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User Info To All The 'Woke' Firms, Colleges And Others; entered at 2021-04-07 10:08:41
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Two problems that pull in opposite directions @Moneyshots --

1. The EUAs turn the administering physicians into mandatory reporters into VAERS for any "serious" adverse event. Serious is defined as formal medical treatment or worse. This, generally, is true for vaccines BUT it's specifically spelled out.

2. VAERS *allows* self-reporting as well and always has. But -- the media and "authorities" have continually hammered people into NOT reporting, claiming that even severe symptoms, so long as they're short of hospitalizations, are "normal" and "not a reaction" but rather your immune system working properly.

Nonetheless I'll lay odds that if someone dies closely associated with a vaccine, no matter what vaccine it is, that's going to wind up being reported.
2021-04-07 10:08:41