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It's sad, really.

Yesterday should have been the end of it.  Perhaps it will be, but I sort of doubt it, although it likely is the beginning of the end.

The FDA committee rejected "booster" Covid shots for anyone not over 65 or at severe, high risk.  Listening to just part of the people who presented their cases on the negative side was ridiculously chilling; the data made clear that in young, non-morbid people the jabs are more-dangerous than the disease, which means the EUA in non-morbid young people was never appropriate in the first place and should have been withdrawn as soon as that was detected.  But the real stunner came when the FDA admitted it was originally going to use only the US "breakthrough" case rate as given by the CDC.  In May of this year the CDC deliberately stopped tracking infections that did not lead to hospitalization among the vaccinated, thus making the jabs look far more effective than they are, an intentional act that was intended to and did destroy data integrity.  The FDA changed their instructions to the panel and allowed consideration of the UK and Israeli data, and that was the end of that since both showed that the jabs were and are increasingly worthless with time and, much worse, that boosters didn't work in Israel; what looked like improvement when they initiated the program quickly reversed with a few short weeks.

There have been plenty of attempted hit pieces in the media too.  WXYZ in Detroit, which went fishing for stories of people unvaccinated dying, clearly intending to present a piece of yellow journalism, got more than they bargained for.  182,000+ responses of people who were injured or killed by the vaccines, to be precise, instead of what they asked about.  The funny thing is that the station is one that, in the past I've known to produce good journalism; they made somewhat of a name for themselves by busting auto workers who were taking their lunch break to down a six-pack while smoking what appeared to be a joint -- and then, of course, going back to the plant to clock in for the afternoon.

182,000 dead or seriously injured is a hell of a lot of people folks.

There are a very large number of people out there who think the answer is to "stab everyone."  Some of them are health-care workers who get their news from CNN or Fauci and can't be bothered to read source material.  Few of those health care workers are old enough to remember what Fauci did with AIDS, Bactrim and the 30,000 dead gay men that directly resulted from his "advocacy" against the use of same. History is written so you don't have to live through stupidity to learn from it, but apparently reading is no longer part of the list of expectations of citizens in the general public, say much less professionals.  One of the T-shirts running around is making the argument for "stab everyone" and which marks the wearer as fundamentally ignorant of both history and fact, which I saw last night locally, is available from multiple sources.

The irony of it is that of course it places Covid at the top, but conflates two things -- sterilizing vaccines which are not a bad thing at all and while they have both risks and benefits and intentionally non-sterilizing ones that are profoundly unsafe when a disease is endemic or, much worse, epidemic.

Specifically that shirt has both diphtheria and pertussis on it, which I noted the other day we intentionally changed the vaccine formula on and as a result screwed lots of young kids.  By the 1970s the United States was all but free of pertussis.  In young children it's an especially-nasty disease because along with the classic "whoop" that comes with the cough it often produces vomiting, and aspirated pneumonia is nasty. Think about inhaling hydrochloric acid, which is basically what happens (along with whatever else was in your stomach) if you aspirate vomit.  Even worse in infants for reasons not-well understood it sometimes produces respiratory arrest instead of coughing which, unless immediately detected kills the baby outright.

But as I noted Friday we deliberately ignored what we learned with pertussis.  Specifically, the disease was basically eradicated in the United States, even though to actually do so is impossible, as is the case with tetanus, since the disease-causing organisms can survive beyond humans.  Any disease that can do that, either because its a bacterium or a virus with animal reservoirs, cannot be eradicated short of destroying all life on the planet.  That obviously includes you, for those who are intellectually-challenged.

We had, with sterilizing vaccination (DTP) gotten the case rate down to about 1,000 cases a year in the entire United States.  Then we changed to DTaP in the 1990s, a non-sterilizing vaccine that, as we also found out a couple of decades later, wears off because its immunity is narrowly-focused exactly as is the case for the Covid-19 jabs that also generate a narrow and partial antibody response.  What happened?  The case rate went up by more than twenty times.

You'd think we would have learned from that particularly given that pertussis (whooping cough), while endemic in the United States, isn't all that huge of a thing.  Oh don't get me wrong -- if you roll the "1" it's a pretty nasty disease and when it happens to an infant it kills them about 4% of the time and about 1% of the time in kids from 1-5.  That's ugly, particularly considering that Covid-19 has managed to kill only about 400 kids under the age of 18 since the start of the pandemic.

If pertussis was anywhere near as virulent as Covid-19 the local coffin company would be making caskets for those under 3' tall at a rate wildly exceeding that of Covid-19 among all ages.  Thank God it isn't but that lesson should have ended the damned debate on non-sterilizing vaccines in any disease that is circulating in the population before it started.

Instead we have nurses running around off-duty with that shirt on, which serves to advocate for not only the stupidity we undertook with pertussis which was driven by the refusal of manufacturers to make a stand-alone tetanus shot -- the original DTP vaccine had a much higher adverse event risk and in adults only the tetanus part required re-application.  Since you can't get just a tetanus booster the public health argument gets complex since beyond childhood basically everyone needed nothing other than the tetanus component.  Thus the number harmed from the shot can exceed the benefit and that is why we changed it rather than the government producing under contract that which private industry refused to do.

What's worse is that there is now evidence that the pertussis protection from the jab we switched to also wears off!  It takes longer and, in adults pertussis is very rarely fatal but you can both get it and kill an infant since that vaccine is non-sterilizing.  The original DTP vaccine (which I got as a kid) produced durable, sterilizing and broad immunity to pertussis.  Not-so with DTaP which is what we jab all kids with today and what they're stuck with as DTP is no longer produced or used in the US.

Never mind that a huge percentage of said nurses are obese themselves and we've all known for a year and a half that this virus whacks fat people much more often than those who aren't.  Anyone could have lost close to 100lbs over the last 18 months without any extraordinary effort at all.  A 500 calorie deficit down the pie hole daily, a 500 calorie increase in expenditure or some combination that adds to it would have done it.  While 500 calories of increase in expenditure is quite a bit (about 4 miles of running per day) half that isn't hard at all; a mile or two of walking coupled with less than two fewer cans of soda down the pie hole would have done it.  It was a personal decision to not do so but that refusal is not my problem -- its theirs.

So what are we doing now?

Killing people and we have medical workers who refuse, deliberately to engage in any sort of retrospection and a look at the historical evidence including the CDC's own admission as to the risks from whooping cough -- which deliberately ignoring that they were part of driving that which led to a twenty times increase in case rate -- on purpose!  Nearly half of infants who get it wind up in the hospital.

In fact in 2012 it was nearly fifty times the former rate!

Oh, and what do doctors do when someone gets it in a household?  Why, they send antibiotics home for everyone else in the house to try to prevent it from spreading.

What don't we do with Covid?

The same damn thing, even though we know how to cut it off, I recommended it in December and now, with India, we know it works because they did it and shut Covid down across a population of more than 200 million people.

To quote from Desert Review, as what I (and a few others) proposed is now conclusively proved; read this however many times you must until it sinks into your thick skull:

A 97% decline in Delhi cases with Ivermectin is decisive - period. It represents the last word in an epic struggle to save lives and preserve human rights. This graph symbolizes the victory of reason over corruption, good over evil, and right over wrong. It is as significant as Davids victory over Goliath. It is an absolute vindication of Ivermectin and early outpatient treatment. It is a clear refutation of the WHO, FDA, NIH, and CDC's policies of "wait at home until you turn blue" before you get treatment.

Yet we still have so-called "health care workers", including some right here in my immediate area, who claim the answer to Covid is to do the very same thing that caused cases of whooping cough to go up by a factor of FIFTY over its previous rate instead of that which crashed Covid infections by 97%.

Never mind that the NEJM article proves that the vaccines are doing this just by simple mathematics.  The NEJM article, I remind you, showed that 83% of the American population had immunity in their blood to Covid-19 in May; 20% from infection and the balance from vaccination.  That level of immunity makes a widespread epidemic impossible yet it happened and is happening.  This is only possible if the vaccines at best don't work to cut off infection and transmission and they might be enhancing disease.

This is a matter of mathematical fact; a virus must find a new host or it dies out and the basic formula for that has been known for decades; 1 - 1/R0 = Herd Immunity Threshold

So if Delta has an R0 of 6 (which I doubt by the way; the CDC claims it but the UK data says no, it's materially less but somewhat higher than the original R0 of 3.0 for Covid's wild strain) then we get 1 - 1/x = 83% or, from basic algebra which any nurse or doctor damn well ought to be able to do you get  -1/x = 0.83 - 1.

You can solve that equation from here for the suppressed level of R0, right?

This means that in May there was no national epidemic possible for an R0 of 5.88 or less unless the jabs don't work or enhance disease.  Mathematics was not wrong in the time of Galileo -- he was right and the priests were full of crap -- and it isn't wrong now.

Civil war or a partition and divorce between the people of this nation?

When those who are alleged "health" care workers and politicians are acting identically to those who persecuted Galileo because he scientifically proved the Earth was not the center of the universe, and who have as their high priests the very organization that multiplied the rate of a serious infectious disease by a factor of FIFTY by putting politics and pharma ahead of health resulting in the death of many people who are right now having tubes shoved down their throat and their veins filled with a damned dangerous drug, specifically remdesivir, and that results in a huge wave of DEATH then yeah, that's where we're headed unless they cut that crap out.

There's NO indication they will.

I want nothing to do with these people and do not willingly engage with them.  If they want to sit in a bar and drink beer where people who see it the other way and can be bothered to do basic algebra happen to be, that's fine.  You have a right to be intentionally ignorant.  I'm perfectly happy to consider such people nothing more or less than a large rock consuming an equal amount of space; that's the peaceful option.  You do you, I do me; leave me the Hell alone and I will do likewise.  At worst you'll get a smirk when you display said insanity in public on your clothing.

But they're not content to do that and leave me alone as I experienced once again last night.  Not at all, and that's the problem.  If one group refuses to leave the other alone and repeatedly continues to accost the other on an escalating basis eventually those demanding you perform a dangerous act that, on the evidence and the fundamental laws of mathematics is making Covid worse are going to turn to violence and, when they do, that's a one-way door as once THEY start that crap (and from the pattern of escalation it appears they will do exactly that) they will not be able to turn it back off.

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2021-09-17 13:32 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 8530 references
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It is time to respond to this outrage:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The increase in usage of monoclonal antibodies has caused federal officials to place new limits on how much of them Alabama will get.

We’ve learned that state health officials and legislators are fighting to make sure the state gets as much as it needs.

The interesting twist is that there is no shortage of monoclonal antibodies of any kind nationwide.

As of this week, the more than 200 providers offering monoclonal antibodies will see a roughly 30 percent reduction in what they requested.

Ok, fine.

Which one of you Governors would like to have a basically-zero Covid rate?  Which one of you would like to be the State with the lowest rate of coronavirus disease, a collapsed health-care burden (to near-zero) and a collapsed rate of death too.

How would you like to see this start to happen within two weeks and be so apparent every news stations has to report on it within a month?

Here's how -- which, if you read when I put this forward, was something I promoted in early December of 2020.

It costs about $2 per person in a household.

It's simple: For anyone suspected (test results not back yet) you dispense to them five doses of Ivermectin to be taken every day if they are obese or otherwise morbid, and every second day if not along with one dose per every two days for everyone in the household, calibrated by their weight.  Everyone in the household also gets ten days of a 1,000mg Vitamin C tablet and ten days of 30mg of Zinc, both dietary supplements.  The exception is anyone on a blood thinner; you simply ask and, if they are, they don't get the drug (but do get the supplements.)

The State buys the drug in bulk, from India if you have to (fly a charter over there to pick it up; **** the Feds) and dispenses it.


Read the linked article.  This is is not just about treatment; it is also about cutting off forward transmission of the virus.  It will not work every time but it doesn't have to work every time -- just often enough to suppress Rt below 1.0 and the virus dies out.

The risk of someone having a serious adverse event from this is 1 in 600,000.  If Florida has ten percent of their population that gets infected (or suspected to be) or is in a household with someone who is over the next three months (improbably high, but let's go with it) that would be a cost of about $5 million.  For Alabama it would cost about a million.  That's it.

Who's got the stones to do this?

Whoever does it first and collapses their Covid-19 case, hospitalization and death rate is President in 2024 -- that is, if the other 49 States don't have their residents lay siege to DC and their State governments as soon as they see the first State's results.

It won't work?  Yes it will -- it did in a State in India too with over 200 million people.

Grow a set, governors.  The Federal Government cannot prevent you from doing this.

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2021-09-17 07:01 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 1094 references
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Are they insane.... or under a spell?

How many "witch crazes" have we seen over the millennia?

The 14th to 17th centuries were full of them.  Think about that for a minute: Nearly three hundred years of it.

Not one bit was based on a single scintilla of truth.

Some of it was simple superstition.  But more than a small amount was driven by greed and grifters, frequently "priests" and others who claimed to be able to "hunt" witches and, by doing so, rid the town of whatever plagued it.  Poor crops, rats, disease, whatever.  For a price, of course.

They knew they were full of crap and they killed for sport; pointing this woman out or that and then watching her be dispossessed or even die, sometimes by intentional drowning and occasionally by being burnt at the stake.  They didn't care.  There was money to be made and a town to be "saved."

So let me ask you one simple question: Please name one disease through history in which the unvaccinated are why the vaccinated are at risk.  Just one please, and do include your reference to whatever you claim to be science that backs your claim up.

If you google this you'll find all manner of 2021 garbage.

How about 2016, before the current witch craze?  Is that good enough for you?

Well it should be.  They speak of pertussis, which I've talked about before.  You see, something very odd happened.  We replaced the DTP vaccine introduced in the 1940s, and which was credited with reducing the rate to 1,010 cases across the nation in 1976 with DTaP -- an acellular vaccine that is non-sterilizing in the 1990s.

What happened since?

In 2004 nearly 25,000 Pertussis cases were reported.


Pertussis is endemic in the United States.  That is, it circulates all the time.  A sterilizing vaccine prevents you from both getting sick and passing it on to others.  But a non-sterilizing vaccine does not prevent getting the disease or passing it on.

This paper, of course, blames "unvaccinated" people.  In other words: There's a witch!  BURN HER!


The actual responsibility lies with the fact that with an endemic disease using a non-sterilizing vaccine cannot, and will not, prevent propagation.  There is zero public health benefit to such "vaccines"; they are purely a personal protective tool.  As soon as the disease finds someone who is susceptible to actual sickness, whether due to the vaccine failing to induce immunity (or said immunity wearing off) or because that person is not vaccinated they get sick.

In point of fact the vaccinated person who is protected is a much nastier disease vector in every case when you use non-sterilizing vaccines.  The reason is simple: They don't know they've got the disease and can transmit it.  Unlike an animal which has to get very sick before it will typically go find its den, corner of the house or whatever and shun others humans can (and usually do) self-isolate to a large if not complete degree when not feeling well.  Who wants to deliberately make other people ill?  Only the psychotic.

But if you don't know you're sick then why would you isolate?

Who else deliberately goes out and potentially infects others when ill?  Those who have no choice.  Put someone in a position where if they don't go to work they starve and their lack of desire to infect others conflicts with their desire to have food to eat and a roof over their heads.  The latter wins most of the time; self-preservation comes before worrying about others.

Oh, who did you say works those low-wage jobs where that ugly choice forces exposing others to potential ruin?  It wouldn't be those who have the most contact with other people in their job would it?  You know, servers, cooks, bartenders, the dude behind the counter at the popcorn stand in the movie theater, front desk clerks at motels, the person who cleans the motel rooms and other service-industry jobs, right?  Naw, we wouldn't arrange our economy so that those with the least ability to call in sick without winding up in the street are the ones who have the most contact with other people, right?  And we wouldn't call them essential workers either while paying everyone else to sit at home and drink beer for a year, would we?  Oh wait....

But the central point is this: Pertussis exploded when we shifted to a non-sterilizing vaccine -- to a rate twenty times what formerly occurred for all the obvious reasons.  Nonetheless the brunt of the assault, in percentage terms, was in fact taken by those who decided to not be vaccinated.  In other words if you read that paper you'll find that the entire premise of "we must protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated" is a lie.

But then again that article is amusingly funny in some of the things they "report."  For instance:

Similarly, in Washington in 2012, among 1829 cases in children aged 3 months to 19 years with available vaccination histories, 508 children (28%) were not up-to-date with their pertussis immunizations

Oh, so 1 in 3, basically.

I see.

Then there's this:

We also found 6 observational studies that showed that high rates of vaccine exemption in a community or state are associated with an increased risk of pertussis in that community or state compared with communities or states without high rates of vaccine exemptions.

Which is a false statement.  Why do we know it's false?  Because DTaP is non-durable and non-sterilizing.

In contrast, acellular vaccines induce Th2-dominated responses. Available immunological data indicate that while antibodies provide protection against disease, Th1 and Th17-mediated immune responses are required for bacterial clearance and long-lasting protection.

In other words the first paper's author is lying.  They're lying because there has never been mass-surveillance to detect infection by pertussis without clinical illness and yet the DTaP produces exactly this if you get exposed.  Without clearance you are infectious and both can and will infect others.  If those others are also vaccinated with DTaP odds are good they will not get sick but they also can and will pass the disease to other people because they have no reason to believe they're ill and thus isolate themselves.  Eventually said path will reach someone who has waning immunity or no immunity at all and whammo -- now you have a "case."

That's not what we're doing now, is it?  Oh wait -- it is.  In fact the CDC explicitly did this after the vaccines showed up; they made "testing" a vaccinated person without symptoms no longer recommended.  They did this on purpose knowing it would and intending to deceive the public.

Now read this.  Yeah, it's long, but you'll notice something in common with what we're doing today and the lie Biden and Fauci are trying to shove down your throat and in your arm:

The temporal association of the switch from wP to aP vaccines with the resurgence of pertussis, combined with our expanding understanding of differences in aP and wP-induced immunity, is consistent with the hypothesis that the observed resurgence is the result of the switch from wP to aP vaccines. Comparative studies demonstrated that both wP and aP vaccines induce strong IgG responses against pertussis antigens. aP vaccines, which are formulated with a single adjuvant and a limited set of antigens, stimulate a different and more restricted immune response profile compared to wP vaccines or natural infection. Both wP vaccines and infection present a broad array of antigens and potential adjuvants.

We don't have an analog to "wP" vaccines for Covid-19.  There are no sterilizing, broad immunogenic Covid-19 vaccines.  Such a vaccine for a coronavirus has never been developed and worked in man or beast.  Every trial has resulted in severe disease enhancement or outright failure -- and sometimes death of every animal in which the preparation was tested.

But we do have an aP analog, don't we?  Actually, we have a bunch of them with three in common use in the US right now.

And what happened with pertussis when we started using them?  The disease wildly expanded among the population.

Oh, when you use non-sterilizing vaccines and there is an endemic disease circulating you get more of it?  Why, holy crap we knew that in May of 2019 didn't we?  We did!  In fact we knew it before then, because, well, we switched that vaccine in the 1990s and almost-immediately saw the case rate skyrocket!

I remind you that as Covid-19 has multiple animal reservoirs it will never be eradicated.  It will become and remain endemic; it is not biologically possible to eliminate it circulating among us except by sterilizing the entire planet which, incidentally, means we're all dead.  SMOD (sweet meteor of death) would do it, but....

Protect the vaccinated?  Nonsense!

Non-sterilizing vaccines increase infection prevalence markedly because someone who is infected yet has protection does not know they're infected and thus spreads it all over the place until it hits someone who has had a vaccine failure (not "breakthough") or is unvaccinated.  You then see actual symptomatic disease yet the vaccinated people may well have passed the pathogen through a dozen or more of them before that happened.

In short the vaccines we're using today cause VACCINATED PERSONS to screw both the unvaccinated and those who have waning immunity which incidentally is extremely common with narrowly-focused non-sterilizing vaccines (again, witness the "aP" versions of the pertussis vaccine .vs. the "wP" versions which are durable) and that does not even account for the coronavirus mutational factor which we've also know about for decades and, in non-sterilized vaccinated persons promotes mutational escape since the odds of being symptomatic go down.

Who doesn't get screwed?  Those who got the pathogen and built durable and broad natural immunity, as well as those who used sterilizing vaccines -- if there is one.

For coronaviruses there isn't one so in point of fact the actual plague rats are calling everyone else a "witch" and threatening to drown or burn them when in fact the reason the town has a rat problem is that they're leaving their damned trash outdoors and have killed all the cats who would otherwise control the rodents.  And the worst part of it are the grifters who have 40+ years of actual scientific knowledge that they're 100% full of **** and yet run around scaring everyone and telling them that if they just drown a few more witches the rats will go away.

It was a damnable lie hundreds of years ago, it was used for profit hundreds of years ago and it remains a damnable lie used for profit today.

Worse is a "vaccine passport"; that provides the plague rats the ability to congregate with more plague rats and wildly spread disease among them so as to find more susceptible hosts!  Such schemes with non-sterilizing vaccines ridiculously increase disease propagation.

The absolute worst of this is forced, encouraged or, dare I say, allowed non-sterilizing vaccination among health care workers.  That's manslaughter because some percentage of their patients cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and by definition those who seek health care are already compromised in some fashion or they wouldn't be there.  Perhaps they have cancer and are taking chemotherapy or have some immunological disorder.  A non-sterilized vaccinated nurse or doctor treating them is going to kill them as certain as the sun will rise in the East tomorrow because said doctor or nurse has no idea they're infected and passing the pathogen to others; as soon as it hits someone who is actually susceptible to get sick that person is screwed.

We knew all of this decades ago and these two papers prove that was current and contemporary knowledge right on the eve of Covid-19's emergence.  You've been had America, and what's worse is now you're being slaughtered for profit just as the single woman with a black cat was in the fifteenth century.

Run the modern-day "witch hunters" that have been scare-mongering and killing for the last 18 months -- who in fact are nothing more than grifters -- out of town.

And do remember to strip 'em to their underwear first so they can't pull that bull**** on someone else.

Tar and feathers, for identification purposes of course, are optional.

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Uttar Pradesh, India -- 33 districts in that state have been declared "Covid-free."

Well, ok, not that entirely the entire state is Covid free, but close enough.

241 million people, 199 active cases.  The positive test rate is currently 0.01%.  In other words, statistically zero.


It's not vaccination; statistically-speaking none of their people have been vaccinated while, according to JAMA's study approximately 62% of the population of the US showed vaccine-generated antibodies as of May.

I bet you can figure out how they did it and it will only require one word too.

If you're having trouble, well, read here because it's fully explained and that one word is not vaccines.

Tell me again why hospitals, doctors and so-called "public health experts" still have a microphone to use; as I advocated many, many months ago and, based on the evidence, expected would work Utter Pradesh has cut off forward transmission of the virus with a cheap and safe drug.

No transmission, no epidemic.  Period.  It's that simple.

This is a state that has a per-capita GDP of about $1,000, a total GDP of $240 billion, 40% of the citizens are below the poverty line, well above average for the nation as a whole.

It is a poor state and worse, the most-populous in the nation and has extremely high-density cities -- the most-fertile environment imaginable for a pandemic virus -- yet they slayed Covid with a cheap, wildly-available drug.

Time to hold people accountable -- personally.

Hospital administrators, doctors, politicians, Fauci, both past and present Directors of the CDC, the FDA, school administrators, college provosts, CEOs who have been jab-happying their employees and every single screaming Karen on social media.

PERSONAL accountability NOW.

I told you how to do this right here, in the US -- on December 7th, 2020 for a literal $2 per person infected and in the same household with someone who is.  That was more than nine months and several hundred thousand lives ago.  There was no reason for the United States to take any further "spike" in cases, hospitalizations and death beyond that date.  I laid it out on the evidence and in fact that's exactly what this state in India did.  I was right -- all the rest of these jackasses were wrong, they're still wrong and they must PAY for what they've done and the people who were slaughtered by their hand.

Which would you rather do and which is the correct path for us to take?

Something that once injected you cannot change your mind on, which has people all over social media posting their stories of heart attacks, strokes, odd clotting problems, heart inflammation in healthy teens and more and then get the Covid-19 anyway and end up in the hospital as did Oscar de la Hoya and Jesse Jackson?  And, I remind you, that the manufacturer (Pfizer) now admits loses potency over time which I bet they knew or at least suspected last fall and did not disclose -- and thus, in case you haven't figured it out yet, means it does not stimulate long-term immune system recognition and thus is more-akin to a drug than a vaccine.   In the alternative should you choose to use a drug at first sign of trouble yourself or if anyone in your household gets Covid-19 that costs $2 and has a forty year safety record, is, on that record 100x safer than Tylenol, has all but eliminated River Blindness in multiple nations and has had nearly 4 billion doses dispensed for human consumption over that forty years?  Oh by the way if we follow the protocol I set forth in December and which India used we will largely cut off transmission in households which the CDC admits is the primary means by which people get infected -- and as a result epidemic propagation is cut off and far fewer people get seriously sick or die.

One path has led one of the wealthiest nations in the world with an alleged "excellent" health care system taking a huge spike in infections in the middle of the summer when, according to JAMA, we should have enough immunity among the population (83% as of May) that said spike was impossible.  But it happened and that it did is extremely strong evidence that the jabs are at best worthless and might, in some cases, be making the infection worse.

The other path led a state (of a larger nation) with a per-capita GDP one-sixtieth of the United States, a nation where the median annual per-capita income is approximately $1,000 US, where more than forty percent of all city dwellers live in poverty -- a state of 241 million people all packed together with no money,  and no resources -- Satan's Kitchen for a pandemic virus where in May the media was lamenting that they literally had nothing available in the way of hospital resources -- today sitting with fewer than 200 active cases of Covid-19.

No more bull**** folks -- unless you or someone you love would like to die this fall and winter.

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2021-09-15 09:06 by Karl Denninger
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Yesterday I saw two things occur that point out, in stark relief, why Biden and his pals are doomed with their jab mandate.

The first was at the local Lowes.  It was mid-afternoon and I was in there to get a half-dozen small items I need to help Sarah get her van together enough for a weekend excursion she has planned.  One checkout was open, the one with one checker and six automated "do it yourself" kiosks beyond it (the employee, presumably, was there to deter attempted walk-out thefts.)  The few other staffers in the place were making quite a bit of noise about how short-staffed they were as the line backed up to pay and go.

What else was in evidence?  They were all wearing rags on their faces.

May I point out that by the data roughly 15% of our county had allegedly had Covid-19 by the first of April, counting only "positive tests" and not those infected who never got tested or saw a doctor.  What do you think it is now?  About double that, I suspect, and I wouldn't be surprised if the total of those previously infected was approaching 40%.  That's three to four in ten who have no reason to wear anything; they're recovered and presumptively immune.  A corporate mandate to "wear a mask" on the job is thus stupid and abusive; it is exactly identical to mandating that a woman employee bare her***** so as to increase the odds of a man (gee, you don't think the average jobber in a Lowes is a man, do you?) will leer at her and buy more stuff.  There is zero benefit that can accrue to such an employee -- only ridicule and risk.  Is management shocked that all the part-timers who ran the checkstands stuck up the middle finger when they pulled this crap?

But now here comes a jab mandate!  Well, same deal except now it's not a diaper on your face it's the literal threat of potential death or serious disability which the company, of course, is not liable for nor is anyone else.  All for a starting wage, the sign said on the door ("Help Wanted") beginning at $12/hour.

Uh huh.  Good luck.

Think this is unique?

Nope, it's everywhere.

Yes, the "enhanced" unemployment payments, I'm sure, made this worse.  But that's ended now.  What hasn't happened, as many said would, is people flocking back to all the places with "Help Wanted" signs and taking those jobs.

Why not?

Because they refuse to be abused by a double-SOB.  You do realize that's what "BOSS" can stand for, yes?  Just reverse the letters.

To be sure I'm certain some around here are still scared of the coof.  But for everyone scared of the coof there are probably three who are tired of being abused for the last 18 months and aren't going to put up with it.  They've rearranged their lives in the intervening time to not need to deal with that crap and won't.  Some of them (e.g. a married couple with kids) have figured out how to make it work on one salary and there's nothing an employer can do to convince the second person to come back.  Do remember that most of these people were screwed blind for a year and a half -- first by telling them they're essential and must take the risk of a deadly disease for the benefit of others and now by demanding they take a jab after they took said risk, got infected and thus are immune!  Those who do put up with it because they must to survive will become increasingly surly and nasty, and I've seen that among public-facing staff members as well.  You can't fire the only check-out clerk you have without closing the store, can you?  Exactly what incentive does he or she have under that circumstance to be nice?

You think that clerk doesn't know this?  Yeah, right.

The second was an ambulance -- doors open, lights on, dudes obviously inside that I saw while waiting for a traffic light.  Where was it?  Right outside a chain pharmacy with a nice big "get your Covid vaccine here!" sign.  That was a business call folks, and hundreds of people saw it while at or passing through that intersection.  Nothing screams "SAFE!" like someone on a gurney.

Go ahead Governors, let businesses mandate jabs and masks.  Let Biden get away with his bull****.  Don't put in place E/Os and don't call back the legislature into special session right here and now, today, and put a conclusive stop to all of it.

I give this right up into the Christmas season when Biden's mandate allegedly will go into effect before it totally screws the economy.  With that, down goes the market, commercial real estate detonates (what happens when that Lowes closes due to lack of staff and so do another couple of nice big-box stores for the same reason down the street --- everywhere at once!)  and with it the debt markets.

There are already places where WalMarts are being forced to close to restock shelves as they're so short of people and can't hire more, having put in place employee mandates which enough prospective and current employees are responding to with "**** that!" that the only option remaining to them is to lock the doors and repurpose the few people they do have.

This area is tourist-heavy and now, with schools allegedly back open, the traffic shifts -- down a bit now, down more as we go into the winter.  That local places still can't manage to hire tells the tale -- the people are tired of the abuse and, for the offered wage, they won't apply or work.  Give someone 18 months to figure out how to give you the finger and many will do exactly that.

On top of this you have all of those who complied with said mandates and now are out sick, many with the coof which, the company and the government assured us all would not happen if you just rolled up your sleeve.  Of course they lied and still are, trying to claim it's "rare" that people get materially ill after being vaccinated against Covid.  That's just the latest line of bull**** and, given the sick rate among those who have been jabbed it's obvious if you pay a single bit of attention.

Good luck Biden along with governors and local officials -- you're going to need it, and were I you in this market today I'd be rather careful if you're not ok with a 201k -- which is what you might have left of your 401k as we approach Christmas.

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