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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-02 11:04:06
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@Quantum said:
"@Spaceace: It looks like your management is setting the stage to pit the vaxxed against the unvaxxed. Something like this might follow:

We are going to have to re-institute universal masking. We had hoped to avoid this, but a large minority of employees have refused to be vaccinated to protect themselves, their families, and their co-workers. If you do not enjoy wearing a mask, please encourage your co-workers who are unvaccinated to make an appointment in the occupational health clinic..."

@Tickerguy said:
@Quantum - such an approach is fertile ground for a "hostile work environment" lawsuit. Any firm attempting that is going to get a horse dick up their anus.

Seems to be pretty similar to what the NFL is doing right now. Severe peer pressure on their players to get vaxxed. Blame all outbreaks on the unvaccinated despite the evidence vaccinated can and will spread at the risk of the entire team losing game checks.

2021-08-02 11:04:06