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User Info The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine; entered at 2022-09-01 11:33:53
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What is unfolding before our very eyes is down right chilling. Yes. We have been reading cutting edge medicine from a "financial website." And why not. It isn't as if the medical profession is practicing medicine (or science or ethics) anymore.

And now California has passed a law that will result in the practice of medicine by consensus. The "official narrative" (you know, the one based on eight mice and no human trials because emergency!) is the new standard of care. Deviate from "the science" (tm) at the risk of losing a medical license.

I think I mentioned that I now work at a intermediate care facility with medically fragile children. Yesterday, I was going through the charts of every kid at that facility to make sure orders and consults had been transcribed and completed. During the course of my day, I came to a stunning realization. Sickening, really.

Nearly every kid in that facility has been vaxxed AND boosted - not to mention most of the staff. Now so far there appear to be no catastrophic outcomes of the suddenly and unexpectedly variety. Will that happen in the future? I have no idea, but it is a frightening thought.

Do I work in pediatric hospice? That may turn out to be the reality. These kids are the innocents. Is this facility a temple to Moloch (child sacrifice) disguised as a health care organization? Is it all about money? Let's face it, if a substantial number of these kids die early, it will save the state millions upon millions of dollars in Medicaid.

And speaking of which (Medicaid), the state survey was recently done at my new place of employment. Do you know what the surveyors did? They pulled aside a substantial number of the non-vaxxed staff to question them about their status, reasons for refusing the vaxx, basis for exemption, past history of having COVID, and so forth.

I was not chosen to be interviewed on this topic (likely for the obvious reason of my second professional licensure). As in: if you are going to skate on illegal topics that have no place in a state Medicaid survey, don't be so stupid as to fuck with the employee who is an attorney - you won't like the outcome.

Color me the cynic. Was a not so subtle message being sent to both the employees and the administration? Perhaps it was this: your certification status (and future revenue) is dependent upon the vaxx status of your employees? Approve vaxx exemptions at your own risk?

Funny that, the organization is struggling to find and hire at all levels and if they force the issue on their current unvaxxed staff, these folks will walk. Yeah, right. There are enough of us (unvaxxed) that it would make the facility impossible to run. How is that mandate thing working out for ya'll?
2022-09-01 11:33:53