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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-02 18:52:29
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I know several young 20's and even teens who have been stabbed with the stroke poked/clot shot. A family who all got vaccinated because of loved one in final stage of cancer thus felt they should get it to protect loved one - all five of them got the virus, some with effects others not. Mom - in her 50's I guess, felt under the weather but otherwise seems to have come out with minimal effects. Another youngster in his 20's always healthy, strong as a horse, works outside in southern heat every day has now developed "allergic" like reactions with hives, swollen lips, runny eyes etc. Never once had them before, how do I know, it is an idiot son of mine who allowed pressure to get to him to get the Jab. I hate that he did it but he did it before the evidence began to pile up. We never got to talk about it like I did with my other kids or I would have warned him off more strongly. I did warn him but obviously not strongly enough or often enough. My heart is breaking for him and his wife but they are adults who made a decision - albeit a p*** poor one.

Question. So if they (the liars in the medical community and media) feel you need "boosters" every six months what is the prognosis for those already vaxxinated?

1. Is their system so compromised now that the best course of action will be to get the booster? If they do not are they more subject to dangerous and "stronger" reaction in their bodies to the flu or another virus such as a mutated Rona?

2.) Or will they do better to avoid the booster and see if their own God-given immune system can get a kick-start to avoid getting on the prescription train for mRNA shots for the rest of their lives?
2021-08-02 18:52:29