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2016-06-23 23:31 by Karl Denninger
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My God, it's full of....

It's about damn time someone took their nation back.

Today, it begins.  May it not end here but rather be the beginning of the end of the "multiculturalists", "border-free freaks" and, most-importantly, the cabal of central bankers who think they run it all.

Take that, Brussels and Draghi.

Take heed, Yellen.

We are locked up in the futures as I write this, limit down.  Listen to the talking heads, did you, buy into the rally, did you?  Well, you're officially screwed blind -- you can't hedge, you can't do anything except wait for tomorrow morning and pray the /ES doesn't gap down another 100 handles on the open -- which it very well might.  On margin, are you?  You're dead and buried -- congratulations.  This time I will not weep for you.

Unlike in 2000, or even in 2008, instead this evening I cheer.

You deserve it.

It's time for a nice adult beverage... and a toast.

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2016-06-23 09:42 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 403 references

Remember, Germany has strict gun laws.  It allows acquisition and ownership only with a documented "need" for same, which cannot include "mere" self-defense.  You are required to have liability insurance to get a carry license.  There are "safe storage" requirements, and, as of 2009, both a federal gun registry and actual monitoring (on request, no warrant required!) of those safe-storage requirements.

Nonetheless "someone" just went into a theater heavily-armed there and started shooting; 25 are confirmed shot (no confirmation on the number of dead -- yet.)

Of course the media is trying to bury the story.  After all, it's impossible for someone to get a gun and use it for unlawful purpose in Germany...... but someone did, and yet there are no armed civilians there able to stop him either.  SWAT is apparently on-scene but they'll probably do what they did in Orlando and let people bleed out on the floor while "negotiating".....

Gee, I wonder why the skittle-crapping Unicorn believers didn't have their expectations met?  Sorry about the extra holes in your bodies over there, but that's what you get when you believe that giving up the right to personally protect yourself through the ownership of firearms will be adhered to by those with criminal -- or terrorist -- intent.

Update: Anyone care to bet on how the gunman was stopped?  He was shot. Gee, I thought you didn't need any guns in Germany?  How many more shots does the bad guy get when there are only a few good guys with guns?

Update #2: It appears the cops immediately took out the shooter -- with guns, of course.  And, it appears they're better marksmen (by far) than our cops, in that they only shot the bad guy (and killed him.)  Gee, funny that.... how come our cops (1) are cowards and (2) can't shoot straight?

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By now if you're reading this over in Britain you're either waking up and about to vote, or have voted.

Britain is about to make a historic decision and, I suspect, a historic mistake.

It is about to lose what is left of its identity -- which, at this point, isn't much, to be honest.

London already has a Muslim mayor.  It also already has Musloids that are not held to the same standards of civil behavior that everyone else has applied to them, just as we do here and all of Europe is suffering under as well.  Remember New Years?  Hundreds of women being groped and worse, all by Muslims that claimed "they couldn't help it" because said women were dressed "provocatively"?  By the way, "provocative" means not wearing a hajib.  How many were prosecuted?  I believe the count was zero......

Britain, you're going to do the wrong thing today.  You're going to vote to stay.  I'm pretty sure of it.  And when you do, the door will slam closed on your fingers.  See, the EU has no reason to accede to any more negotiations or demands.  You will be forced to accept however many rapefugees the rest of Europe shoves down your throat, right along with the rest of the putative "nations" in the EU.  None of you will escape, because those rapefugees will screw like rabbits (with consent or not) while you don't and won't.  This is part and parcel of their intent and purpose; they simply will take your nation by demographic.  They are content to commit petty crimes (as they define them) until they have 5 or 10% of the population before you find out how bad it is when 10% of the population hates you and you've given up the right to keep and bear arms!  Then the "petty" will turn to forced conversions, slavery and, if you refuse (or are gay), beheadings.

Count on it; it's not like there isn't 1,000 years of history to work from in this regard.

In the meantime your "petty" (remember, to them******is a petty crime, if a crime at all!) crime rate will go through the roof.  You won't be able to walk freely at night, or for that matter in certain areas at any time at all without being harassed -- or worse.  Especially worse if you're female.... young.... and cute.

Oh, and as for prayer?  The only kind that might help is the sort made when facing Mecca.

Get used to it once you make your historic mistake today because it won't be long before it's not optional if you'd like to avoid being stoned.... and I'm not taking about smoking weed either.

PS: We're not that far behind you over here in the US, if that's any consolation......  And no, it's not all Muslims that believe (and behave) this way... but it is a material percentage of them, and when you cede control of your immigration policy and border you lose the ability to choose which you allow in and which you do not.

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2016-06-22 09:04 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 481 references

Hear about the Syrian "refugees" we let into the country.... Three of them, that raped a kid at knifepoint?  Oh, for good measure and extra insult they*****ed on her afterward too. 

Is that all over the mainstream media?  Or any media? 

Well, no.

And there is controversy -- sort of -- over the story.

See, they may not have been Syrian.  And there might not have been a knife.  But there apparently was a sexually-oriented attack on a young girl, by three middle-eastern refugees that we did let into the country, and who, it appears, have not been here long.  And the media -- along with the cops and town council -- have tried to bury the story.

“They stripped her naked, and urinated in her mouth,” Odell told, citing his conversations with the girl's family.

Neither the Twin Falls Police Department nor Loebs confirmed the details given by Odell. Loebs did confirm that the incident was reported on June 2, and that two juvenile suspects were finally charged Thursday and arrested a day later. The prosecutor did not say why just two arrests had been made, and said the case is sealed due to its sensitive nature and the minors involved.

Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury told reporters the suspects are Iraqi and Sudanese. Loebs said he does not know how long they have been living in the United States.

Oh, and I bet you can guess their religion too. 

Why not?

I pulled my original story on this due to the, uh, "controversy."  Needless to say, my original article was -- for the most part -- correct.  Does the exact nation of origin matter if the substance of the events is correct, and the obvious issue isn't the nationality of the perpetrators but rather the entire region's social "norms", centered on a set of beliefs that are fundamentally incompatible with civilized western society?

Specifically, a set of beliefs that anyone female is "lesser" and "to be subjugated" to the point that adult women must cover their bodies leaving only eye slits (otherwise they are "fair game" to be assaulted -- and it's their fault if they are and may even be charged criminally with adultery), that girls should have their clitorus removed (so they cannot enjoy sex, you see) by forced surgery, often performed without anesthesia, that it's not "rape" if the person assaulted (irrespective of age or gender!) is not of the "correct" religion, that being gay should be punished by death and more!

I think not.  And I continue to maintain that such a set of "beliefs" is incompatible with Western Society and that by inviting said persons into our nation while demanding that the people walk around unarmed is to invite assaults of all sorts (including sexual assaults on young girls), and murder, including mass-murder.

PS: Those who sent "interesting" emails and similar "missives" on the original -- I'm not afraid of you.

PPS: Why has the media tried to bury this?  It's not that hard to figure out.  Americans may collectively refuse to eject all these jackwads because some of them scream "Allah Ackhbar!" while shooting up a military base, a recruiting center or even a gay bar and make excuses for same, but I am willing to bet that it will be a wee bit different when the attacks are of a sexual nature and perpetrated on young girls (or boys for that matter; see Afghanistan for that one.)

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Sadly, there is a small subset of the population that enjoys abusing other people.  These people tend to gravitate toward places where you can obtain power and influence, especially over those who are most-vulnerable.  Thus you see them show up as cops, politicians and.... all through the United Nations.

The UN whistleblower who exposed the sexual abuse of children by peacekeepers in Central African Republic has been completely exonerated after an internal investigation.

Anders Kompass, the director of field operations for the office of the high commissioner for human rights in Geneva, was suspended and faced dismissal after he passed confidential documents detailing the abuse of children by French troops in CAR to the authorities in Paris because of the UN’s failure to stop the exploitation.

For those who don't remember this is the guy who disclosed a report that was intended to be buried documenting not just "exploitation" of women and (especially children) but actual******and forcible sodomy as well.

In response the UN came after him for disclosing a report that documented felony criminal behavior, and which the organization, from all indications, intended to bury.

What are we talking about here?  This sort of thing:

The panel inquiry – led by the Canadian judge Marie Deschamps – found that children as young as nine were encouraged to take part in oral sex in exchange for food or money in the middle of the war zone.

Got that folks?  "Blow me or starve", basically.

This isn't an isolated incident, it was a pattern of conduct and intentionally covered up.

The entire UN needs to be disbanded and everyone involved in either the acts or the cover-ups imprisoned for the rest of their lives in general population with the nature of their crimes fully disclosed to every other inmate.

Maybe then they'll understand what those kids went through.

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