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Fuck PayPal, try Stripe.

Our business does very little CC processing except for an occasional small license purchase. We used PayPal in the past. But they charge a monthly fee for processing and then high transaction fees (at least they did when we used them a couple of years ago). Plus, once you turned off the service - which we did because we only had 2-4 transactions per year and they wanted $30/month to keep it turned on - you had to go through their approval/underwriting process again which usually took 1 week+ before you could do a transaction. Not very customer friendly.

We moved to Stripe. There is no monthly fee, their per-transaction fees are lower, and they never shut us off. We don't use their APIs for integrating into a web site. We just process transactions in a web browser. But it seemed like they had their act together as far as web site processing when I looked at it.

Biggest difference is that PayPal doesn't charge transaction fees if money originates in a bank account rather than a credit card. If you want that, then PayPal may be your only option.

Anyway, thought I would throw that out there if you do consider re-enabling donations. Which, BTW, I would certainly make if it was possible regardless of what processor you use.

Full disclosure: I have NO affiliation with PayPal or Stripe other than being a customer.
2021-05-06 18:13:11