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User Info To All The 'Woke' Firms, Colleges And Others; entered at 2021-04-07 12:16:05
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I remember first stumbling on your article in 2008 when I was on my honeymoon in Key West. I was staying in a guest cottage of an old high school friend of my wife's mother. He retired early because he had made a fortune on Wall Street by engineering CDOs. I've been following you ever since.

So here we are today with you as the voice shouting in wilderness against the hysteria from the media and political leaders about the "pandemic". I am in the minority and in the doghouse with my wife because I refuse to get the Coof vaccine. As a healthy 47 year old who is not overweight and drinks more milk than my kids (thanks to my dairy farmer father), it isn't worth the risk.

I'm commenting on this because I am an ivy-league University IT employee (please don't banhammer me) and luckily, the institution has not taken a stance on requiring vaccines. . .yet.

It has not yet been a week since I have returned back up north from Louisiana. My father was put into the ICU after having contracted COVID. He was 78 and did have a pre-existing condition. As a farmer, he used Roundup religiously and developed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma about 2 years ago. It was in remission. Dad was a tough bastard. The reason why all of this hits home is that he had both of his Covid shots earlier this year. Dad was active, but he did not travel much this past year only to fish for white perch in a private lake. My family has the suspicion that he caught Covid at his chemo clinic. That is what pisses me off the most. . .health care facilities being the vector.

I flew down to see him when my family contacted me. ICU Covid wards are lonely, lonely places. My nurse sister who worked at the hospital and she was able to pull some strings so his family could be with him around the clock. (I was tired of wearing a mask for a while in his presence. . .I tested negative before leaving.

Dad fought hard against the pneumonia for 6 days. His O2 levels were improving but not fast enough. Then came the ventilator, which he decided to do. We thought we were going to get some rest that day they put him on the vent and had hopes that things would improve because he was worn out from breathing on his own. Sadly, we were called in not 6 hours later and the doctor reported kidney and liver failure. At least I was there to be with him as he passed on. The funeral was the Monday before last. I thought he had at least 10 more good years in him.

I asked the doctor during my dad's last moments why the vaccine didn't prevent him contracting Covid. He replied that this might have been due to a "new strain" of the virus from Africa. Okay, sure. I'm not so sure that the vaccine wasn't the culprit.
2021-04-07 12:16:05