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When I was an undergrad, one of the courses I had to take was on the history of Engineering. One of the topics presented was that historically (1800s and earlier), there were generally 4 professions. The marks of a profession were:
    * highly respected by society
    * worked for themselves
    * set their own wages
    * set their own hours
The professions in those days were clergy, lawyers, engineers, and doctors. The engineers who built large bridges were world famous; everybody knew their names.

Clergy have lost respect, especially due to the many scandals they have been involved in.

Engineers are no longer professionals, because almost all of them now work for somebody else.

Most lawyers likewise work for somebody else.

Doctors have now destroyed their own credibility, by their actions over the last 2 years. Not only that, but most also work for somebody else rather than have their own practices.
2022-01-31 13:57:20