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User Info Simply Put: FUCK YOU; entered at 2021-08-22 12:20:21
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I'd like your opinion on what happened to me last month

FWIW, I hadn't taken the jab.

Last Tuesday 7/6/21 I went to have my teeth cleaned. All went well, and they included along with a new toothbrush, some Colgate toothpaste that the dental hygienist said would help to remove tartar. Two days later I tried it out, and didn't notice much difference between the Colgate and my regular toothpaste. That night, Thursday, when I went to bed I had a very slight tickling in my throat, but didn't think a thing about it.

But the next morning, Friday, when I got up, I had more than a tickling, I had a real sore throat. Like the kind you get when you sleep on your back, and snore all night. But it got worse as the day wore on, and I developed a cough, along with some intermittent sneezing. Could the Colgate toothpaste cause this. I didn't seem to make any sense that I could.

The next day, Saturday, the sneezing got more frequent as well as the cough. The sneezing reminded me of a long time ago when I got a yearly Flue shot, and I sneezed nonstop for almost a week. So the toothpaste idea is history, maybe a sore throat, but sneezing. No chance. It has to be something else

Seeing as how I have never, ever gotten a cold or the flu in the summer I had to consider that I might have caught Covid-19 somewhere, somehow. Nothing comes to mind specifically that might be where I picked it up.

I tried to reconstruct the contacts that I had that might have caused this. In the dentists office were a couple of kids, sitting about 6 feet from me. I was only exposed to them for maybe 5 minutes. Then to get my teeth cleaned, the dental Hygentist was wearing a mask as they always to. No question we had very intimate contact while she cleaned my teeth. The the Dentist showed up after the cleaning was done, masked up as well. Could it have been the people that I contacted in the Dentist's office. Maybe, but I kinda doubted it.

Next contact was at the Local Ace Hardware where I went to check out some guns. While there I was chatting up the guy behind the counter, and another customer came up and we started chatting. The guy behind the counter was unmasked, but the guy that was just another customer was masked up. I was going to leave but the guy seemed to know what he was talking about, so I stayed for a little bit longer.

Doing a little research, I found a handy table that compared the symptoms of a Cold, Covid 19 and alergies.
See attached.

They outline the symptoms of Covid-19. I have some, but many I don't. But it's only been 4 days since the start of the symptoms. They include sneezing attacks 4 or 5 one right after the other. If I wasn't fast enough with the Kleenex and just used my hand it was covered with a watery fluid, just as if you stuck you hand under the faucet in the kitchen. Each sneeze was *very* painful. Not so much in the throat, but in the lungs, towards the bottom and more to the sides. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 9-1/2. I had never experienced anything like that.

You can see from the attached that with Covid-19, Stuffy nose, Sneezing and Sore Throat were rare, and let me tell you I had all three of those big time. I figure Ill be free of whatever it was by the end of this week. Feeling pretty good now actually.

Saturday things went from bad to worse, and even though the symptoms didn't indicate Covid-19 I figured Id see what Ivermectin might do. Used the 1% solution, 1-1/2 cc, mixed with yogurt after a meal. After two days, it lessened my symptoms by a lot. I used it for 6 days straight and things got back pretty much to normal. No sneezing attacks, maybe one sneeze every half hour. That week I went through 4 large boxes of Kleenex.

I didnt want to expose anyone to whatever this was, so I just stayed home and only went out to get groceries. Even if it wasn't Covid-19 (??) and was just a bad case of the flu, it really kicked my ass for sure whatever it was.

2021-08-22 12:20:21