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User Info Simply Put: FUCK YOU; entered at 2021-08-22 12:58:38
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Registered: 2021-05-01
@Blackcrow. I truly believe you will be vindicated soon enough. But I am not sure if all those who have bought into the CDC, NIH, FDA and big Pharma narrative are going to readily admit the errors of their ways. At present, they appear to be doubling down on the narrative (and on what can't work).

You are one of a select group of critical thinkers in medicine. You are being gaslighted by the media, by institutions, by colleagues and by family. The COVID and vaxx madness is dividing people at every level of our society. Including colleagues. Including families. Including communities. Including friends and neighbors. Truly this is madness.

In case you don't realize it, you have a fan club across America. You could instantly have an entire practice group of internal medicine patients tomorrow (boutique medicine) if you so desired to. Many of the folks here are losing their own doctors due to the political ideology destruction of medicine.

Please stand strong. Stay firm in your commitment to the oath you took when you first became a physician. Yes, you are paying a price for going against the grain. But in the end, you will sleep well at night and you will like and respect the person who is looking back at your reflection in the mirror.

In a way, this whole COVID mess is a test of character and ethics and critical thinking skills. You are passing with straight As.
2021-08-22 12:58:38