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Naw, they'd never deceive us, right?  They'd never take our weapons and turn them over to...... al-Queda... would they?

Oh wait...

It said one rebel unit had surrendered six pick-up trucks and ammunition to the al-Nusra Front this week - apparently to gain safe passage.

Congress has approved $500m (£323m) to train and equip about 5,000 rebels to fight against Islamic State militants.

Uh huh.

Oh, that's about half of the equipment we provided them with.

Incidentally, do you think it would be a good idea to import some of these clowns into the US and "resettle" them among us?  They'd never dissemble or, oh, I dunno, maybe be affiliated with al-Nusra and bring a little jihad here, would they?

Naw, that would never happen....

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2015-09-26 06:00 by Karl Denninger
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That's the question -- not what, but why:

The alleged manipulation of intelligence to downplay the strength of terror groups is far more extensive than previously reported and goes back to at least 2012, according to the Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee. 

The Defense Department inspector general and congressional investigators are reviewing claims that intelligence on the Islamic State was manipulated to present a more positive picture of the U.S. strategy's effectiveness. Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said these practices, though, extend to how intelligence on Al Qaeda was handled as well.

The question that must be asked and pursued until we have a full and complete understanding of it is not what happened but why it happened.

Folks, this is as serious as it gets.  If the reason for this manipulation was to effectively hand territory to terrorists then there is a clean argument to be made that those involved are intentionally suborning and supporting terrorist activity which not only is serious from a criminal point of view it invites attacks upon Americans both here and abroad.

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Oh my God....

The US isn’t serious, and the fiasco this week where Lloyd Austin stammered in front of a committee, clearly unprepared to answer questions about what his own command is doing, was only one sign. Austin’s sheepish admission that he’s blown a half-billion dollars training a Syrian insurgent force that can be counted on a single hand’s fingers, max, wasn’t even the low point of his testimony, and Austin’s failure isn’t the Army’s only failure this week.

We spent a half-billion (That is, $500 million) and all we have to show for it is a single-digit count of trained Syrians?

The old joke about the $500 toilet seat may be the stuff of legend but this is reality.

Of course it never is just one thing, right?  The other, as pointed out, is the new Secretary of the Army, a man who has never served and in fact has never had any executive or private-sector experience of note.

If you're wondering why Putin thinks he can do pretty-much whatever he wants in Ukraine, or China thinks they can do whatever they want in the Spratly Islands, well....

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Well well look what the cat dragged in?

On the third anniversary of the Benghazi terrorist attack, emails reviewed by Fox News raise significant questions about US government support for the secret shipment of weapons to the Libyan opposition.

During the Spring of 2011, as the Obama administration ramped up efforts to topple the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, a licensed American arms dealer, Marc Turi, his business partner formerly with the CIA, senior US military officials in Europe and Africa as well as a former staffer for republican Senator John McCain considered logistics for arming the rebels, according to the emails exclusively obtained by Fox Business and Fox News.

Who's asking why topple Gaddafi?  Oh, and how about Mubarak too?

Who fills the vacuum when they leave?  No, Gadaffi and Mubarak were not nice people -- but who replaced them?

That rabbit hole goes a loooong way down folks, and it implicates either through acts or silent complicity people on both sides of the aisle.  Take a stroll down that path and I bet you get quite uncomfortable with our government and the people in it in a big hurry....

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