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No, it's not your burger, ribs, roast pork butt, chicken or steak on the grill this weekend.

It is, IMHO, this:

Beyond Meat, which makes meatless products, claims its latest burger is "the closest thing to meat" that it's ever created.

The Beyond Burger will be available at one Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado on Monday and at other stores on the East Coast soon.


The burger is juicy. Instead of blood and animal fat oozing from the patty, it's dripping with a mix of canola, coconut and sunflower oil. That moist fattiness mimics the feeling of eating a burger made of beef.

Coconut oil is probably reasonably-ok.  The other two?

Sunflower oil is chock full on linoleic acid as is canola oil.  Linoleic acid is a known inflammatory response promoter.  Of course Dow "AgroSciences" says you ought to eat a lot of these oils..... oh really?  Never mind how canola oil is made (from rapeseed); have a look if you wish.

I wouldn't eat these "burgers" if you gave them to me.

Pass the saturated-fat laden beef please.  I'm not afraid of it, unlike the ridiculously-concentrated levels of refined vegetable oils that you could never manage to consume by simply eating said vegetables.

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This is an outrage...

LONDON (Reuters) - People with diabetes should be offered gastric surgery as a standard treatment option which could help control it for years without medication, the world's leading diabetes groups said.

A joint statement from a 45-strong group said on Tuesday that bariatric, or metabolic, surgery could have a significant benefit for hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide, which they said represented one of the biggest shifts in diabetes treatment guidelines since the advent of insulin.


Look folks, bariatric surgery is a last resort sort of thing.  Beyond the (very real) risk of immediate complications that can kill you outright it always dramatically interferes with absorption of nutrients in your food.

Further, while it materially reduces the amount of food you can consume at one sitting it does exactly nothing to prevent you from continually eating smaller amounts of more-caloric-dense foods.

The history of "success" with this surgery over the intermediate and longer term is poor -- and that's being charitable.

It is far less dangerous but generates zero income for surgeons to instead strongly recommend that people get all the carbs out of their food intake and reduce protein intake to that required by the body -- that is, eat low-carb, high-saturated-fat, moderate (e.g. 20% of caloric intake) protein.  Removing carbohydrates will improve insulin sensitivity simply because you no longer require much insulin at all with no carbs in your system.

The guidelines are based on a substantial body of evidence, including 11 randomised trials, showing that in most cases surgery can lead to reductions in blood glucose levels below the Type 2 diabetes diagnosis threshold or to a substantial improvement in blood glucose levels.

For how long?

And further, what good does that do you if it leads to severe malnutrition due to absorption problems with nutrients in your food?

Surgery of this sort cannot be reversed; when these consequences come to visit you're stuck with them.

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I'm done. You support this you are not American and have no place in this nation.

Karla Molinar, a University of New Mexico student, said she participated in disrupting Trump's speech because she felt he was attacking members of her family who are living in the country illegally.

What part of illegal is difficult to understand?

This chick knowingly and admittedly participated in an act of extortion -- she participated in a violent protest in an attempt to force you, I, and everyone else in this country to give a "free pass" to members of her family who are breaking the law.

Extortion is defined in the law as attempting to force you to give someone something they are not entitled to through force, threats or blackmail and it is a crime.

In this case her family members are not entitled to be here; they are breaking the law.  Karla participated in attempting to disrupt the lawful speech of a political candidate through acts that did turn violent and lead to both intimidation and property damage for the expressed purpose, as she admitted to a national media outlet, of allowing her family to continue to break the law without consequence.

That facially appears to meet the legal definition of extortion and every single person involved in such an act ought to be brought up on charges, tried and jailed.

Folks, we will get exactly nowhere as a nation until we enforce the rule of law, and nowhere is this more-necessary than in examples like this where people are openly violating the law and then using threats and physical violence as a means to demand that they be allowed to continue doing so.

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2016-05-24 11:53 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 222 references

You know the iconic scene from Up where the dog will stop paying attention to anything when it sees a squirrel, right?

Such it is with you and FaceFart when it comes to bias.

Facebook said its investigation showed that conservative and liberal topics were approved as trending topics at nearly identical rates. It said it was unable to substantiate any allegations of politically motivated suppression of particular subjects or sources.

But it did not rule out human error in selecting topics.

"Our investigation could not fully exclude the possibility of isolated improper actions or unintentional bias in the implementation of our guidelines or policies," Colin Stretch, Facebook's General Counsel, wrote in a company blogpost.

Uh huh. In the "meeting" Glenn Beck was said to be auditioning for Zuckerberg's manservant, just one step removed from getting under the table and blowing him on the spot.  Gee, how deranged have you become, Glenn?

The issue is not so much "trending topics" anyway. No, it's this sort of thing:

We wish this wasn’t true – but it looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s message hasn’t got through to Facebook’s employees. Conservative activist and Donald Trump supporter Lauren Southern was just kicked off the site for a totally inoffensive post noting its censorship of another conservative.

Got it?  She was banned for posting about another person being banned for calling out Facebook on censoring conservatives.  This was deemed in violation of "Community Standards."

Uh, what standards?  You mean the ones that say one must never criticize Facebook itself?  It appears so.

Remember, Facebook said such things don't happen.  They said there has been no bias and no "knowing" incidents of this sort.  Riiiight.

So here's the question: Who banned her for a month and why haven't they been immediately fired, the account reinstated and a formal apology provided?

I'll tell you why -- this was never about "trending news"; it has always been about removing those who disagree with the political slant of Zucker****er, including I note his desire to radically increase the H1b visa count and move big parts of his "monitoring" offshore to very cheap-labor places such as India and Pakistan where he can pay people $1 an hour or less.

Criticize any of that or amplify the speech of someone who has and you're risking being tossed.

Community Standards?  I'll give you mine:

You advertise on FaceBook and I will never buy anything from you -- and I will tell you why.

As for the few reasons I have to keep looking there for various events and such?  I'm going to be notifying those organizers as well, and if they choose to continue to use that as a sole source, well, perhaps I should stop patronizing and being a part of  (for those that are non-profits) those organizations too.

Facebook is free to choose how it runs its business.  But I'm free to respond, and this is it:

Bite me Zucker****er.

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Gee, really?

In a damning report that accuses major public health bodies of colluding with the food industry, the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration call for a “major overhaul” of current dietary guidelines. They say the focus on low-fat diets is failing to address Britain’s obesity crisis, while snacking between meals is making people fat.

Instead, they call for a return to “whole foods” such as meat, fish and dairy, as well as high-fat, healthy foods including avocados, arguing: “Eating fat does not make you fat.”

The usual riposte is to claim "science" has proved the opposite, and then damn the people directly (by accusing them of not following the guidelines.)  But, the facts say that the per-capita consumption of carbohydrates and vegetable oils has risen materially since the government (both her and there) started pushing both.

People always love to tell me "well, look at the traditional Chinese diet" which is, of course, supported by rice -- a very high-carbohydrate food.  Unfortunately as soon as you trot out that example you lose the argument immediately because China is undergoing a massive obesity and diabetes epidemic, and the cause is really quite-simple: You can eat a carb-based diet provided you are quantity limited; that is, you're a peasant.  As soon as you're not quantity-limited basing your diet on such foods has been repeatedly shown in populations worldwide to lead to explosive growth rates in both obesity and metabolic disorders.

It's very easy to point the finger at individual fat people and say "you're not counting your calories!"  The fact is that you can't accurately count calories with the precision required -- to avoid losing or gaining one pound over the space of a year you must be within 10 calories a day on an average basis.  That's a couple of potato chips or one tiny square of cheese and you simply can't be that accurate "by hand" even with extraordinary effort in your daily life.

30 seconds of thought, however, leads you to the inescapable conclusion that your body must know how to control intake to that degree on its own.  If it didn't everyone would have either starved to death or blown up like a refrigerator through history -- and they didn't as recently as 100 years ago.  Look at pictures from the early 1900s; you will find very few fat people.  Oh sure, there were some, but not many.

Foods labeled "light", "low fat", "reduced fat" or similar are those in which natural fats, usually saturated fat, have had those fats removed and replaced.  There are only three basic nutrients: Fats, carbohydrates and proteins.  Therefore if you remove fat you must replace it with something else and the cheapest option is carbohydrate.

So why does eating "low fat" food make you fat?  Carbohydrates, especially fast-acting ones, elevate insulin levels in the body which directly inhibits leptin signalling (the primary hormone that controls whether you feel hungry) and damages insulin response.  This in turn leads to higher insulin levels which further inhibits leptin signalling!

In other words eating starches and other fast carbohydrates makes you hungry sooner and more-strongly at the same time it damages your body's ability to respond to insulin and metabolize the carbohydrate you ingest.

Over time this both makes you fat since it is very hard to resist eating when you're actively hungry and when your insulin response is badly-enough damaged you're considered diabetic.

Oh by the way, even if you're not clinically diabetic (yet) you probably are accumulating nerve damage that is extremely bad news -- that leads to both amputations and blindness, and ultimately destruction of your kidneys which will force you onto dialysis (which, I remind you, is both expensive and time consuming, plus it doesn't really work all that well and thus leads to an utterly-miserable death in a few years.)  If you're overweight and get "tinglings" or similar in your extremities you have a problem and you'd better fix it because you're on the road to serious trouble.

Finally, please cut the crap regarding cholesterol, will you?  I tire of this sort of thing:

But Prof John Wass, the Royal College of Physicians’ special adviser on obesity, said there was “good evidence that saturated fat increases cholesterol”.

He added: “What is needed is a balanced diet, regular physical activity and a normal healthy weight. To quote selective studies risks misleading the public.”

Cholesterol is necessary in animals and further, anyone who claims to be a physician or a "professor" knows damn well that the very slides the NIH (in the US) and other "health authorities" have in their files on arterial cardiac disease show the occlusive build-up happens not at the inside surface of the artery but rather inside the wall itself.  This is hard evidence that it is inflammation that is being responded to by the body and not accumulation of anything flowing by in the bloodstream, as the latter would result in the build-up occurring not inside the wall but at the inside surface extending inward.  Think of a pipe that narrows due to calcium deposits; the calcium in the water flowing in the pipe accumulates on the wall and then builds inward.

This is what the public has been sold as the "model" for cardiac artery disease but those selling it know damn well that is not what happens because their own slides and textbooks show something completely different!

What promotes inflammation?  PUFAs -- that is, vegetable oils.

Stick yourself with a thorn and you know damn well your body will produce an inflammatory response; that's normal.

What is logically expected when you stoke that inflammatory response by consuming a large amount of PUFAs?


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