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2019-06-09 09:50 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 239 references
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Notice anything lately?

The level of insanity in the population, including but not limited to politicians, is way up the last couple of years.

Do you really think humans in America suddenly got irradiated by some sort of cosmic ray or something?  No.

It's the ridiculous level of stress from the all the lies; you literally can't count them all any more.

The result, however, you can clearly see all around you.  Half the nation is deranged at a literal level of insanity over losing an election and a significant percentage of that half is perfectly willing to engage in at least assault and battery against anyone who believes differently.  More than a few of them are probably willing to escalate that to murder if challenged.  Even more are willing to flatly make up allegations of all sorts to try to overturn that election and what flows from it, including baseless accusations against people (ref: Justice Kavanaugh) of multiple instances of forcible, violent, drug-addled rape.

Judge Moore got the same treatment, basically, and they added child sexual exploitation there too -- a very serious felony.  The accusers in both cases, as soon as the political purpose was over, faded into society never to be seen or heard from again.  Their celebrity lawyers and other representatives were never held to account for their vanishing act nor that performing same was hard evidence that the allegations were false and made for political purpose.  After all, if you were raped would you suddenly think it wasn't a crime if the person involved subsequently lost an election -- or was confirmed to the US Supreme Court?

We just had a man walk into a workplace and shoot it up in Virginia Beach.  The authorities are lying; they said he was an employee in "good standing."  Then it comes out that he resigned by email that morning.  And then reports appeared, so far unsubstantiated, that he was under investigation for a series of aggressive, even violent actions in the workplace -- so while the "good standing" employment status may have been true at the instant he did the shooting it certainly appears he was going to be facing job-related consequences for his previous actions.  Is that why he quit, sort of like Weiner "resigned"?  Oh and may I ask what turned a dude with 15 years of service into a violent, raging nutjob?  Am I supposed to believe that this was just some spontaneous thing and no outside events or serious circumstances had arisen?  Really?

Chief among that stress, incidentally, and intentionally imposed by the politicians and AGs, is the "pre-existing condition" lie that America has lapped up like dogs.  We must have force-placed "health care" (not health insurance) where you are forced to pay the bills of those who voluntarily commit slow suicide by, for example, screwing other men in the ass or being habitual drunks or druggards.  Having made that choice the cost of their decision is forced on you.  Ditto if an illegal invader comes here and has a heart attack or other medical condition; it's your problem, not theirs.  Then, to top it all off, we take a reasonable market price for all of this and multiply it by five, just to make sure you'll be bankrupted -- either immediately if you refuse to play along like a good little slave and then get sick -- and if you don't get sick they'll still screw you blind slowly through deficits and destruction of your purchasing power.

Oh, and none of this adds on to to the ordinary stress of life, right?

Never mind that's just one of the dozen of stress add-ons that the government goons have imposed in the last few decades.  None of it is an accident.  In 2008 when the market crashed Bernanke, Bush, Paulson and then Obama and his merry band doubled the national debt in the space of just a few years in order to prevent those who intentionally made crappy loans to people who couldn't pay them back from being held to account both in court and on Wall Street -- and being forced out of business!  We were all told "the world would end" if we prosecuted all the felonies committed by those "mavens" of Wall Street, including but certainly not limited to criminal fraud.  We dispossessed people of their homes via fraudulent and perjured court filings all over the United States; the banks had intentionally destroyed paperwork or failed to document loans to prevent discovery of their frauds which should have prevented foreclosure because they could not present the actual paperwork documenting the terms and alleged representations and their checks of same.  Instead of holding them accountable our government instead let them commit a second fraud and perjury besides by literally making up documents they had intentionally destroyed!

Trump has continued this; despite not one but three platform planks to put a stop to medical monopolists he has done no such thing.  In addition he has allowed illegal invaders to come into the country and stay at a run rate of more than a million per year along with fueling human trafficking that sends billions to the coyotes, most Mexicanswho exploit those "migrants" with "pay after you go" schemes since those people have no money.  The cost of all of these people, nearly all unskilled and uneducated, falls on the common American and further drives up his or her cost of living; every American family of four is bilked out of roughly $3,000 a year just due to these illegal invaders, the cost of whom is forced onto American citizens at gunpoint.  Further that's just the money cost; what's the price when your 12 year old daughter is raped by one of these animals?  Or worse when your college-age daughter in Iowa is murdered and dumped in a field?  It would take exactly zero effort to (1) shut off remittances entirely unless the sender could produce proof of citizenship and (2) require all employers to use E-Verify including for all current employees, mandating the E-Verify control number on every 941 payroll tax report, while making failure to do (or forgery) so a criminal felony with 2 years in prison, served consecutively, for each person you employ.

We're told that the "tax cuts" were positive.  Really?  Positive for whom?  If you make $50,000 a year and got a $500 tax cut that sounds pretty good.  The problem is that the Federal Government ran close to a 5% fiscal deficit last year.  In other words while you got a $500 tax increase you also absorbed a $2,500 cost of living increase; while you may not be able to identify exactly where that showed up in your household spending it did, by definition, since the emission of that credit by the government always must, mathematically, do exactly that.  If you're in the top 1% of Americans you likely got a net benefit since a huge percentage of that went into stock prices and you got the "benefit" of that, at least on paper.  But for 99% of the population on a percentage basis they got an effective zero benefit from the stock market yet they ate all of the cost and thus lost $2,000 worth of purchasing power last year alone.

Just one small example -- last year the termite policy on my house went up in price by 30%.  Now in dollar terms it wasn't huge, but in percentage terms it sure as hell was.  While I could choose to drop that if I then have an infestation guess what -- it's in me instead of on them!  I've seen roughly 10% increases in car insurance costs per year over the last decade despite, on average, my cars getting older and thus their value if smashed or stolen is less for the insurance company to pay.  There are myriad other examples but anyone who says that the tax cuts were a "net benefit" when the government is running 5% fiscal deficits, all of which immediately and permanently reflects into the cost of living every single year is out of their damn mind.

What happens when there's another $2,500 in additional household cost this year but the market is down?  Oops.

Meanwhile just over Memorial weekend we had exactly how many people shot in Chicago?  Where was the outrage and wall-to-wall coverage of that?  That happens every weekend in Chicago, incidentally; for May there were 52 killed out of 254 shot, a much higher number.

You want to know what makes Virginia Beach and Chicago different?  When a school gets shot up -- or a city office -- there's wall-to-wall coverage and a screamfest of "take all the guns", even when the guy who did it appears to have passed not just an "ordinary" background check he passed the equivalent of a rectal exam by the BATFE to buy a legal suppressor.

Here's your answer: The dude who shot up Virginia Beach's offices targeted government offices.  Same thing when it's a school -- that's a government building while the dudes having it out on the street over drugs or gang turf aren't anywhere near a government anything. Congress and other government officials are outraged not because people are dead (by body count they should be much more pissed-off about Chicago or the******of a 14 year old at gunpointbut because they know damn well that the next person who they mentally shove over the edge with their bull**** could come after THEM or THEIR families.

It's not "outrage" you see on display -- it's fear.

When you get down to it the outrage you hear from the various political factions and corners, but only for certain shootings and not others, amplified by useful idiots like Hogg, is entirely rational.  It has nothing to do with empathy for the victims whatsoever, which is why nobody gives a damn about Baltimore or Chicago.

The motivation and focus is simple self-preservation and the fervent prayer that you can be turned into a Storm Trooper in a bid to find a way to make it tougher for the next nutjob to target the people and their families who have been fully responsible for the stress every American has been placed under so the 0.1% can continue to rob you blind.

Everyone else can pound sand from inside a wooden box 6' under ground.

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2019-06-06 12:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 89 references
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Yeah, I wanna go here....

Baltimore City Police have released body camera and CCT footage of the Inner Harbor incident that led to the arrest of six juveniles Memorial Day weekend.

An Inner Harbor "incident."

Oh, you mean a mob of hundreds that randomly attack people?

Does this even qualify as human behavior?  I think not.

All these DemonScat cities are fabulous.  I mean look at the record; we have Baltimore, which has the highest per-capita murder rate in the nation, approaching that of Mexico, we have LA and San Francisco where you too can get typhus or maybe even typhoid fever, never mind a dozen other communicable diseases (and this is if you don't accidentally step on a used needle and wind up with AIDS or Hepatitis), you can shot in Chicago (just 50 over Memorial Day weekend, you know) and I can go on and on and on and on.

Why am I not surprised?  All of these liberal paradises!  No guns, except for the gang-bangers of course, because they don't give a wet crap about your "lawwwwwsss."  All of these utterly wonderful people who think it's just fine to make the town look like Mogadishu.  I'm sure that will do just great things for all the businesses in the area.  And gee, isn't there some common denominator among those "fine youths" I see committing violence against random people in that Baltimore video?  I do think there is.... why doesn't anyone bring that up?  Is it racccciisssssss to speak the truth about certain culllltures and what they're really about?

"We need to spend more moooooneeeeey!" say the speakers at the following city meeting?

Uh huh.

Sure you do.

How about y'all go **** yourself in all of those liberal, DemonScat-run cities and towns.

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2019-05-30 06:55 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 156 references
[Comments enabled]  

Am I surprised?  Nope.

In 2017, the National Security Agency (NSA) lost control of some of the hacking tools it used “to spy on other countries,” The New York Times reported. The NSA, it appeared, had itself been hacked — or infiltrated.


Some of the tools appeared to have been obtained by a group called the Shadow Brokers, who went on to taunt the agency while disclosing information about highly classified operations.

Fast forward to today, and one of the stolen tools, known as EternalBlue, is being used to commit cyberattacks against major U.S. cities.

So our "best and brightest" were not bright enough.  That's expected, incidentally.  We're a nation of 330 million odd people on a globe with twenty times that many humans.  Just on the odds alone we're likely to produce only 1 in 20 geniuses and have a 1 in 20 chance of having the smartest geniuses on the planet.

Now we likely have some serious advantages over certain other cultures, but the point remains: You have to be one major arrogant SOB to think you're the best there is, and if you believe that and get it wrong, you're ****ed.

This, incidentally, is why one should be extremely circumspect about developing so-called "doomsday" weapons of any description.  It's not that you may misuse them for the most part.  It's that if you build one and someone steals it then they may well use it and once they steal it you've lost control of it.

There's an interesting philosophical debate that has gone on for a while on innovation generally, which has been described as the "white/gray/black ball" theory.  That is, all technological innovation inherently involves uncertainty in that many discoveries are accidental.  Our technological progress through time is littered with them, and many of the foundation discoveries that later go on to produce various good and bad things (e.g. nuclear power and weapons) happen by accident.

The theory is that some of these discoveries are unambiguously good; that water can carry diseases, and that we can largely fix that by sanitizing the water, for example.  Then there are those that are ambiguous -- nuclear energy is one of them, in that while it has led to very good outcomes (e.g. nuclear medicine, for example) it has also come with some not-so-good ones (nuclear bombs.)  Finally, the theory goes, there are black balls that are unambiguously and disastrously bad, in that once discovered they inevitably screw you in unrecoverable ways.  We have yet to see any objective evidence that we've pulled a black ball, incidentally.

The problem with innovation and discovery generally is that you can't un-discover something.  There's nothing you can do about that.  While we could have not continued with the Manhattan Project, for example, Hitler was working on it too and damn close to figuring out an atom bomb before the end of WWII.  We narrowly, just on time, avoided ("we" being the US, England and parts of Europe) being nuked ourselves by the Germans!  Had his people fit the final pieces of that puzzle he would have used those weapons immediately.

Our NSA, however, thinks it has a monopoly on the brightest bulbs in the universe and thus developed tools that are very hard to defend against, and much worse, when they have discovered flaws in other people's products they have intentionally concealed that to prevent the flaws from being fixed so as to maintain the effectiveness of what they discovered.

They were (and are) wrong about this being a good idea and their possession of a monopoly on genius; those tools were stolen and now are being used against us.

We let that piece-of-**** agency exist in the first place, we allowed it continue to operate even after they were caught lying in court and breaking the law, and we have collectively refused to do anything about it.

Well, now the black item they created to screw with other people, which is questionably legal even when used against foreign adversaries only, has been turned on us.  Big shock.  And by the way, given where Baltimore is, in Maryland, which is the same State that holds NSA headquarters THE CITY AND STATE BOTH DESERVE WHAT THEY GOT.

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