basically have to have some sort of patronage relationship with someone or be about to be used as a prop.  The use of invited guests as props is nothing new, but the use of children, including an infant, which the President did twice, was the sort of "heartstring-tugging" theater that had exactly zero policy implication yet it has received a ridiculous amount of attention -- and adulation -- on Twatter and elsewhere.

The story about some pregnant woman about to inject herself with heroin who gives up her baby for adoption sounds like a piece out of a fairy tale, especially when adorned with the claim that God spoke to the cop -- who then asked his wife (the two of them already having four kids) and she immediately said "yes" like a good little obedient God-servant.  Really?  Oh, by the way, what happened to the woman?  You know, the person afflicted with a heroin addiction?  What's the backstory on that?  Did her addiction start with legal opioids and thus implicate Trump (and his predecessors) with their willful refusal to prosecute drug company executives along with clinics and doctors?  That was, of course conveniently omitted but it's the real story here and not one news outlet has seized on it or reported on it, nor have they run down the woman to find out what happened to her.

You see a heroin addict isn't cute and cuddly, while a baby brought into the House Gallery, well, now that is a perfect prop.  Especially when you have the prototypical couple; a shapely wife, a taller and "robust" looking cop, and of course God who does the literal booming voice from the heavens game just at the right moment.  That's theater folks, and what's worse it ignores what actually happened that led to the situation in the first place, because if we focused on that we'd find real ugliness that points straight back at Trump, Sessions and the cops including the so-called "hero" himself.

The other, a boy who noticed the lack of flags on veterans headstones, is less-offensive -- but no less intentional on the part of the President.  I applaud that kid's initiative, but deplore a sitting President who thinks it's appropriate to use his desire to honor those who spent their lives in service of the country as an applause-gathering device.

The one person who I saw that had a measured response yet was an invited prop was the military member (Coast Guard) who Trump outlined -- Ashlee Leppert.  She didn't look happy at the pomp and circumstance and was quite-reserved -- and, in my opinion, properly so.  She's a credit to the uniform and the armed services, both in following the orders of her CIC and in not attempting to play the grin for the camera game.  We need more service members like her, irrespective of branch.

Finally, let me point out something about style.  I've given a lot of speeches but I've never provided my own applause.  That was ridiculously over-the-top and in-your-face self-congratulatory, never mind the fact that the slow-walk-clap was of course picked up by the lectern's microphone and amplified which produced a fingernails-on-chalkboard type of response in me.

That, I found, was the most-ridiculous act of the entire night, and it was the defining factor of the 80 minutes Trump spent at the lectern.


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User Info SOTU: Tickerguy's Take in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 1939
Incept: 2009-03-09

avoiding yellow snow
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Good framing of the SOTU. Over the top theater. Even if DACAs get a green card, the process for the I-130 (petition for alien relative) is a very long slog and any relative who has entered or stayed in the country illegally won't be covered. That is why Dems are pushing (but won't get) to legalize everyone asap (Most DACAs expire next year, and if R's win the mid-terms, 1.8m DACAs will be up for deportation next year). I've been trying to get a colleague into the country and its been really frustrating to see others jump the line. Only good news is that DACA is closed and the waiting period for chain migration is very, very long (ie slow walking by the USCIS). The USCIS last quarter approved 130k "chains" and now has about 1.3m pending.....

Democrats can do all the arm waving they want, it won't help if Kirstjen Nielsen puts the brakes on the immigration train.
Posts: 2
Incept: 2018-01-02

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I am curious if Trump is offering the illegalcrats a bearbug deal on immigration. I am curious if Trump offered that deal knowing the illegalcrats would reject he can begin the squeeze.
Posts: 84
Incept: 2017-04-29

DeKalb, Illinois
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I wonder how many of the illegal alien males have registered for the draft? Failing to register is a felony, which would make them ineligible for citizenship. I served with quite a few Latinos in Vietnam. My Dad served with many during World War Two. In Silvis, Illinois, there is a street named Heroes Street, dedicated to the Mexican ethnics from that town who were awarded decorations for heroism during our many wars.

With the rather peculiar worship of the military in our society, it will be interesting to see the Democrats dance around this issue. I suspect that most of the Dreamers did not so register.
Posts: 293
Incept: 2009-12-07

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"It is flatly unacceptable to provide amnesty of any sort to 1.8 million illegal immigrants no matter how they got here since they have benefited tremendously from American largesse already."

Exactly. Once Illegal, Always Illegal, That is it. Anything else makes a mockery of the system and law abiding citizens.

In India, we do still better. We provide amnesty to bandits, who plunder villages,******girls and shoot people ( We don't stop at that. We elect them too.

By the same token, I am also against Presidential Pardons. IMO, this gives a political twist to a judicial matter! Once a guy has exhausted his judicial options and still stays convicted, he is a convict. When a President pardons a convict, he subverts the judicial system. Then where is the value of a judicial system?
Posts: 110
Incept: 2017-06-26

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Regarding illegals and what they've stolen:

I've said this before (and it's worth repeating) ... I'm old enough to remember when I could drive someone to the emergency room and expect to be greeted at the door by a man ( they called themselves "orderlies") dressed in white cloths with clean, well polished shoes... They would open the door and/or help the patient out of the car into a wheelchair. Where I lived we never had to wait more than a few minutes before being seen by an emergency room doctor. The patient was often just wheeled right into a room where the doctor was waiting.... This was the "quality of life" enjoyed by American citizens. Now. It. Is. Gone... By and large this quality of life that I used to enjoy was also enjoyed in every institution across the country. I remember a time, for example, when most of the public schools where not the totally overcrowded ****holes that they are now. Now the hellhole schools are as full of "diversity" as the liberals are of ****e.

I remember a time when I could drive just outside of a city like Phoenix ( 10 miles or so outside of the city) and not hardly see another car on the road. In fact, out in the Southwestern states I could drive with the convertible top down and the wind in my hair on the back roads and not see another car for miles... The feeling of freedom was amazing. That's living! That's quality of life! Now the same roads are congested with diversity, and in the big cities traffic is a cluster ****.... This is what "diversity" has done: made a big ****ing mess of the American Dream. Yesterday I was driving in Houston (the forth largest city in Amerika) and I can report that it's been totally transformed into a diversity hole. The traffic was a nightmare even after 9:30am. And do you know who are flooding the roads to overcapacity? Hint: it's not white people.

Houston hospitals used to be counted as the best in the world. Now they are diversity holes. It's not uncommon for the wait time in the emergency room to be more than 10 hours! And the dirty little secret is the wait time are making the difference between life and death. Take, for example, this flu season: do you really want to drive your sick mother down to the ER and and as the hours drag by watch her health fail as one little foreign baby after another is bumped to the front of the line just because they are babies? I got news for you: people are dying because the ERs are overwhelmed by "diversity"... And the ****ing Marxists have brought our country down into the third world.

Here's the bottom line: tens of millions of illegals and their ****ing children have stolen not only our quality of life, but in some cases our very lives.

I could go on and on about how the Marxists ( think: Obama) have transmogrified America into a diversity hole. But you get the idea.

Lastly, the so called "Dreamers" have no ****ing right to be named as such. Dreamer is just another term that's been stolen from the true "Dreamers", i.e., American citizens. They are not Dreamers. They are criminals...

Finally: Regarding Trump's state of the Union:

I found many good things therein; not least of which is every time Trump clapped his hands it was like a slap in the face to the Criminal Mastermind of the Senate, aka Chuck Schumer, and all the other ****ing Demi-demons. My hope is that Trump triggers the Dirty Dems to the point of total hysteria. It is also my hope that this hysteria shall in turn cause the Dirty Dems to push for a breakup of the Union. Maybe I'm a very big dreamer, but it's my dream to be separated from the Marxists... I hope the state of the Union is broken into those of whom desire Marxism and those of whom don't.

I still support Donald Trump for crucial reasons I don't have time to elaborate on right now. But thank you Karl for expressing your honest and valued opinion. You do exceptionally good work.
Posts: 272
Incept: 2008-10-19

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LOL. Marxists? You better think not only Obama but Bush jr., Clinton, HW Bush, and even Chump. Prolly damn near every Prez in my lifetime and then some. When are people gonna wake up to the fact they are puppets serving a military dictatorship. ya see? Who are the puppet masters? Do some research. Don't forget to include all of CONgress too. SOTU was nothing but pure theater folks. All staged.
Posts: 1428
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Well, the strings attached to the 1.8m DACA are a pretty high hurdle for them to successfully achieve citizenship in 12 years. They have to be working or not on the public dole, educated -at least high school, speak english, no violations of the law. How many do you think will get There? 100k, 200k? Maybe.

If the dems don't approve this bill, which kills chain migration, the visa lottery and reduces the number of legal immigrants, then DACA expires and they all go home.

Meanwhile DHS and ICE are working overtime to ship illegals and overstays back home. There will be a wall, and until then, the border patrol and immigration LEO is being stepped up at ports and points of entry.

Next up, please, e-verify!
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