Digital Ocean FreeBSD Users: HEADS UP!
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2018-01-13 19:33 by Karl Denninger
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Digital Ocean FreeBSD Users: HEADS UP!
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Just a quick and important note if you have FreeBSD servers spun up on Digital Ocean.

Go in there right now, snapshot each and every one of them, and make sure you can create a droplet from the snapshot that comes up correctly -- including most-particularly with the correct new IP address for the new droplet and that it can be "seen" from the Internet at large.

I have identified a problem that occurs under certain conditions.  Be warned that if you get bit by this your backups using their facility, which use the snapshot mechanism as well, are very nearly worthless as they will only boot once, and not correctly at that.  The second time you attempt to boot it, if you reset the droplet, you will not be able to get root at all as the failure appears to damage some part of the authentication system that sudo relies on during the first boot and as a result sudo will segfault.

This has been reported to them and I am NOT going to go into details here at this time although I have a very good idea what is causing it.  I do not know if this also impacts Linux droplets but given what I've been able to determine thus far it may.  I discovered the problem yesterday evening while doing testing in advance of a software update planned for today.

Do not power down or reset a droplet that you cannot successfully snapshot and clone, or which you have not yet tested, until I'm sure this is safe.

It may not be.

Contact me offline if you get screwed and do not reset a screwed server; the first time it is recoverable, at least far enough to get your data off or the box back online.  I do not know if it's recoverable in its entirety yet if it happens to you; I'm working on that.

Update 1/13 23:56 - I know what the problem is and it's recoverable without DO's intervention.  It stemmed from a security audit update that you may have (read that: should have!) performed -- if you did, you're in trouble if you have to reboot or restore your droplet.  Let me know if you need to know how to mitigate this but whatever you do, if it does NOT come up normally, do not reset it again as you will lose access to sudo and be hosed!

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Does this mean we now know which cloud provider Hawaii was using?
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