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2018-10-22 08:44 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 38 references
[Comments enabled]  

May I remind you what Trump the liar said he would do if the Mexican government didn't stop the caravan?

He said he would send our military to the border and close it.

Well, not only has the Mexican government not stopped the caravan they are now escorting and effectively guarding it!

Could they stop it?  Sure.  But they haven't.

So now Mr. Putrident you lying sack of crap, where is the closed border you promised us?

Next up must be a complete shutdown of all Mexican access to the US financial system, including all remittances.  No more!

I'm early voting today or tomorrow and I am not voting for any Republican anywhere up or down the ballot unless the border is closed before I get to the polls.

I do not vote for those in the same party as a liar in chief.

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2018-10-22 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 66 references
[Comments enabled]  

It's commonly said that the dead vote early and often in Chicago.  In fact when I resided there it was not all that uncommon to have more ballots voted than there were registered voters.

That's impossible, of course -- unless someone is cheating.

Quite-clearly, someone was cheating.

But it doesn't end there.  In Florida the brother of Democrat (Socialist and currently under investigation for corruption mayor of Tallahassee) Gillum, who wants to be governor and is running for same, appears to have voted in Florida while living out-of-state.

That's a felony in Florida.

Not that it seems to stop Demonrats....

I know, I know, it's not "pervasive."

No, it just runs in the family of Demonrat candidates for office.

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2018-10-21 14:23 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 71 references


You know you like spiders..... right? smiley

Email now to hang this unique one-of-a-kind piece of art on your wall tomorrow!

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2018-10-21 09:57 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 138 references
[Comments enabled]  

Nice story here.

Now I want you to pay attention to something, which I've noted in a whole bunch of other images shot since Michael came ashore.


Where's the reinforcing / vertical through bars in that block construction?

Missing.  There is no sign of it anywhere.

It takes longer (read: costs more) to build a block structure with said vertical reinforcing anchored in the slab and tied to the roof structure because you have to thread the blocks over it during construction.  Then, depending on how you engineer that you might also have to fill the slots so the reinforcement has something to anchor to and the structure is unitized.

It's still cheaper to use cinderblocks like this than poured reinforced concrete of equivalent thickness (which is even stronger) but without any sort of reinforcement this type of construction is only strong in one direction -- downward.  Well golly gee, winds in storms don't blow downward all that often do they?

Didn't think so.

Am I surprised this building failed in a strong windstorm?

Not in the least, especially if the building's roof structure was as well-anchored as those walls were reinforced!

And by the way the GPO published a document on this -- in 1986.  They're hardly the only ones to have done so over the years.

There's plenty more to yell about but this will do as a start.  I get it that there are a lot of buildings out there that aren't hardened (and if you're in one and a big storm is coming the smart thing to do is run) but may I ask what Lynn Haven was doing putting their cop shop and EOC in one of them?  Isn't the entire point of an EOC in a zone where the most-common emergency is likely to be a hurricane to have it survive intact through anything reasonably expected?  Is not a Cat 3 windstorm not only possible but reasonably expected every once in a while?  Is something even stronger not possible?

And before you scream "storm from forever!" please realize -- no it wasn't.  Yeah, it was nasty.  And?  We live on the coast where hurricanes do show up from time to time.  I get it that ordinary people might shrug but professionals know better or they ought to shut the hell up and that not only includes city EOC installations it also includes chartered utility companies that can have standards imposed upon them by the cities and towns they obtain said charters from to harden their infrastructure.  It's not like they get a monopoly on selling you power, phone, cable and similar from said cities and towns or that we don't know that even 90mph storms break trees (and power poles made from them), right..... oh wait.

By the way if you build for "once in 200 year" wind events (which roughly means once ever experienced, or less, in the documented history of the United States in your location) then your cumulative odds of getting hit by that during a 30 year period is about 14%.  If your standard for "aw crap" is one human lifetime -- roughly every 70 years -- then it's more than double that, or about 30%.

Suddenly building to "once in 200 years" doesn't sound like it's such a good bet does it?

Maybe you ought to be building to sustain a once every 500 year or even once every 1,000 year event, eh?  Maybe we ought to make building codes a function of statistics and science rather than politics and sucking off developers who threaten to go elsewhere if city councils and county boards don't do as they want -- like, for instance, not levying impact fees on their developments which would provide municipalities the funds necessary to harden critical infrastructure.

Incidentally if you build to 100-year risk rates for a house then over a 30 year timeline your odds are roughly one in four of getting screwed.  That ought to sober you up fast considering that the most-common mortgage is for...... 30 years.

You don't really like your house.... right?

PS: One guy over on Mexico Beach did like his house.  It's also still there while most of the others are not.  That's not an accident.

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2018-10-21 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 124 references
[Comments enabled]  

This is how the liberal media lies to you.

A fetus is an unborn child.  A child that is born, no matter how quickly said child dies after birth, is either a baby or an infant -- it ceases to be a fetus as soon as said child emerges from the birth canal (or is cut out of the uterus if a C-Section.)

Custody of the remains — found at the Perry Funeral Home, on Trumbull just north of Warren Avenue — was turned over to state investigators, who immediately declared the business closed and its license suspended, according to a statement from Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Of the grisly total, there were 36 fetuses stored in boxes and another 27 found in freezers, police said. Friday’s discovery of the decomposed remains followed a similar grisly finding last week at the defunct Cantrell Funeral Home on Detroit’s east side, where 11 infants’ remains were found after an anonymous letter arrived in the offices of state regulators in Lansing.

There were no fetuses found there because a fetus is not taken to a funeral home.  An infant that dies, however, is taken to a funeral home.

This is how the lieberal media is attempting, on purpose, to make legal the practice of killing born children -- by equating them to a fetus that someone had the misfortune of having been expelled through miscarriage.

They are not the same thing; the legal and social distinction occurs at the moment of birth and irrespective of how quickly said child perishes after that point in time it is an infant or baby -- not a fetus.

Craig said police were tipped off to violations at the Perry Funeral Home by a father involved in a civil suit over the improper burial of his infant daughter.

Note that the father involved properly-characterized his deceased child as an infant -- because she was.

Friday's findings point clearly toward criminal offenses of state laws regulating funeral homes that could be felonies "punishable by imprisonment for not more than 10 years or a fine of not more than $50,000 or both," said a statement from the agency.

Not if the LIEberals have their way since a fetus is just tissue according to them and can be discarded however is desired.  How many hundreds of thousands are every year?

We can have a fair debate on abortion but what is going on here is nothing less than trying to legitimate retroactive abortion as they would like to call it.

Civilized people call that infanticide or, if you prefer, murder.

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