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2021-04-21 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 522 references
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Well, America has proved once again that we are Boobus Americanus.

You see, Floyd was one man.  You can certainly commit homicide against him but it is not possible to commit homicide three times against one person.

Yes, you could have first committed assault and then homicide, but not three homicides just as you can't hang someone three times.

Well, ok, the other two would be desecration of a corpse.

As I have pointed out multiple times in these pages you can disagree with a verdict but if you honor the rule of law you must respect it, and you were not there in the courtroom and thus have an imperfect understanding of the evidence presented, even if you watched every minute of the trial.

But an impossibility is an impossibility, and what the jury found was not possible since you cannot commit three felonious homicides against one person.

In addition the two murder charges of which Chauvin was convicted are mutually exclusionary by their legal definitions.

If that's not enough 2nd Degree Murder in Minnesota requires a predicate felony which was not charged at all; but for said charge and conviction you can't commit 2nd Degree Murder in that state.

That the jury did not immediately determine this is proof of tampering at best and mass-hysteria at worst is plenty of reason to toss the entire thing standing alone.  Both are cause for a set-aside on appeal, and both will be pursued.

Chauvin may well serve time for one of those three charges, but he cannot serve time for all three in any just society.

Not that it matters in today's world.  Biden, Pelosi and dozens of others lauded this stupidity.

All they did was mark themselves as non-persons; they have no brain, they do not care about the law, and to the extent any such person took an oath to uphold same they just voided any legitimate claim they had on their office.

As for cops in places such as the myriad Burn, Loot and Murder bastions, well, why would you work there?

Why would you protect any politician in such a place?

Why would you do anything other than resign right here, now and today and let them all be burnt, looted and murdered?

If you live in such a town why stay?  And worse, why would you ever assist, deal with or even tolerate any police officer or employee of the force (sworn or not) given that if they do not immediately quit their only reason for being on said force is to rob you and, given that they have guns, it's armed robbery too.

You just watched an impossibility happen for political purposes, and no matter which side of the argument you're on, this much is clear: You're next.

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2021-04-11 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 468 references
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Folks, read this and think about it a bit.

According to Sandlin, Barnett was targeted by black prison guards who said to him: “I hate all white people and your honky religion.” This savage response is likely due to a relentless fake news media campaign painting the pro-Trump patriots as “white supremacists” and “neo-Nazis” without evidence.

Let me make this clear: If this is true every single one of these "guards" must be immediately arrested, indicated and tossed into general population.  NOW.


Because most of the people arrested for participating in the actions on Jan 6th thus far have committed no more serious a crime than trespassing.  Yes, that's a crime.  Yes, they will be punished.  Many of them were charged originally with wildly-excessive and false claims but some have already been downgraded and more will be over time.  Bet on it.

Not that the specifics of the charges originally, or what will ultimately "stick" much matter since we're talking about basic principles here.

The premise of our criminal justice system is that while you may well be incarcerated prior to trial you have a right to get to the courtroom and have your case heard in substantially the same condition you were, or better, than when you were apprehended.  To allow otherwise is to state clearly that trials are no longer required nor is the evidence important; an arrest is guilt, period.

Want to go there folks?

You know why you don't, right, despite how much you may hate someone who has been arrested?

Because if you let that happen and this becomes expected nobody will ever surrender on any charge ever again.

Not even something as trivial as speeding.

Nor should they.

Now contemplate that being the son of a former VP, and now President, apparently means you will not be investigated and charged for what is apparently sexual abuse of minors and illegally obtaining a firearm through lying on Form 4473 -- both of which are felonies.

Do you accept the current environment where both of these thing appear to be true?

Think long and hard before answering.

In such an environment the only proper response once you believe you may be arrested for an original offense whether you actually committed it or not is pre-emptive violence against any who might seek to apprehend, prosecute or imprison you and everyone who those people love and care about.  Remember that in such an environment actual guilt does not matter and there is no longer any reason to believe you have a right to a trial at all -- whether fair or not!  Thus your choices from basic logic are reduced to two: Die quietly in submission or see how high you can rack the scoreboard on your side before they inevitably score "1" on theirs.

Now do you understand why in any civilized society what is alleged to have occurred must not be allowed, ever?


I don't want to live in that world and neither do you so let's make sure it doesn't happen.

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2021-04-07 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 711 references
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Let me just make a simple point for all of you who "support" vaccine passports and similar.

The current Covid-19 CDC VAERS reporting system says that roughly 2,100 people have died closely-associated with taking these vaccines.  The very same demographic -- older, sicker Americans and health care workers -- typically get nearly all of the flu shots given in a specific year.  Last year 170 million of those shots were distributed (who knows how many actually went into arms) and about 25 deaths were associated with their administration.

VAERS always under-reports because it is voluntary and most reactions don't get reported.  As such these are floors, not ceilings, but when given across populations with similar demographics it's clear that roughly 100x as many die associated with a Covid vaccine as a flu vaccine.  To claim this is not a "safety signal" is flat-out bull****.

Let's assume you're a board member, owner or otherwise part of the "decision making" group at a university, company or other entity.  You decide to mandate vaccination for employees or customers.  Said people are coerced, effectively, into accepting an experimental shot -- a shot that has 100x or more the mortality risk associated with an ordinary annual flu shot.

How much risk are we talking about?

We have a lower boundary but not an upper one since VAERS always under-reports.  There are about 70 million "Covid vaccinated" people in the US thus far, and about 2,000 reported deaths.  That's 1 dead soul out of 35,000 individuals as a lower boundary.

Now let's assume some number greater than zero of those who you coerce has a permanent disability -- or death -- result from taking it.

What's the risk of this happening?  How many people are you coercing?  Got a student body of 10,000?  The odds are about one in three.  You can do the math on this.

Note that the vaccine maker and the entity delivering the shot have been given full immunity by the government.  You, on the other hand, as a university or business have no such immunity and the EUA for vaccines in fact states in black ink that informed consent must be obtained and that use of same must be voluntary, which means there is a very clean argument that you broke the law and violated the terms under which the EUA was issued when you put forward said coercion.

Maybe the surviving family members can sue (and bankrupt) you successfully on that basis and maybe they can't.  That's to be determined and there are opinions both ways on that but if said person was otherwise healthy and they do sue and win you're ****ed and you deserve to be ****ed.

Frankly, however, that's the least of your worries.  Let's think this one through and give some thought to what personal level of risk you find acceptable because if you're not thinking about that long and hard you're stupid.

What do you think the odds are that said person (if they survive) or their family members (if they're dead) will decide they won't bother with courts that they know won't hold anyone responsible for killing their son, daughter, mother or father and instead they decide to take retribution directly, law be damned to Hell since the law did not protect their family member from your naked aggression -- and said naked aggression resulted in their loved one's death?

May I remind you that unlike what happens in a courtroom where there is a judge and jury those family members do not need to prove that the vaccine was responsible; they need only believe it was and know you coerced their loved one into taking it.  The latter part you're doing openly and, in fact, you're rather foolishly bragging about it.

There is no immunity against The Law of Scoreboards.

Still think these sorts of "passports" are a good idea or perhaps do you think the decision to take such a shot should be a function of personal choice without any hint of coercion?

I'll leave that decision up to you.

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2021-03-31 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 621 references
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Told you so.

An overwhelming majority of people who have been hospitalized, needed a ventilator or died from Covid-19 have been overweight or obese, the CDC said in a new study Monday.

Among 148,494 adults who received a Covid-19 diagnosis during an emergency department or inpatient visit at 238 U.S. hospitals from March to December, 71,491 were hospitalized. Of those who were admitted, 27.8% were overweight and 50.2% were obese, according to the CDC report. Overweight is defined as having a body mass index of 25 or more, while obesity is defined as having a BMI of 30 or more.

So, basically, if you're not a fat-ass then your odds of getting hammered by Covid drop by 80%.

Here's what I said on April 9th of last year.

Being obese and diabetic has a high probability of being a death sentence if you get this virus.  You're anywhere from 100 to over 1,000 times more likely to die.  To put perspective on this if you get this virus you have less than a 0.06% chance of death (and probably less than half that; I'm being generous in the direction of mortality in that calculation) if you have none of these conditions.  Some of these are not under your control -- cancer being one of them, much of the time.  If you're in one of those categories then you've got good odds of winding up in the ICU and if you land there about half the time you come out in a box -- 90% of the time if you wind up on a vent.  Those odds suck.  HCQ and either ZPAK or Doxycycline appears to work.  How well is not known yet.  Clinical data (that's "anecdote" to those two **********s on the side of Trump in his briefings) says they do work but no drug regime works for everyone.

Obesity and Type II diabetes, which are two of the most-deadly co-morbidities are absolutely under your control.  So is smoking and excessive drinking.  And to the extent hypertension is linked to being obese, that one is too.

For reasons not well understood at this time diabetes and hypertension, both of which are heavily linked to obesity, are extreme mortality enhancements with this virus.  Thus, it is fair to call The PieHole Virus, that is, what you put in the pie hole, a direct contributor to whether coronavirus kills you or is somewhere between a mild and serious annoyance.

You have until fall folks.  Yes, we have our lockdowns today, but if they don't cut this bull**** out soon hospitals are going to start collapsing for lack of funding and supply chains will break in critical ways.  Then the ordinary heart attack -- or an abscessed tooth -- will kill you because there's no health care at all.

What did you do?

You packed on 29 more lbs on average.

And then winter came and people died.

It is not my responsibility to "wear a masssssssssssk" because you intentionally ate yourself into a ****ing blob knowing ******n well that it might kill you -- and in many cases it did.

Especially when the mask didn't work either, did it?  Which county had the mandate?  No cheating, *******s.  Tell me what you see, not what you'd like to see.


Done yet folks?

I told you how to fix this on April 9th of last year too.

It's right here.

That post was four years old and my personal application of it, which I've written on since I did it, is now ten years old.

That wasn't the first warning in the age of Covid either.  No, that came from me on 2-25, which you can read right here.


You had six months after the spring surge all the way until the fall and not only did nothing you intentionally made it worse.

I pointed to everyone exactly how to stop being dead; between obesity and making damn sure you were not Vitamin D deficient all alone were likely enough -- and I pointed out both multiple times including in articles in May onward (one of which was very pointed, as the data at that point had started to come in on severe Vitamin D deficiency) yet you didn't do anything about that either.

Once into the fall you can't get sufficient Vitamin D from the outdoors.  It's why we have a "virus season" every winter.  Resolving that costs pennies.  Not being a fat-ass costs nothing; that's simply a matter of changing what you eat.

You didn't believe me.

You thought I was some crank, and was "mean" for pointing out you were killing yourself.

Well, now the CDC admits I was right.

But you can't tell me I was right because you're dead as a result of being stupid.

Or you got severely ****ed by this virus and you won't admit I was right, even after the CDC so-states.

Yeah, there were and always will be exceptions.

But for 80% of those who got ****ed you weren't exceptions.

You were the rule and you did it to yourself, voluntarily, by your own actions.

And now you want to be stupid a second time and take an experimental vaccine that may well kill you -- either immediately or down the road -- rather than stop being a fat-ass and not only avoid Covid-19 killing you but also stop diabetes, heart disease and hypertension from killing you at the same time.

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2021-03-30 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 1106 references
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Look at the fence around the Capitol, and the National Guard behind same.

The cops in riot gear in Portland and elsewhere.

And the celebrities, health officials, union screamers and politicians all exhorting Americans of all stripes to roll up their sleeves for an experimental vaccine that was not fully tested in animals, was not fully dose-ranged in humans and instead of being put into a couple of thousand volunteers for a ten year period to determine if it produced durable and safe protection instead is being jammed into 100+ million American arms with threats of coercion now coming into the forefront.

What could possibly go wrong?

A Marek's disease style disaster, for one.

What is Marek's disease?

A virus that infects chickens, and which was greatly potentiated by leaky vaccines.  

Don't take my word for it.  No less than National Geographic pointed this out in 2015.

What are we being told about the Covid-19 vaccines?  They are leaky; you should continue to wear a mask and social distance because it is not believed they are all sterilizing; none of them may be.  In addition all of the ones being trialed in the Western World are an imperfect match against the virus because they code only the spike protein of the virus, not the entire viral protein set.  Never mind that all of them available in the US are not actually vaccines by the definition; they instead trick your body into producing the spike protein instead of directly introducing an attenuated or killed virus containing the protein.  This approach, specifically in the case of mRNA technology vaccines has never been used before.  mRNA was originally developed for cancer therapy where, as it should be obvious, you already have a deadly disease and without treatment you are very likely to die.

The risk profile of the two groups of people could not be more different.

Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine.  It was leaky in that while it prevented you from getting active polio it didn't stop you from contracting it and excreting it in your feces.  This was recognized by Sabin as very dangerous and thus we for decades used both the injected vaccine and then the oral form, the Sabin vaccine, which produces sterilizing immunity.  I remember being given the oral vaccine as a child.  Why the injected vaccine first?  Because in a very small number of people the oral form would revert in the gut and give you polio instead of protection; the injection prevented that bad outcome.

We knew this more than fifty years ago; non-sterilizing immunity is dangerous.  A virus, in the presence of non-sterilizing immunity, through natural evolutionary pressure will tend to evade that protection and become more deadly.  There is no safe way to use non-sterilizing vaccines if a virus is circulating in the population.

I am generally pro-vaccination for personal prophylaxis against disease.  No vaccine is perfect and no vaccine to "protect others" is ever legitimate under any circumstances, just as I have no obligation to refrain from drinking a beer where you, who are an alcoholic, might see me do it and thus decide to consume your last beer and die.  My daughter received (at my direction with the active assistance of her physician) nearly all of the "recommended" vaccines.  The exception?  HPV because in rare cases it can produce Guillain-Barre, is only protective against some of the strains of the disease, and the disease is only contracted by sexual contact.  Therefore that choice was left to her when she became an adult; I had no right to decide for her, in advance, whether she might choose to never sleep with other than one virginal man in her life, as just one example where the risks would make no sense.  She received the varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine because despite Chicken Pox being about as dangerous to kids as Covid-19 with damn near every other kid having got the shot the risk of her getting the virus as an adult, where it is much more dangerous, was far higher than the dangers from the shot.

I am against all "mandatory" vaccines and any coercion to obtain them because the argument for taking them should always and only be predicated on the protection they provide you.  If that protection cannot be convincingly proved to you then you should not take it.  That all vaccines occasionally fail is fact.  That all drugs, including vaccines, have risk is also fact.  If you take the vaccine and it fails to protect you then you get just as sick as if you don't take it at all.  If you allow even one person into this nation, ever, under any set of circumstances without iron-clad proof they have taken every single vaccine you try to coerce you are a lying sack of crap and there are literally millions if not tens of millions of such people in this country right now.  They're called illegal invaders and exactly zero of them have shown evidence of vaccination against measles, mumps and myriad other diseases.  Nonetheless no coercion was or is required for me to have both taken them myself and given them to my daughter; the science and evidence is what it is.

HOWEVER, I am decidedly against the Covid-19 vaccines as a "universal" recommendation because in healthy people on the math and science it is STUPID to take them; the data says the risk of the shot in the immediate term is approximately equal to the risk of the disease itself instead of being a tiny fraction, often 1/100,000th of the risk (as with polio) or more lower and we know nothing about the intermediate and longer-term risks.

As a point of comparison out of all the Varicella (Chicken Pox) shots given last year there was one associated death.  ONE.

Across the Covid-19 vaccines given thus far there are 1,920 associated deaths reported for, I remind you, a disease that has approximately the same risk of death in a child as does Chicken Pox.  These reports are late by definition since if I get a shot today the report of my demise if it occurs won't be in their system today.  When you're giving out shots on a mass-basis reporting is always materially behind so the real risk is higher than it first appears.

Accepting certain risk of a given magnitude .vs. potential risk of the same magnitude is stupid.

But the stupidity does not end there.

Coronaviruses have a history of producing "ADE", or antibody-dependent enhancement, when vaccines have been attempted in the past.  That is, rather than provide protection the virus mutates slightly over time and the presence of the antibodies from the vaccine do not protect the victim; they instead greatly enhance viral entry into the cells, effectively acting like a key for the lock and bypassing the other natural immune processes that impede viral entry and replication.  The result of ADE, if it occurs, is usually extremely severe disease or death.

We have been trying to produce a vaccine for coronaviruses, including SARS and MERS along with the 4 circulating strains that produce colds and flus in the population, for decades.  Every single candidate has eventually led to either evasion, making the vaccine worthless, or an ADE-style failure killing all the test animals before the vaccine was able to proceed to human subjects.  The same thing has happened in coronavirus vaccine trials for strains of coronavirus that infect animals, specifically cats.

In this case we deliberately shortened animal trials, proceeded anyway and thus we do not know if that outcome will result.  That outcome could show up six months or five years from now -- or, if we're lucky, never.

We do not know because we did not do the work and take the time to find out.

There are also very serious issues that can arise with vaccines that are unrelated to the actual virus.  In 2009 several swine flu vaccines were rushed out with almost no testing, very similar to what was done this time around, but many caused narcolepsy in both adults and children.  We never did figure out why that happened. The US did not get hit by it because we did not use the specific set of vaccines implicated but Europe did.  I note that this condition, like many others that are autoimmune related, if it occurs results in permanent damage to the person who took the shot that cannot be reversed.

The reason it takes ten years to test a vaccine is not due to lack of funds or lack of desire to proceed faster.  It is because there is no way to know whether such bad effects will occur in less time than that, and short-cutting any of the trial stages greatly raises the risk of missing safety signals, some of which will not become apparent for years.  Once a shot has gone into an arm if there is a problem there is nothing you can do about it.

In an epidemic or pandemic it is very tempting to try to use accelerated development timelines -- as it was in 2009.  If certain population subgroups are at extremely high risk, as is the case here, such use of experimental therapies and prophylaxis may well be justified under fully informed consent.  For example for an 85 year old person with multiple comorbid conditions, such as obesity and Type II diabetes presenting a risk of death 1,000 times that of a non-morbid person, the math may work to the advantage of the individual even with many unknown risks and in such a small portion of the population (nursing home residents are 0.6% of the population) the risk of potentiating more-virile strains is far less and the risk of ADE or non-virus related severe or even fatal side effects, if it occurs, is worth it for that individual.  This must be and should remain their choice.

But this is never true for widespread distribution.

For widespread distribution you must exclude, with absolute certainty, the potential for evasion + virulence to be potentiated.

There is never an excuse for failing to do so with scientific certainty before widespread distribution since being wrong will severely injure or kill a huge percentage, perhaps all, of those who were vaccinated.  Humans are not broiler chickens in a factory farm with 40 day lifespans; we live for decades and being wrong means condemning huge numbers of people to death.

Further, all of the above presumes the Chinese, among others, cannot target the specific antibody pattern that is never seen nature but is produced by these vaccines in a second virus to be intentionally released.  If you think they, and every state-sponsored terrorist group that hates the Western World is not trying to do exactly that you're nuts -- they are.

Folks, if the gamble on this is lost I don't think any of you realize how ugly it will get -- but you should think long and hard about those consequences and that risk should inform whether you allow the politicians and medical lobby to continue down this road or force them to stop by whatever means are necessary.

Let's remember that various members of every single law enforcement division and the military have been talked into or even coerced into taking these experimental vaccines and so have their families.  Yes, that includes the Secret Service, the FBI, the State and local Police in every jurisdiction across the country and more.  Many organizations both public and private (e.g. universities, corporations and others) are intending to or already are enacting coercive policies that effectively demand vaccination with these experimental formulations.

If this forced bet is lost and ADE + virulence shows up those people will watch their WIVES and CHILDREN drop dead and know they are next with 100% certainty since they got the shot too.  The fragging will start immediately and it will not stop; no, not everyone who sees their CHILD fall over dead will go insane with retributive rage but a decent percentage will recognize they were conned and snap and there is no way to know in advance who will and who won't.

There will not be one functional police force anywhere nor will our military be functional.  Nobody will come to save or assist you.  There will be enough who will snap, never mind all the ordinary citizens who will do so when they realize they and their families were conned into taking an action that is now going to result in certain death.

Every single one of the celebrities, physicians, drug company executives and politicians has literally bet their life, the lives of their family members and our entire civil society that they're right and this risk, which is very real, will not occur.

If it happens economic and social order collapse will be effectively instantaneous and there will be nothing anyone can do about it.

This is not an "odds-on" risk but it is a real risk and you have to be flat-out insane to be so damned arrogant as to not categorically, scientifically and publicly exclude, with 100% certainty, such a possibility before any mass-use of a vaccine for a disease that kills 0.15% or less of the people who get it and for which we have effective intervention therapies.

From the reading I've done on both coronaviruses generally and the previous failed vaccine attempts for coronaviruses I gave this one chance in ten which is outrageously high given the outcome if we roll that "1".

Again, excluding that risk is why it takes 10 years to qualify and license vaccines and why trial sizes are typically limited to no more than a couple of thousand volunteers until that time has passed and those risks can be absolutely excluded.

We didn't do that this time around and if we pay for our arrogance exactly no part of our civil society will survive.

Mother Nature is called "Mother" for a reason, and I suspect you know damn well what the word you will utter after "mother" will be if and when this happens.

I pray I'm wrong on this one.

How's my record thus far on this virus against Fauci, Birx, Trump, Biden and others?

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