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2016-05-10 12:40 by Karl Denninger
in Technology , 674 references Ignore this thread
Home Integration - Your Way *

I am pleased to announce that the Freeware version of HomeDaemon-MCP is now available for public download.

What is HomeDaemon?  It's a piece of software that runs on a commodity (and very inexpensive) computer, the Raspberry Pi2 under FreeBSD.  It is capable of secure web service, master/slave setups communicating using and secured by bilateral certificates (e.g. your pool is run by a second unit that communicates in real time with the primary, a third runs your sprinklers, etc over either WiFi or wired Ethernet), direct digital output and analog inputs along with both Zwave and X10 protocols for easy home automation.  The CM11 (with all its warts) and CM15 (much-preferred) for X10 and the Aeon Z-wave Gen-5 stick for Zwave are supported.  AES-encrypted inclusion and operation on Zwave (for devices that can handle it) works, the software is fully event-driven and unlike all the other existing products that want to force you into a "cloud" paradigm that the company publishing it owns it is self-contained yet accessible via SSL from anywhere over any web-capable device, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer complete with multiple security levels so you (and not someone else) control what can be seen and changed by any given person.

The freeware version does not support encryption (of any sort, including on the web interface), master/slave (since that requires encryption and certificate verification) or physical I/O, but is otherwise fully functional.  It is my hope that an outfit that does home automation, or some entrepreneurial outfit interested in same, will want to pick this up lock, stock and barrel.

This (the full version, of course) is what I use to run my own home, it's entirely written by myself in "C", is extremely fast and secure.

You don't need to allow unknown corporate interests into your house to have "available from anywhere" monitoring and control of your home and in fact you shouldn't.  HomeDaemon-MCP not only shows that it's possible, but that it can be done in a secure and efficient manner.


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