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User Info To All The 'Woke' Firms, Colleges And Others; entered at 2021-04-07 12:16:11
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@Wayiwlak - too true and only for patients with covid (or presumed covid which is counted as a covid case).

One of patients went to the same ER 3 times and a neighboring hospital twice for recurrent nausea and vomiting. She got IV fluids and antiemetics but as soon as she had a negative covid test, she was out the door. No CT scans, no EGD, no upper GI, nothing. I was not notified by the hospital and since I see the patient yearly in follow up for a remote cancer the family didn't think to call me initially.

Finally she was vomiting up undigested food and blood at which point the family called me as they had been blown off by their PCP and her pulmonologist and now the ER docs for the 4th time. I got on the phone and went ballistic on the ER docs and demanded she be admitted and properly evaluated. She had EGD that afternoon with the finding of such severe ulcer disease in her distal stomach with swelling and bleeding to the point her stomach outlet was obstructed.

She had to go to surgery after she was stabilized, with a partial gastrectomy and bypass. Due to this horrible delay, with weight loss and severe malnutrition by this point, she had had a very complicated post-operative course. She had a fever one day without any other signs and or symptoms and tested positive guessed it....covid.

She went to rehab, where she coded and died one evening, likely from her known heart disease or a pulmonary embolus.

There was no autopsy as Medicare stopped paying for them years ago and the family could not afford a private pathologist.

Her death certificate listed covid as the leading cause of death.

I could tell you 100 stories like that this year.

2021-04-07 12:16:11