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2021-05-11 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 3518 references
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Let's start with the stupid: Yes, what they did, assuming the reports are accurate, was stupid.

You do not connect anything that has access to SCADA, that is, control systems, to the Internet.  Period.  I don't care how.  I don't why.  I don't care what.  You don't do it.  End of discussion.

Oh, but that means the employees can't work from home!  Correct.

Sit in office, work on machine, machine has zero external connectivity, no USB ports or instantly alarms if you plug something into one, etc.

Connections between facilities are encrypted over centrally-controlled infrastructure with regular audits. Nothing beyond the orbit of those devices connects to the sane and sanitary systems.  Period, end of discussion, no exceptions.

Next, there are rumors that Colonial had a leak in their line and it was spewing fuel into the environment.  It was allegedly supposed to be fixed by a given date.  More than one million gallons of gas spewed out of it.  Eight months later it was still not corrected.  That was on April 19th of this year.

So what's going on here?

I get it.  Things break.  We rely on "things" for our daily lives.  A certain amount of human error and trouble is expected.  I'm ok with this; many are not, but I am because I like to have fuel in my car and groceries on the shelves, and without said technology, which comes with risk, we won't have those things.

There are people who think we can avoid all that.  They're wrong.

But how many articles have I written over the last 13 years talking about cybersecurity and proper control over one's infrastructure when it comes to critical items.  You know, like pipeline pressures, delivery quantities, etc?  How is it that this sort of volume of gasoline managed to get out?  Is there not a set of flow meters on the inlet and outlet, and do they not match?  Are there not pressure transducers that detect a violation of the pipe's integrity?  Is not the characterization of the flow known; the pipe is "X" length, the pressure is "Y", the flow is "Z" and we know what it's made of so we should be able to reasonably compute what the frictional loss is over a given distance.  Further, as should be obvious, if 1,000 gallons go in one end then exactly 1,000 gallons have to come out the other end, right?  This isn't a damned garden spray-nozzle!

Why do people get a pass on this crap?

I've done plenty of coding and hardware integration for things that can kill people and break things if they go wrong.  Indeed, until I set up my Internet company that was a large part of my primary job description across multiple projects.  Don't **** up or property will get destroyed and people might die.

It's not that hard folks.

If Colonial was actually cryptojacked that's bad enough but it never, under any circumstances, should have extended in its operational impact beyond billing people.  That this event resulted in a shutdown of transport is simply unacceptable and this begs the question: Where are the alleged regulators and why isn't this firm immediately and permanently out of business, especially considering that they appear to have dumped a million gallons of gasoline on ground that isn't theirs.

We used to be a first-world nation.

Now we're rapidly becoming a turd-world one.

PS: Are the nuclear plants in this nation run by similarly "skilled" individuals?  Just asking, you know.

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2021-04-21 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 561 references
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Well, America has proved once again that we are Boobus Americanus.

You see, Floyd was one man.  You can certainly commit homicide against him but it is not possible to commit homicide three times against one person.

Yes, you could have first committed assault and then homicide, but not three homicides just as you can't hang someone three times.

Well, ok, the other two would be desecration of a corpse.

As I have pointed out multiple times in these pages you can disagree with a verdict but if you honor the rule of law you must respect it, and you were not there in the courtroom and thus have an imperfect understanding of the evidence presented, even if you watched every minute of the trial.

But an impossibility is an impossibility, and what the jury found was not possible since you cannot commit three felonious homicides against one person.

In addition the two murder charges of which Chauvin was convicted are mutually exclusionary by their legal definitions.

If that's not enough 2nd Degree Murder in Minnesota requires a predicate felony which was not charged at all; but for said charge and conviction you can't commit 2nd Degree Murder in that state.

That the jury did not immediately determine this is proof of tampering at best and mass-hysteria at worst is plenty of reason to toss the entire thing standing alone.  Both are cause for a set-aside on appeal, and both will be pursued.

Chauvin may well serve time for one of those three charges, but he cannot serve time for all three in any just society.

Not that it matters in today's world.  Biden, Pelosi and dozens of others lauded this stupidity.

All they did was mark themselves as non-persons; they have no brain, they do not care about the law, and to the extent any such person took an oath to uphold same they just voided any legitimate claim they had on their office.

As for cops in places such as the myriad Burn, Loot and Murder bastions, well, why would you work there?

Why would you protect any politician in such a place?

Why would you do anything other than resign right here, now and today and let them all be burnt, looted and murdered?

If you live in such a town why stay?  And worse, why would you ever assist, deal with or even tolerate any police officer or employee of the force (sworn or not) given that if they do not immediately quit their only reason for being on said force is to rob you and, given that they have guns, it's armed robbery too.

You just watched an impossibility happen for political purposes, and no matter which side of the argument you're on, this much is clear: You're next.

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2021-03-13 09:39 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 504 references
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Doc: Thank you for registering for the Covid-19 vaccine; your turn has come!  Roll up your sleeve please.

Victim: The CDC, my governor and health department all say it's perfectly safe, effective and tested.  Is this true?

Doc: Oh absolutely.  The FDA and your government would have never allowed it otherwise, and I'm sure of it (swabs arm with alcohol)

Victim: I'm very happy to hear that sir; you see, my son likes me quite a lot, and he's rather concerned about the safety of these vaccines.  He's waiting for me out in the car and before I came in he swore to me that if you're lying both you and your wife will be the guests of honor on over our fire pit this evening -- on a spit.  Having been his primary male influence since he first came out of my wife's vagina and knowing full well he's not an NPC like you've made so many other people into with your previous crazy pronouncements on masks, distancing and such I happen to believe he means it.  He also just spent his $1,400 stimulus check on cases of BBQ sauce, a big pile of charcoal and a really nice set of butcher knives.  Thank God Biden provided him with the means to do that; after all, he did lose his job when the bar he used to work at as a bouncer was forced closed because of the Coof.


Doc!  Why you running away doc?  I thought you were going to give me the safe and effective Covid-19 jab!


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