A Short Recap For Our Young People
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2014-06-18 08:15 by Karl Denninger
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A Short Recap For Our Young People *
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From the "speech" I posted (that no High School or College would ever ask me to give) -- but a bit more direct and to-the-point.

This is specifically aimed at all the young people who go along to get along, who do the minimum they can get by with, who suck off those around them (whether it be parents, boyfriends, girlfriends or otherwise) and who refuse to exhibit the basic principle of never give up; get stomped on in the ladder of life but make them mash your fingers to bloody stumps -- never, ever let go or stop trying to eat THEM instead.

Contemplate this folks:

You are here because one sperm won and millions of others lost.  Some of them were lazy and never had a chance.  But even of the ones that did their level damndest best, nearly all of them lost -- and "lost" means they found the door barred and no amount of effort mattered because they were not first.  Nonetheless they did not give up and fought literally until death.

When you were born you screamed and fought to get air.  Had you not you would have died right there, minutes after birth.

When, where, why and how did you ever get the idea that life is any different than what your primordial experience consisted of? Anyone that told you otherwise or silently let you believe otherwise throughout your life is wrong.

If you think life should be "fair" then you may as well blow your own brains out right now, so as to return the sperm that won to the same state as the millions that lost.


It's also bullshit and you know it.

So cut the crap and deal with the universe as it is.

You're good at something.  In fact, you're almost-certainly best at something.

Figure out what it is and then give it everything you got.

Make those who wish to best you do so only by defeating you when you have given everything you have, and if that happens (and it will) then learn how you were beaten, lick your wounds, add nourishment to your mind and body as required and adjust your aim so as to attack your next endeavor harder, more-precisely and with even more tenacity than the last.

How, where, and for what you fight for is up to you.  But make no mistake -- every single day you consciously decide to get off your ass and put calories down the pie hole and crap out the waste your body produces.  You consciously choose to fight and because you win (and live) other things lose (and die.)

That's reality, it's life, it's how the universe is, it's not fair and it's not supposed to be fair.

Simply put the only way you ever truly lose is when you give up.

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