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FLCC website has distanced itself from jabs somewhat over time (used to be recommended, now it is talk to your doctor) and they still recommend masks (used to be flat recommendation, now it is indoors in certain situations). If they looked at the studies on masks as much as they have with ivermectin, maybe they would move off the mask parade. I believe they will be shown right on Vitamin I and that it will be available next to aspirin one day, like it is in Mexico.

For a while last year, things in the USA were as bad as in Mexico (deaths per 100k) ... now they are a lot worse. Imagine if the jabs really did eliminate the risk of covid death.

I visit neighborhood Walmart for some grocery items. Yesterday I was really surprised to see how sparse the shelves were on certain things, and how some prices has been jacked up. I was asked to show ID for the alcohol after giving a DOB for their alert screen, which was a first (I'm well over 50). I don't intend on ever going back to a Walmart because of that (it is just intrusive to show ID for something like that and unless she had 70/20 vision she couldn't read any of the text on it ... so what was the reason for wanting to see that I had ID?), and it got me to think about areas where you need to show a vax ID to enter some public place.

Want to see the Statue of Liberty? "All participants 5 and older must present proof that they have received two vaccine doses of an FDA or WHO-approved vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Proof of vaccination may include the NYC COVID Safe App, Excelsior Pass, CDC Vaccination Card (or photo), NYC Vaccination Record, or official immunization record from outside NYC or the US"

Djokovic might be a brat in some ways, but I don't recall him ever shouting "you can not be serious" at the umpire (which I saw on tv when it happened). Those words fit so many Covid related instances. Similar to Joe Wilson shouting "you lie" during Obama's State of the Union. I just wonder if this clown show is past half time yet.

2022-02-01 10:51:48