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2017-11-20 16:27 by Karl Denninger
in Small Business , 163 references Ignore this thread
More HomeDaemon-MCP Capabilities *
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For a bit of background see this article, or check out the page at

The software now has had added to it a quite-complete Amcrest IP camera interface.  It is capable of triggering events on any of:

  • Motion
  • Audio (either "any" or "above threshold")
  • SD card removed (if you have one in the unit)
  • Dry contact (these cameras have a user-selectable normally closed or open input on the back; quite useful for things like a door or window switch, for example.
  • Attempted hacking (e.g. repeated authentication failures)

These capabilities should be functional against any "modern" Amcrest IP camera with reasonably-recent firmware.

In addition at any time (not just on the triggering of these events, but any event HomeDaemon recognizes) each camera can be instructed to take a snapshot with optional motion to a pre-set point occurring first.  The snapshot can be taken as a "regular" (subject to roll-off) or "protected" (in a folder not subject to roll-off) image.  The software has configurable limits for the maximum number of snapshots to keep and the minimum file space that must be available on whatever device is used for same, and it will manage space as required to remain within those limits.

The snapshot and "grab" functions are all implemented over "https" (and require it) since the provision of a username and password to the camera is required and while the cameras supports "digest" authentication (better than "Basic", which Amcrest recently removed -- thank God!) MD5 digests are not particularly secure.  It is strongly recommended that the storage volume for retrieved snapshots not be on the system boot device (e.g. a plugged-in USB stick is appropriate) to prevent the possibility of trouble with that device causing problems for the running system.  Once stored having a timed job or listener transfer images as you wish to an offsite location is a matter of trivial implementation since there is a full FreeBSD operating system running under the HomeDaemon-MCP code and the files stored are standard .JPGs with names based on the camera name, date and time.

Finally, all of this, like the rest of HomeDaemon MCP's operational capabilities, takes place under a high-performance multi-threaded implementation so as to be able to transact against multiple cameras at once.

Since the system includes certificate-based authentication already building in rights management (either on a subscription or purchase basis) would be quite easy to suit whatever business model you may have in mind.

Come check out the description and more info -- this code is for sale, all-rights and in source (written entirely in "C"), should you be looking to either establish to expand a home control firm with a security-related focus.  Click on the contact links on the right sidebar to get ahold of me -- and thanks!

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