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2018-01-07 20:56 by Karl Denninger
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Breathe deep the gathering gloom
Watch lights fade from every room

Bedsitter people look back and lament
Another day's useless energy spent

Impassioned lovers wrestle as one;
Lonely man cries for love and has none

New mother picks up and suckles her son
Senior citizens wish they were young

Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colours from our sight
Red is grey is yellow white
But we decide which is right

And which is an illusion

Rest in peace Ray Thomas.

One by one the men and women who made music I listened to in my youth fade away.....

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User Info In Tribute in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 682
Incept: 2011-06-12

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RIP -- they were one of my favorite groups back in the day.

The weather here was lousy today, so a friend and I watched a Beatles special about the 8 years they were together as a group that we recorded from PBS awhile back. Brought back a lot of memories.

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Posts: 1451
Incept: 2007-08-26
A True American Patriot!
San Antonio de Bexar de runover with illegals, Texas
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Ah yes, I remember it well.Days of Future past album/Moody Blues (Nights in White Satin). Always had it easy to get to on my 8 track about an hour before date had to be home. If that didn't work nothing would. More times than not it did the trick. God we had it good, short skirts, .25 gal gas, and truly no worries. We were so very lucky. We hit the "sweet spot" of the baby boomers and didn't even know it at the time. Any and everything was possible. One only needed to dream. RIP


Democracy is a conversation between 2 wolves & a sheep discussing what's for dinner. A Constitutional Republic is found when the sheep pulls out a gun & makes clear that his 2nd Amendment Right will be exercised should the wolves attempt to hold such a "vote."-KD 9-29-15

Reason: Clarification
Posts: 954
Incept: 2012-12-05

Huntsville, AL
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That led me directly to "Nights in White Satin", and then to "A Whiter Shade of Pale" followed by Neil Diamond's "America", ...

And I still don't know where it will come to a stop.

Thanks, Gen! And Rest in Peace, Ray!

Posts: 4257
Incept: 2007-12-11

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Long Vaseline....

Posts: 1012
Incept: 2008-12-09

Spokane WA
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Today, I felt that the Moody Blues should be the soundtrack of the day as I convert the front drum brakes to disc on a 1965 Falcon Club Wagon. Vintage vehicles deserve a good soundtrack. The phone is always shut off when I'm in the shop. Last weekend, my '66 Mustang received similar treatment, with Beatles '65 and Rubber Soul.

We'll miss you, sir. Great talent, now gone ahead of us.

Omne mendacium est.
Posts: 7205
Incept: 2007-11-30
A True American Patriot!
Time to feed the chickens.
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They were far ahead of their time.

I still have all of their albums and a phonograph to play them on.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, and not our Darkness, that most frightens us. -- Marianne Williamson
Posts: 11
Incept: 2009-12-28

Desert Southwest
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Very disappointed that it took so long for the MB to get inducted into the Rock HoF. Same with Deep Purple. At least they are finally in. Thanks for the joy you gave to countless others through your gift of music. God bless.

Trust but verify except if the government is involved then just verify.
Posts: 185
Incept: 2008-02-23

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I was so sad to hear of Ray Thomas passing away. I immediately went to Youtube and played my favorite Ray Thomas composition, Legend of a Mind, quickly followed by Eternity Road. Of course, Nights in White Satin wouldn't have been complete without his flute solo.

It's funny how you never know how you're going to react when you hear of someone's passing. I shed a tear for Ray Thomas. Job well done. RIP

Posts: 308
Incept: 2010-06-10

Denver, CO
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"Nights in White Satin" was the first thing I learned how to play on the keyboard; I taught myself to play it by ear. Including Ray Thomas' flute solo.

Rest in peace, Ray Thomas. I hope you've now found the Lost Chord.

"There is a ready solution for anyone on the public payroll who feels that he is not paid enough: He can resign and work for a living. This applies with equal force to Congressmen, Welfare 'clients,' school teachers, generals, garbage collectors, and judges." - Ira Johnson
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